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  1. I found MacTusk city.

    I hope that I get Mac Tusk city. Keven said that you should try for an epic death on this game. Now that was epic. )
  2. Other then saying this is going to a really great update I am glad that there is regeneration options for characters other then Wilson.=)There was before with the "insane rabbit/Wilson beard hair" option, but this seams more thought out. I like the way this game is headed. Hell, I love the game. =)
  3. Honey Poultice

    I can kite spiders. That is not the issue. My issue is usually running around swamps looking for reeds and getting ambushed by tentacles. I can avoid about 90 percent of them but then wham. Two hits and I am hurt badly and then later on I miss a spider or a Tall bird and it kills me. I never usually die in just one encounter. I slowly die over a course of an in game week because of the lack of healing remedies.
  4. Honey Poultice

    The developers do make a point of trying to kill you before you can heal. They want you to die. They have repeatedly said it. This game is going a very hardcore route. Hence the suggestion of a mod but I digress.I personalty like to progress, not die at every turn. I think it should be a little easier to heal. You should heal on your own in 7 days. If you sleep you should get back half your heath. Or just use pigs all the time so you don't get hurt. But the last time I did that it worked really well until they turned into werewolf's. I died bitterly
  5. Honey Poultice

    I was wondering if there should not be a time component. If over 7 days you can be healed or something like that. Nothing two drastic but I think that getting wounded and never healing on your own is kind of weird. - - - Updated - - - I think sleeping should heal you some but not all.
  6. Honey Poultice

    Look. I don't want to argue the point with anyone. The simple fact is that there are not really enough resources right now to heal most of the time. This game went from being semi hard to really hard. Some people like that. Some don't Honey seems to be miss-handled right now and I have had 3 maps that had no reeds. So the only thing to heal is butterflys and blue mushrooms. Crap. My point is about mods is just to give the game a different tuning. If the modder then feels that his tuning is better then keli's then he can post his mod. He dosn't have to post it. The community will decide if it is of use and if the community thinks it is great then there will be a change at Keli to implement the mod in the game. If the community thinks the mod is crap well then it will die.Just complaining doesn't seem to get the changes implemented anyway.
  7. Honey Poultice

    No, you are completely wrong. The mods are part of the game. Testing the mod interface is just as valid as anything you have to say. And I take offence to your implication of mediocre mods. You have no clue at all do you?
  8. Honey Poultice

    Then why complain about it? The code is so open and easy that you can do whatever you want with it. I used to complain about parts of the game but you don't have to. You don't like something. Change it. That is what the mod's are for.
  9. Honey Poultice

    Problem ??
  10. Honey Poultice

    Just make a mod and put this in your modmain.luaTUNING.HEALING_TINY = 10TUNING.HEALING_SMALL = 20TUNING.HEALING_MEDSMALL = 30TUNING.HEALING_MED = 40TUNING.HEALING_MEDLARGE = 50TUNING.HEALING_LARGE =60TUNING.HEALING_HUGE = 70TUNING.HEALING_SUPERHUGE = 80You wont have to worry about honey anymore. Normal food will heal you.
  11. Not enough disk space?!

    I did the same thing. I added a folder steamGames to my programs folders and it is installing. It is on the same drive as the normal steam folder.
  12. Not enough disk space?!

    Same with me. I opened a ticket with valve. Pissed me off.
  13. This is how you can play Multiplayer

    I am making a mod and I tell you that it will not work. The mod files are just lua scripts. They do not hook into the game engine like you think. The game engine is an executable that references the lua files. The game engine ie, the compiled executable, would have to have a TCP/IP client/server architecture build into it. The moders to not have access to this compiled game code. If we did then we still would have to write a new game engine and redo most of the work that the developers have done. I am trying to convey to you that it is not as simple as it sounds. You can not just slap multiplayer on-top an existing game. You have to design network communication in from the beginning.
  14. Don't Starve not working, XP

    I can verify windows xp works with don't starve on my laptop. It is even an older laptop with an Intel vid card. It will not work in full screen but I can live with it.
  15. Don't Starve not working, XP

    Do other 3d games work? What games do work? Do you have a virus?