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  1. Happened early today.The bug you linked showed lots of Mac Tusks. I only see hounds in my save. They keep reproducing when I am away. After I finished the excess hounds, the hunting party went back to normal (father, son and two hounds):
  2. This is a good point: Action versus Preparation.Action is always nice and preparation can be sometimes boring. It took me a while to have my 15 pig village, not a boring preparation as I had to kill a lot of werepigs in the process. But then the late action with the ice hounds was really cool. And tanks to my preparation I could get back to them right away: Guess I can thank my preparation for this quick response and this profit: And these 59 teeth are just the ones at the beginning of the swamp. There is a lot more along the way. If you always look at the game while preparing it may look easy and boring. So do not lose track of the challenges you are preparing for.
  3. Okay. Here is the current easy game we have: All started because I went to the caves carrying some meat and no armor or HP. After a long pursuit the bunnymen finished me in a walled corner. Results: I lost my Tam o'Shanter and my puffy vest. By then I was done with the Walrus. No need to face him again. Now I need a new hat. Grabbed my cane, my beefalo hat and 20 bees and went for a social visit at the nearest Igloo... Halfway between the wormhole I met some light resistance: about 30 ice hounds. It seems the Walrus family have been breeding dogs all these days. I managed to go back to the wormhole, set a campfire and lay the five bee mines just in time for the attack. Needless to say the bees were obliterated and only two hounds died in the process. Next I ran into the forest and set it on fire to reduce the numbers a bit more. I came without food, planning for a quick hat retrieval mission and my stomach was nearly empty the morning after. There was still a lot of dogs and I decided to walk my way back, grabbing any food I find in order to prevent starvation. The HP was already running low as well... There was a swamp in the way home and I managed to finish of most of the dogs there. But now comes the cherry on top of the sundae: Hounds are coming and I am starving. Before reaching the swamp I saw grassland where I could find berries and carrots to help me get home. But they were guarded by about 60 ice hounds from two nearby igloos. I managed to eat one berry and one carrot before things got ugly and I ran back to the swamp... Unfortunately I was not in conditions to stay and watch the show. I was dyeing. Somehow I made it back home, already starving, with less than 10 hp and only one ice hound left chasing me. I ate 4 honeyed hams while said hound was fighting pigs and bats and here I am alive and well. Piece of cake =P
  4. It is really hard to create a poll without bias. Even evaluating the results will show your opinion about the subject. When I've read the OP, the line catching my attention was rogue-likes killing even the more experienced players.In a game like DS where you can build permanent structures it means that all will be for nothing.Any attempt in this direction will receive resistance. Nothing personal. No offense taken or intended.
  5. Half of the population is male and the other half is female. Therefore the average is hermaphrodite...
  6. This poll showed people are ok with the current difficulty in survival and willing to accept a bigger challenge in adventure.In other words: Any new challenge you throw in survival must be manageable.
  7. Your majesty at last!

    Three months later and 14 pages deeper...Thanks Shiny Sides!I am thinking about doing a sequel... Maybe in a month or two.I've heard the King moved after a huge earthquake...
  8. That's the way it is. When I am ready for him, I go to the tooth trap filled killing pit, away from my chests, with boomerang materials in my inventory and start a bird killing spree. It drops coal that can be used to build more boomerangs. It is a hard to summon monster with a hard to get reward.If you want to turn it into an impending threat maybe there is a mod for it or you should ask for a world customization slider.If you are too lazy and want the sack, just spam it with the console.
  9. Pre alpha saves working fine on standalone version. One with and one without entering caves.Underground pigs turn to werepigs without apparent reason and surface bunnymen are diet nazis >:/Any planned drawbacks for an underground carrot and dragon fruit mass producing facility? Same for dragon pie facility.
  10. Right now, standalone updater says it is up to date at version 76945.
  11. Underground Puzzle

    So, to get into Maxwell's world you need to sacrifice rats and cut your hand and to create the world and be the boss you need to sink a ship full of people.This or Valve asked to put a steamer in the lore.
  12. I have yet to get in the right mindset for a run, too many stuff in my head to get enough focus. Then there is the fact that I used to get a lot more stuff in the head and still focus... Damn I am getting old.But no hurry, It will be there waiting until I am ready.My current excuse for not getting in there and avoid further discussion about it is the caves =)
  13. There was no question for you to see, I watched the recorded version.And I checked it again today to change my avatar =)This thing you said about the juggling act... Its not good for you. Some people, like myself, will be distracted by the ones you drop instead of being awed by the ones you catch.It would be way cool if the selected question appeared on screen with the name of the user and stay there until answered so you keep the focus on the game and address the question when opportunity arrives. This adds for the interactive part of the show. Which is very important in a live stream. I mean, for me a least, this is the main reason to participate: the chance to be part of it.
  14. May 13th Build

    Funny. I had to use a steam key to activate my standalone copy. It is the same game. The .ini file even has steam cloud as an option. It would be incredibly easy to add a line in the updater file to run the pre release version or just make the files available for manual update: link + instructions.I really hopped Valve would leave the bone after release. I was wrong.
  15. May 13th Build

    Rephrasing...Any legal way to get caves into my windows standalone DS?