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  1. if my understanding about the world generation is correct (and correct me if i'm wrong, i know very little about coding but i once decided to read the world generation part of the game log just because i was bored), after the world generates, it scatters useful stuff around the edges of the biomes and close to the roads. exploring the edges of the map not only helps you outline the areas so that you can get an idea about where everything is, it also makes it easier for you to find resources/structures that are relevant to the objectives in the game. then you just need to walk on the roads to find the other stuff that you might have missed. even if i've interpreted the game log incorrectly, walking from the edges is still the most efficient way to get the most amount of information in the least amount of time. the importance of gathering information on the whole world is a whole other subject, but i believe it to be so. as for how i start a new world, i always start a game by fully exploring the starter biome and then i walk on the edges of the world. if i visit a small biome or a biome that i suspect to be important (some candidates for me include the bee queen's lands, the triple mactusk biome, the mandrake forest, the oasis desert because i like to build a megabase, and the red mushroom forest in the caves), then i walk from the inner edges of that biome as well. of course i take small detours to collect food and resources, and i even leave the exploration part unfinished without thinking if i want to rush a certain objective, but once i return to exploration, i follow the same pattern.
  2. you should get a nobel prize for that answer. insane observations skills right there.
  3. In the third mural, we see Cyclum protecting Metheus with the Torch, and in the fourth one, we see her skull at the bottom, while Metheus is sitting on the Throne. Her skull looks cracked, and according the characters' examination quotes, this means that she shedded her "skin" to become a nightmare creature while protecting Metheus. So she either is the night monster possessing Charlie, or, according to the theory in the original post, she was Charlie and got corrupted with nightmare fuel. I think that she was opposed to overuse nightmare fuel from the start and she wanted to use the power of "The Moon" to balance the shadow magic (as can be seen in the second mural), but the corruption made her one with the fuel. In the end, she gained two "personalities", one that is her old self seeking the power of "The Moon", and one that is her corrupted self feeding off the power of the shadows. By taking over the Throne, she became the commander of the shadows, and in order to obtain the power of "The Moon", she either has to gain Their favor, or simply eliminate Their influence. This is my own take, of course. If Maxwell isn't Metheus, then I believe that this is 100% the case. If, however, Maxwell is Metheus himself, then I can only assume that it was the Shadow Watcher who placed Codex Umbra in the real world. As I stated in the original post, I believe that the Shadow Watcher is the ultimate mastermind that wants to get rid of Them, so they can claim the Throne without Their influence. Or maybe the Throne is just an illusion for power that the Shadow Watcher placed, and they only need Them to be gone. (Edit: Forgot to add that the Shadow Watcher is able to travel between the real world and the Constant without needing the Codex Umbra, as can be seen in Wanda's animated short.)
  4. Non-linearity is math too, and it is James's video that hinges on math. I'm suggesting that Maxwell has been there for longer than we think, and it was James's theory that made me think this way. But if we are to prove a non-linear time, we have multiple evidences in the game. Green gems have the ability to influence time, and if the survivors can use them to influence time on single objects, imagine their capabilities in stronger hands, including someone sitting on the Throne. The Gateway, on the other hand, resets the entire ancient city to another state of time after defeating the Fuelweaver. If it wasn't broken, the amount of time that was reset would clearly be able to extend to older periods in time. This is not even mentioning how it can disturb the flow of time in places other than the ruins. Other than that, there can be multiples of the same character in a single world. I know that this is a game design related choice, but Klei has been creatively succesful with integrating the design into the lore. And two Wilsons being able to interact with each other suggests an irregular time flow in the Constant. Heck, it even suggests that time doesn't flow for the characters themselves, but only for their interactions with their surroundings. This would also explain a linear flow of time, in which the time passes equally but the characters are no more affected by it ever since they arrived into the DST lands through the Florid Postern. Completely agree with that, and I also adressed this in the original post. This is already the widely accepted theory, along with him not being the king but an important figure that is related to him (him mentioning Metheus can mean that he was in a first name basis with the king). In that theory, I stand by him being the king, and in the one we are discussing, I'm just trying to stretch the one you mentioned so we have an alternative take. The main question in this stretch is who the king really is, and the alternative answer here is Maxwell. I believe that either takes on the lore have the potential to be true, and I'm excited to see what Klei will give us in the end. I'm looking forward to that mate, as Maxwell aging holds the whole theory together. Thanks for keeping the conversation going!
  5. I doubt the math is correct in James's video, but I also doubt that time is linear in the Constant. It could even be that the IRL years Maxwell spent on the Throne wouldn't be equal to the corresponding time in the Constant if it was the same amount of IRL years in another time period in the Constant. As in, the first 15 IRL years can be equal to thousands of years in the Constant, but the next IRL15 years could be a more or even a less amount of time, say 5 million years or just 5 days in the Constant. Bottom line is, that Maxwell was in the Constant for a long enough time for him to show signs of getting old. Before Wanda's introduction, I thought that he was just getting worn down by the Throne. After Wanda's introduction, however, it could also mean that Maxwell's oldness wasn't a factor of getting worn down by the Throne, but literally a matter of aging. Then it makes sense that he met the ancients, since he was around for an extremely long amount of time. This is still a theory of course.
