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  1. Ban L for sideburn supremacy
  2. Ban Destros for lack of spoiler alert
  3. ~The Circus~

    Anelipsy looks at Mandra. "Does leafy mean you?" She said, worried. "If so, I hope there are trees wherever they're taking you. We'll catch up when you come back. The Jason thing is mortally interesting."
  4. Ban Donke because this is actually a fragment of my legal name, which is Matthäus please even if you can out of just that first name don't stalk me
  5. Ban Destros because everyone seems to have a problem with my nickname :'( I've got sensitivities about it ok
  6. ~The Circus~

    Anelipsy looked around, confused. "Wait, was all that blood just..." She looks at Jason, alive and kicking. "I think I'm actually glad you're not dead. Things become quite exciting with you around. Never change." Moving to the workshop, she encounters Mandra and the chameleon person enjoying a moss meal. "Turns out Jason won't be mixed into our lunches today. Are you guys okay?"
  7. Ban Donke because mimes are freaky, which makes Wes THE FREAKING BEST
  8. ~The Circus~

    (Wouldn't vending machines count as slavery to the robot kind?) Anelipsy looked around searching for a clock. The guns were still firing. "Hey, guys." She said out loud but not irritatedly, referring to the robots. "Isn't this a bit of overkill by now? I'm sure this bloke and at least two of his next lives are dead by now." She paused for a moment. "Please! I just want to see who it was!"
  9. We Remain

    Luma looked around terrified for signs of the rockodile. It was still far enough. --- "Okay. Alright. But if I become a corpse ten minutes from now it's all your fault." She must have looked really entertaining trying to run like a normal person. All penguin-like or something. Probably very appetising to a rockodile, but really funny for your run-of-the-mill Rias, dragons and plant-based monsters.
  10. ~The Circus~

    Reacting to the sound of guns, Anelipsy bolted from the checkered cell to where the sound came from. Mostly, she wanted to see who or what was just torn to shreds. Honestly, she hoped it was the dusty tin man. Upon arriving where all the fun was at, she saw the myriad of guns all pointed and still shooting at someone. The scene looked like if Jackson Pollock pledged a vow to use only red for a painting. Logically, then, it couldn't have been the dusty tin man getting shot. --- Bummer. She decided to wait for the guns to stop firing to try and figure out who was it that the soup cans murdered.
  11. We Remain

    "I'm sorry! I can't run well!" --- Luma held onto Ria as tightly as she could. Not being able to see the monster, she just assumed it was drawing closer. --- "Please, let's just go."
  12. We Remain

    Ria had shouted to run, but Luma instinctively hid instead. --- Well, I hope it doesn't have a keen sense of smell. --- When Sunrider grabbed the chlorophylloid and Mandragora, she couldn't do anything but be perplexed at how they didn't spot her from above. Also, her bad leg started hurting. --- Nine out of ten film stars make me cry. I'm alive.
  13. ~The Circus~

    Anelipsy moves slowly towards the checkered cell, absorbing all she can from the world around her. --- I hope the food is actually nice. --- Without a lot of hope unrelated to food, she began thinking about how the cell would look like. --- Checkered. I remember father playing chess on a checkered board. Is that what they mean? Have I become a plaything?
  14. ~The Circus~

    Damn. I'm pissed off, but that dragon person is pissed off. --- "Do we really need to go through all this bureaucracy?" Says Anelipsy, directing it at the desk robot. "If you tell your superiors you just lost all the information you were supposed to read in order to make this event work, isn't there a chance you would get brutally dismantled? Or maybe they would replace your operating system with..." Anelispy closes in. "Windows 8." She smiles, expecting an answer.