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      UPDATED - Studio Note & Rhymes with Play Streams Temporarily Canceled.   03/06/2020

      UPDATE (3/19/20): Just a quick note regarding the team at Klei Entertainment. As noted previously, everybody at Klei Entertainment is working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us have been working especially hard to help maintain operations as we all move out of the office and into our homes and with everything being done online, extra time must be spent in organizing conversations and trying to maintain communication. As some of you may know, we have a very open office and we are almost always in contact with each other as we go about our days. Some of us work across multiple teams and that work has become a bit more challenging for everybody.   That being said, at this time the transition has not caused any major disruption in our operations, but it would be overly optimistic to expect that we won't have any delays at all. We're going to have to be especially mindful about this in the coming weeks and make sure we don't take on too much work so we can keep things running smoothly.  We will let you know as we see how these changes affect our timelines.  Thanks UPDATE (3/10/20):
      The test yesterday went well. We got the whole office (mostly) to work from home without significant issue. As a result, Klei Staff that can work from home have been asked to do so until further notice.  This means that we will have to cancel the Rhymes with Play stream until we are all back in the office. This shouldn't affect anything else at least in the short term, but if things change I will update you all here.  Original Post: Hey everybody,  This Tuesday March 10th, 2020 the entire staff at Klei will be working remotely for 1 day in an effort to prepare the studio to work remotely for a little while if the need arises.  Klei is already set up pretty well to allow for working remotely, however we are going to have a one day "dry run" with the whole studio so that we can identify and avoid any issues or downtime that may arise should choose to implement a work from home policy due to COVID-19 outbreak concerns. Unfortunately this does mean that we will be canceling the “Rhymes with Play” Art stream this coming Tuesday, however unless the situation changes we expect everything at the studio to be back to normal Wednesday and we’ll continue our regular stream schedule Thursday March 12th. If the situation changes at all, we'll let you know. Thanks for your understanding.


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  1. Happened early today.The bug you linked showed lots of Mac Tusks. I only see hounds in my save. They keep reproducing when I am away. After I finished the excess hounds, the hunting party went back to normal (father, son and two hounds):
  2. This is a good point: Action versus Preparation.Action is always nice and preparation can be sometimes boring. It took me a while to have my 15 pig village, not a boring preparation as I had to kill a lot of werepigs in the process. But then the late action with the ice hounds was really cool. And tanks to my preparation I could get back to them right away: Guess I can thank my preparation for this quick response and this profit: And these 59 teeth are just the ones at the beginning of the swamp. There is a lot more along the way. If you always look at the game while preparing it may look easy and boring. So do not lose track of the challenges you are preparing for.
  3. Okay. Here is the current easy game we have: All started because I went to the caves carrying some meat and no armor or HP. After a long pursuit the bunnymen finished me in a walled corner. Results: I lost my Tam o'Shanter and my puffy vest. By then I was done with the Walrus. No need to face him again. Now I need a new hat. Grabbed my cane, my beefalo hat and 20 bees and went for a social visit at the nearest Igloo... Halfway between the wormhole I met some light resistance: about 30 ice hounds. It seems the Walrus family have been breeding dogs all these days. I managed to go back to the wormhole, set a campfire and lay the five bee mines just in time for the attack. Needless to say the bees were obliterated and only two hounds died in the process. Next I ran into the forest and set it on fire to reduce the numbers a bit more. I came without food, planning for a quick hat retrieval mission and my stomach was nearly empty the morning after. There was still a lot of dogs and I decided to walk my way back, grabbing any food I find in order to prevent starvation. The HP was already running low as well... There was a swamp in the way home and I managed to finish of most of the dogs there. But now comes the cherry on top of the sundae: Hounds are coming and I am starving. Before reaching the swamp I saw grassland where I could find berries and carrots to help me get home. But they were guarded by about 60 ice hounds from two nearby igloos. I managed to eat one berry and one carrot before things got ugly and I ran back to the swamp... Unfortunately I was not in conditions to stay and watch the show. I was dyeing. Somehow I made it back home, already starving, with less than 10 hp and only one ice hound left chasing me. I ate 4 honeyed hams while said hound was fighting pigs and bats and here I am alive and well. Piece of cake =P
  4. It is really hard to create a poll without bias. Even evaluating the results will show your opinion about the subject. When I've read the OP, the line catching my attention was rogue-likes killing even the more experienced players.In a game like DS where you can build permanent structures it means that all will be for nothing.Any attempt in this direction will receive resistance. Nothing personal. No offense taken or intended.
  5. Half of the population is male and the other half is female. Therefore the average is hermaphrodite...
  6. This poll showed people are ok with the current difficulty in survival and willing to accept a bigger challenge in adventure.In other words: Any new challenge you throw in survival must be manageable.
  7. After over a hundred days of careful exploration I finally found your majesty sitting in a beach. His land is in disarray all taken by the spider hordes. I took his villagers for a raid and managed to finish five queens/nests before they died. I left the last one turning. The irony is that now I see a worm hole connecting my base to his village. It will take sometime but I will clear his island, move his village and build a kick ass base around him. Your Majesty: Village Location: In love memory of Mickey, we met and he went checking a rot in the swamp:
  8. Your majesty at last!

