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  1. I guess technically all items are renewable, what with the teleportato. But that's a hell of a lot of hassle to ask the player to find a cave, get a setup, re-establish a base, re-explore the caves and re-prepare (?) for fighting a 100 damage 2500 hp boss just because of a single missclick and them wanting to see the endgame weapon-structure.
  2. Would you say the same for the Deerclop's Eye? Because i remember when that had no crafting recipies so i ate it for the kicks, which instantly drove me to insanity But i guess that kind of mistake was justified.
  3. Well after a long preparation time of cautiously setting up Thulecite equipment and reviving mechanical clockworks, the fight against the Ancient Guardian was swift and the loot, especially being the first time i had gotten this far, was sweet. Thinking to myself with Thulecite armor plating and a fully charged mining helmet, and as a 100% upgraded WX with full stat bars "I've done it, nothing can beat me now! I can go back up to retrieve a Deerclops eye, return to the Ruins and finally craft a Houndius Shootius!" This confidence quickly evaporated, as the Nightmare Stage kicked in and i was surrounded by Terrorbeaks. After gaining some distance from them, in a very panic-y mood especially after defeating the Endgame content boss, i mis-clicked. Rather than eating a Meaty Stew to get myself back to full, i pushed click to eat whilst hovering over a certain irreplacable mythical beast's horn. TLDR; I ate the Guardian of the Ancient's Horn by accident and swiftly ragequitted Turns out there is room for mistake even after you've defeated the hardest enemy (If this story doesn't belong here you can move it wherever you like)
  4. WOOT It's back! :yaypigs:
  5. There are probably a few tutorials and keyboard shortcuts for recording stuff like that, go search for em.
  6. Isn't there a dev quote from somewhere stating they wont be implementing any new characters, and instead building on the existing ones? Wes seems kinda fitting for being unlocked last too, as he is hard mode.
  7. And now the end game is harder late game because you have to implement actual strategies rather than brute forcing it.But i see watcha mean, update is much more challenging, though i think they've totally fleshed out the combat especially with the pigs who now try to kite YOU.
  8. And my avatar represents the incapacity to get the freakin profile pics to work >.<
  9. Perhaps the straw wall is actually a miniature time machine, and your character is only knocked unconscious for a few seconds as it operates leading to the morning?
  10. Best part is is that if we do, we can just use the escape machine rather than suiciding like when we had to way back.
  11. I can't remember blue mawling my face off as several spiders bit me to death... But i have a fuzzy memory of my childhood.