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I found MacTusk city.

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I was just playing Don't Starve,trying my best to survive during the winter,and right around day 25 I heard something.It sounded like a bugle of some sorth,similar to ones used by hunters.This was so weird,I never heard this sound in the game before!Wilson even said "Did you hear that?" Could this be some nifty trick by Klei to alternate hound sounds?Anyhow,I checked my map out to see if I had a place nearby to escape(since I assumed there would be a hound attack),but then I notice something.A previously explored area was vanished of the map.I am 100% sure I checked that place out.So I kinda disregarded the possible threat,and made my way back to the unknown map area.I was on the other side of the map,so it took a good while to make it there.Finally around day 26 dusk I made it to the unknown map area.I saw a signpost and a skeleton in the distance.Wow I thought,this could be one of these new setpieces!I made my way to the sign and skeleton,and I was actually able to read the signpost.Maybe I have gotten an early build of things to come?The signpost said: "MacTusk City".I remember Kevin hinting about MacTusk city..Wow,did I really find some scrapped DS content?And I did not have to dig through the files or anything?Amazing.After walking further into the place,that signpost was just stating the obvious.I am greeted by two pigmen heads on a stick,and see some pig skins and gold nuggets lying on the floor.However,that is not what I am focussing on.The igloos get all my attention.I can already see 3 of them at this point.I make another screenshot,this is not a red herring like the Pelontrix,and I need evidence!post-3309-13764592307993_thumb.jpgI walk a bit further to the right,to the centre of the little city(maybe it could have been better off being called MacTusk town._.).They have some meat drying and made some delicious meaty stew!They even have a firepit and icebox in their little city.Why they need the firepit is beyond my knowledge,as they all have a cozy igloo.Speaking of igloos,I am surrounded by 11 of them.This kinda makes me nervous,and of course I will get the heck outta there before day comes.Hmmm,a Tam o' Shanter lies on the ground aswell.I should not let that oppertunity go to waste now..Or should I?I somehow feel like I shouldn't disrupt their city by looting it,especially not their trademark nobleman hat.post-3309-13764592308761_thumb.jpgJust gonna take a sneak peak in the icebox now.Oh my,there's even some cooked meat in there!Heck,I'll eat some,it's not like they will notice meat from an icebox be missing?At least not untill I am far away from their city!Alright,night will come eventually so I should just run away now.I could make a fire near their firepit though...Maybe not.I run out of MacTusk city,yet return for a short while.Screw these silly walruses,I am taking that Tam o' Shanter with me,no more cold/sanity problems!post-3309-13764592309334_thumb.jpgI make a campfire a bit away from the city,and wait untill it get's day again...This is my easiest gotten Tam o' Shanter ever,no need to have pigmen helping me killing MacTusk,just pick it off the ground (in a walrus city). When it get's day,I feel confident of surviving the first winter.After the game auto-saved,I hear the bugle again.This time it sounds different,it sounds like it is playing an attack tune of some sorth,you know what I mean?I cannot ressist the urge to go back to MacTusk city and see if anything happened.As I make my way I can already hear MacTusk off-screen,yet I move closer to the city entrance.The MacTusks along with their sons and hunting hounds have spotted me.They are making their way towards me.First they walk,but unlike in the game where they first taunt,all of the walruses and hunting hounds started running my way!My god this was a scary experience,I euh did not really know what to do,where to run to,I got flabberguested...post-3309-13764592309899_thumb.jpgThe MacTusks held their distance,and they send in their hounds before peskering me with their blowdarts.It did not end pretty as you may have guessed by now,and I have learned my lesson should I ever find MacTusk city again.Just stay the heck away from it...Or you're in for some Scottish trouble,lad/lassie.post-3309-13764592310819_thumb.jpg(If this thread should have been posted in the Art & Lore section I apologize in advance,and a friendly mod can relocate me thread :) I want to raise awareness about MacTusk city,it is there and you might come across it.I also know why Kevin rather not likes to talk about it...Also happy 666th post,me!)

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