    Three months later and 14 pages deeper...Thanks Shiny Sides!I am thinking about doing a sequel... Maybe in a month or two.I've heard the King moved after a huge earthquake...
  9. That's the way it is. When I am ready for him, I go to the tooth trap filled killing pit, away from my chests, with boomerang materials in my inventory and start a bird killing spree. It drops coal that can be used to build more boomerangs. It is a hard to summon monster with a hard to get reward.If you want to turn it into an impending threat maybe there is a mod for it or you should ask for a world customization slider.If you are too lazy and want the sack, just spam it with the console.
  10. Pre alpha saves working fine on standalone version. One with and one without entering caves.Underground pigs turn to werepigs without apparent reason and surface bunnymen are diet nazis >:/Any planned drawbacks for an underground carrot and dragon fruit mass producing facility? Same for dragon pie facility.
  11. Right now, standalone updater says it is up to date at version 76945.
  12. Underground Puzzle

    So, to get into Maxwell's world you need to sacrifice rats and cut your hand and to create the world and be the boss you need to sink a ship full of people.This or Valve asked to put a steamer in the lore.
  13. I have yet to get in the right mindset for a run, too many stuff in my head to get enough focus. Then there is the fact that I used to get a lot more stuff in the head and still focus... Damn I am getting old.But no hurry, It will be there waiting until I am ready.My current excuse for not getting in there and avoid further discussion about it is the caves =)
  14. There was no question for you to see, I watched the recorded version.And I checked it again today to change my avatar =)This thing you said about the juggling act... Its not good for you. Some people, like myself, will be distracted by the ones you drop instead of being awed by the ones you catch.It would be way cool if the selected question appeared on screen with the name of the user and stay there until answered so you keep the focus on the game and address the question when opportunity arrives. This adds for the interactive part of the show. Which is very important in a live stream. I mean, for me a least, this is the main reason to participate: the chance to be part of it.
  15. May 13th Build

    Funny. I had to use a steam key to activate my standalone copy. It is the same game. The .ini file even has steam cloud as an option. It would be incredibly easy to add a line in the updater file to run the pre release version or just make the files available for manual update: link + instructions.I really hopped Valve would leave the bone after release. I was wrong.
  16. May 13th Build

    Rephrasing...Any legal way to get caves into my windows standalone DS?
  17. May 13th Build

    So, how do I do to have caves on my standalone windows DS?
  18. Name Tags!

    Facist or Facer, you know, confusing noun or adjective, preferable non existent word or used with a different meaning. So only the title bearer, title giver and the readers of the original post would know why.Anyway, whatever you get is a compliment to you. Someone recognizes your contribution and you should be grateful or honored or something.About the other related thread (post count), quality over quantity is a better step in the way of recognition. Not that recognition should be your goal, its a possible outcome/consequence if you are giving your contribution for the development of the game and or community.
  19. Just finished watching the recorded stream.I like the idea of preview and interview just to see which one will get done well. Just like the previous time the interview was clearly favored. At some point I saw really good questions paired with autopilot gameplay.Talking about gameplay, at 53:00, a new game started near a touchstone and ice hounds. Why not make a helmet with the skin from pig heads, activate the touchstone and fight the hounds for teeth and maybe gems? Because of autopilot? Maybe, but the lack of attention could be seen as lack of skill and taken as offense.I do not watch live streams anymore, had enough of my questions ignored already. If I was there I would ask to bring down a shovel and try to dig up light flowers and fertilize them with guano. The question would be if light flowers could be replanted and fertilized but the shovel part would be seen a backseat gaming and ignored.I would like to see another attempt on preview/interview with more people. At least one selecting questions from the live audience, one interviewing, one interviewed at a time and one playing. Everyone would know where to put their main focus.Disclaimer: Because.
  20. Well... you can build/import a multiplayer skeleton and hack and import all of DS sprites... as a skin.
  21. We're Live!

