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  1. Telelocator staves cause rain, and aren't character exclusive. I've used it as wormwood to water my plants during the summer. Sure, maybe you won't be using telelocator staves on your first summer, but later on, purple gems become pretty abundant.
  2. inst.components.equippable.walkspeedmult = 1.1 add this inside your prefab fn
  3. i found it before but i didn't know it was infinite so i just threw it away lol
  4. I think it would be kinda annoying to have your entire dock break because a random new player decided to walk over it during summer. I think lakhnish's suggestion of them not spawning at all on docks is probably better.
  5. Poor scarecrow not getting the love it deserves.
  6. Oh my god I finally got it to work. I renamed the animation in spriter to "frame", but it still didn't work but then when I added a new "idle" animation, for some reason that causes it to work (even though idle isn't being used) spriter is 10/10
  7. I am making a custom badge, but for some reason it appears invisible. Here is my spriter file: In my badge widget: Badge._ctor(self, nil, owner, { 70 / 255, 112 / 255, 29 / 255, 1 }, "status_soul", nil, nil, true) self.circleframe:GetAnimState():SetBank("status_soul") self.circleframe:GetAnimState():SetBuild("status_soul") self.circleframe:GetAnimState():SetPercent("frame", 0.2) I named the compiled zip file status_soul, and put it in my mod's anim folder Anyone know why it appears invisible in-game?
  8. I can confirm this is true.
  9. If the Bio Scanalyzer has finished scanning, and has a recipe to teach to WX-78, it will forget that recipe after a day, in case the WX-78 has left the server. Other players will then be able to pick it up. - [Game Update] - 503984