  6. This, in my opinion, is in fact the reason why lore theories on DS (including the one above) have been obsessed with small details lately. We have been left with so many unanswered questions and a noticable amount of conflicting situations that every wild theory is (or at least should be) considered valuable to figure out the missing parts of the story. Even then, Klei might change their ideas on the story at any time, which they already did. And I'm fine with that. They should even do it more often so we can follow the actual story and not get 1000 ideas from a single cliffhanger. At this point, we won't be able get a somewhat solid answer on anything that has happened on the Constant until we get some "proper" little details or an animated short without a cliffhanger. Glad you found it interesting! By rulers I meant the king and the queen, They are definitely more of a god than a ruler. Plus the theory assumes that the Ancients didn't have any kings or queens when Maxwell and Charlie arrived at the Constant, they decided to declare Maxwell and Charlie the rulers. I should have made that more clear. You couldn't be more right. But I found this to be one of the few loose ends of this theory, so I decided to stick with it. Plus I just like to imagine that Maxwell still has a heart, although it is one made out of stone. I'm sure he has his own justifications for the past, but he can't stand being the one that is guilty. So he laughes at the graves of people he kidnapped and tries to hide the worse things he has done. This might just be me, though.
  7. I don't know about you guys, but while I was watching James Bucket's latest video, I was quite skeptical at first (How Wanda Could Expose Maxwell's True Nature (Don't Starve Lore/Theory): But he was so consistent between his own theories that, I decided to give it a shot and try if I could prove this theory myself. So I examined the murals and Maxwell's quotes, and after that I couldn't find anything significant that could debunk this theory. Then I made some assumptions along the way, and tried to fit it into the whole lore of the game. It is the whole lore, as otherwise I wouldn't be able to tie pieces together. Plus, I always wanted to post my own take on the lore of the game, so James posting his video helped me finalize some thoughts and encouraged me to share them with you guys. Feel free to point out incomplete or wrong assumptions, I always enjoy talking about the lore of Don't Starve. So here are my current speculations on the game's lore. (Note from future me: I got tired as I reached the end of this post, so you might see some funny stuff by the end. I will correct this original post if you point out those stuff as well) Assumption #1: James is right, and Maxwell and Charlie were the ancient rulers How did things go downhilll? Well... Assumption #2: Maxwell overused the nightmare fuel, not the Ancients. Assumption #3: Charlie wants to sacrifice Maxwell (and others) in the name of Them (or deliver them as prisoners, idk) As James said in his video, this theory might be totally wrong, but you are welcome to roast me as well after we get our answers. Still, the unanswered questions I had in my mind are bugging me much and much less after giving this theory a shot, because funnily enough, assuming Maxwell and Charlie as the ancient rulers gives much more answers than assuming that the Staff Wielder, the Torch Wielder, Maxwell, Charlie and the original night monster are all different people (or insectoids, who cares at this point). Thank you @JamesBucket for wasting your time on arbitrary math problems such as calculating the ages of fictional characters, and thank you for being able to create wonderful content out of it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading the (entire) post and I hope you have some ideas you would like to share as well. Unrelated Extra Assumption: The Shadow Watcher is the Mastermind
  8. i actually like this idea a lot, especially the equippable cores. however i don't think wx-78 should be unable to equip a backpack, and maybe he can equip some kind of a robot arm (maybe craftable with 5 gears+10 thulecite fragments+something expensive?) in his hand slot, and the cores can be placed in this item. with some proper balancing, i personally believe that klei might consider implementing your idea my friend. edit: in their animated short, i want winona, maxwell and wickerbottom to stop wx from going on a murderous killing spree and reboot their system with some engineering and some shadow magic before they kill all the survivors.
  9. i just hope they don't change him too much and give him some little perks like no speed penalty while carrying statues in mighty form and some little nerfs like recovering half the sanity from killing shadow creatures. if, however, klei decides to introduce some new mechanics, i would like to see some sort of mightiness meter. my idea for this would be the meter filling up by eating non-crockpot dishes. this would 1) stop spamming meatballs, 2) give crop foods and berry bush farms more uses, 3) keep the running gag of wolfgang emptying the fridge for damage and 4) result in an even more engaging gameplay experience. to compensate for reliance on non-crockpot dishes, wolfgang should get a bigger damage modifier though, which i think might upset some players but i think it would balance his upsides more than the current state of his mechanics. of course wolfgang shouldn't get any damage modifiers if he isn't above 225 hunger even when his mightiness meter is full, but maybe get the speed modifier with a full mightiness meter when he is in regular form. all that said, i think wolfgang is a fun character that can be balanced easily with little tweaks without the need for nerfing his upsides, and should stay as the strong boi amongst the other survivors. thanks for listening to my ted talk.
  10. my boi finally getting his rework. can't wait to see him carry statues under his arms.
  11. If you are using the attack button to target an enemy while selecting a boat patch with your cursor, the repair action isn't executed when you click on a boat leak/on the boat. Instead, the character does an attack on the previous target everytime you try to repair the boat. This happens with ranged weapons like the ice staff too, and the only way to use the boat patch is to put it back in the inventory, then move and use the boat patch again.
  12. If you move around with your boat and crab king's geyser spell targets the edge of the boat, the leak is left behind on the ocean and the boat continues to lose HP. The image I'm sharing shows two leaks that were caused by two seperate geyser attacks. There were other leaks on the boat as well, which all behaved exactly as intended, except for the ones that are on the ocean of course.