    Finally gotta get a taste of adventure. Thanks and see you guys in a.... while.
  22. The eye was looking at me and asking for it: Your turn...
  23. Faces... FACES!!!

    The curious skull... EDIT: Look at that! Got myself a title =D
  24. I was planning a journal with a new begin for miss Wendy but large custom worlds are unstable right now (at least in my system). So I will make my sandbox diary with Wilson until this changes. Not bumping this time. Just editing the first post as I play. Search for the word "Update" to jump. It will be buried real quick in this section. I wish journals had a section of their own. It is not fan fiction after all. Lets begin: Starting new default world... This time I started in grassland and took one day and a half to explore/harvest it completely. This is my final inventory and the map. I have enough for some days of exploration and will follow roads. Found a pair of wormholes, in a convenient arrangement. Never found such a perfect camp spot before. Despite the death risk I will jump in the wormholes to see where they go. If I die I will have to start over in a new world but will lose only a few minutes of gameplay. The first jump took me northeast and I found my first pig house. It was close enough to the base for me to walk back and prevent the sanity loss from using the wormhole to return to camp. On the way back I found my first walrus camp. This spot becomes more convenient with every step. Now for the last risk to be taken in this world: the second jump took me to a northwest savannah. A bit far but again, I will rather walk than take an unnecessary sanity hit. Returned to camp and took two screen shots of the map: One closer and one farther enough to get the whole wormhole system. Followed the trail (dirt road) to the south of my camp and saw a road. Followed it through a swamp with two visible reeds and a pond and ended up in a pig village. Too convenient. The pigs were fighting knights and I got a pair of gears for free. The map shows how close it is from the camp and also shows this touchstone, two screens below the camp, I am there, leading my first optimus pine to the swamp with all the free pig skins from the heads in my inventory. So many useful stuff nearby! I am in heaven. Seriously, I like it very much. But I see how this can be fuel for the "too easy" team. Hope they do not take away this feeling of getting very lucky in a world or with the camp site choice. Update 1. First tentacle to be sliced by optimus gave me two monster meat and a spike. The second gave only two monster meat. Before returning to camp I fed 4 monster meat to the pig because my berries were almost rotten and I wanted to convert them into manure. The plan was to run around the fire pit in circles until the monster meat effect wear off but I found a glitch related to the werepig pathfinding and the cliffs so I was able to take this shot. My system pops a image save window when I hit print screen so no pictures when my life is at risk. The monster meat effect was over at night and I feed another piece to befriend the pig and get a sanity boost. I chop wood the next morning for the duration of the friendship to keep improving my sanity. I was a bit overwhelmed the next days due to the abundance of resources and the next steps kinda overlapped but I gave priority to the bee boxes and the next step had to be crock pots and alchemy. I went north for the rocks and had to stop by a koalefant first. I used two bee mines at once so I would not lose any bees. Back to camp I received the visit of a homeless pig that ran to the fire as I was finishing the basic structures. I spent the next days capturing and planting butterflies until I saw footprints near the camp. They went in and out of the camp and I found the koalefant very close to it. Close enough for me to use only one bee mine near the boxes for killer bee help. It happens when bees belonging to a box are attacked. Following the south road one way led me to touchstone, swamp, pig village and a piece of the machine with gears as bonus. I then followed it the other way (southeast) and it led me to another village. This time with the pig king. Mother of God! This map has everything. There is also a rocky biome with rocky turf southwest from the king. I went there for rocks and also go two trinkets, one nightmare fuel and a ghost from the nearby graves, after trading the trinkets for gold I returned to the camp and saw this glitch. You can see the shadow arm near the spider nest. It was stopped by the cliff and I heard the music box all night. Next step was to dismantle the southwest pig village and use the materials to improve my own. The shadow arms found a way to my fire pit. It was the night I crafted the top hat that combined with the breezy vest stopped my sanity loss. The ice box was doing a good job but I wanted racks for even better results and I was low grass and twigs so I went to the near northwest grassland and started collecting materials when I saw this footprint. Twigs and grass can wait, the puffy vest is more important and I have collected quite a few already. After the second footprint I found a second touchstone in a reasonable distance from the camp. I will leave the heads on this one, maybe they are the charges. I