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  1. Other then saying this is going to a really great update I am glad that there is regeneration options for characters other then Wilson.=)There was before with the "insane rabbit/Wilson beard hair" option, but this seams more thought out. I like the way this game is headed. Hell, I love the game. =)
  2. I can verify windows xp works with don't starve on my laptop. It is even an older laptop with an Intel vid card. It will not work in full screen but I can live with it.
  3. Do other 3d games work? What games do work? Do you have a virus?
  4. But isn't it great that the users are help supporting this game in different languages. =)
  5. I hear a dark deep laughter when I am in the swamp usually.
  6. I love the new effects but maybe they can put a switch in the game start up to turn it off. I am sure there are some other people eventually who will have the same problem as you.
  7. The winter hat does not raise your sanity. If it does it is so minuscule as not to be effective at all.
  8. That's what I did. And I ran and hid when the Deerclop's stopped by.
  9. Hello all, I think we should thank the developers, at least I will. This has been great game and I am sure that it will just get better. I know I went on a rant earlier about Wolfgang being weaker (he is weaker =) but I have to say that this game has been one of the funnest I have played. Also I think you should ask for more money for it because personalty I have logged way more hours on this game then I have on most others, and I have played quite a few. This game is worth way more then what people are paying for it. I could have sent an email I guess but I did not know where to send it.
  10. I would like to clarify that I think that this update is beautiful. I love the new monsters and I love the game play except that it seams that Wolfgang does not hit as hard and takes more damage per enemy swing. I think the game is great. I just think that there should be one character that is tougher and therefore has an easier time of it.
  11. Personalty I think the dev's are pushing us towards using the pigs to fight for us. I don't like that idea. I have to give them all my food. I would rather have it the way it was where you could take on a spider queen by yourself. I am playing Wolfgang and now he is a wimp. I can't take on 4 or 5 spiders by myself. It is not good.
  12. It seams as though they drop less silk now. I put a fire close to a couple of nests. I waited by my fire and killed 10 spiders but I only picked up 1 silk. Did they change the percentage of silk dropped? I think it would be more beneficial to let more spiders silk drop. Like a 7 to 3 split out of 10. 1 out of 10 is ludicrous. If you keep it the way it is then drop the requirements for the winter and summer vests.
  13. You have the right to speek your mind but not tell tell someone else what to do. In other words you can comment about the game but not about another player and there words about the game.