just have to remember to come back with a basic gear to put in a nearby chest. I kept following the tracks and made a campfire to spend the night and remove the freezing effect. Only then I saw the next track and waited a little while before making a torch and following it. It is not easy to follow tracks at night, your line of sight is too short, but I was lucky and found it. What the picture does not show is the beefalo snoring I hear. The beefalos are not far from the northwest wormhole. Update 2. Beefalos are in mating season. I had to run at night to escape their rage. Found the koalefant in the morning and killed him with two bee mines. It was a regular winter koalefant, not Terence. Lucky me. I have to leave the 7 surviving bees behind. No problem. I have to come back here for the wool and will bring the bug net. The fast way back is through the wormhole so I rotate the screen to face south and improve my line of sight in case I encounter the walrus camped nearby and start walking. There is this convenient rabbit hole cluster in the way. It is very well placed near the wormhole and I now also need to collect and bring materials for 10 traps. Nightmare fuel, morsels, monster meat and beard hair will be just a few seconds away from my camp. Had to spend some time collecting silk to craft the puffy vest and was visited by the hounds at night. I was short on bees and the two bee mines I placed did not helped as much as I expected. I had to leave the camp and wait for the additional bees I released to finish the job. I need a killing pit and have only two hound teeth so far. But first I need wood for fuel. At least two stacks. Update 3. "Handbagging" has been made difficult in order to prevent the use of two backpacks. But it is still possible to carry one backpack in the cursor while wearing the puffy vest. You have to pick the backpack from your body slot and right click the vest in the inventory. It makes sense to me because otherwise I would not bring a backpack to any winter travels so I will take it as intended. And I need the extra inventory space for the fire pits and chests with fuel I will place near all points of interest of this world. At day 33 night I have a good stock of logs, harvested with the help of 4 pigs. I will clear the east grassland biome of all twigs, grass, flowers and berry bushes to plant groups of 40 trees apart from each other to prevent fire spread. The group of trees showing on map near the pig village are just the remaining tree stomps I was not able to remove before nightfall. Time to create my killing pit. I will store the mines to prevent the spiders from stepping on them. I plan on keeping the den empty by walking on the web and killing the spiders so they will have less chance of stepping on the tooth traps. I still have rocks for another fire pit so I went to the touchstone and made chest with some basics inside. It is now day 37 and the bees are coming out of their boxes. I had a very busy winter. The next hound wave is approaching and is time to test the killing pit. I took some hits and tooth traps are spider magnets. With so many hounds in the screen one spider managed to activate one, it also followed me around making it more difficult to fight the hounds. The bees helped a lot and I needed to capture more (amazing how some boxes are already filled with honey). I also decided to place the spider den elsewhere. But not before clearing my inventory. There is a small tip of land in the camp that I will use as a wardrobe to let the equipment I will need again, eventually. The new place for the den is a corner, north of the camp. I will place only one trap for now because I am short on grass. Also storing the teeth and bees in the killing pit until I have enough grass to make the traps. So I am short on grass and savannah have lots of it. The north savannah also have the beefalos so I will get two resources with one trip. I will also take this time to destroy the den near the wormhole to prevent attacks after the jump. When I started walking on the web the den turned into a queen. I know the drill: kill the spiders and eventual warriors she may deploy and hit her two or three times before she attacks again. The difference this time is that the warriors were not eventual, she laid 4 of them, 2 in a row. I took a lot of hits before finishing her. My sanity was low but I was not returning to the camp without the wool. I decided to chase a baby beefalo on my way back to the camp so I could have a herd near the spider den since they used to walk towards the herd until they were stopped by the terrain. Well, they have path finding now. Figured this when arriving at the camp. So better leave the herd up north for now. I like how this little surprises force me to adapt. I arrived at the camp starving and after eating two honeyed hams I was still insane enough to try my luck on the two rabbits I had stored in a chest and the one I got in the trap. Got one nightmare fuel and two monster meat. As if I needed any more monster meat. I have so many that I will take one stack, save four to hire pigs for wood and leave the rest to rot in a chest. On my way to the pigs I took this shot of the honey facility. Maybe I have some use for the meat after all. I can make honey nuggets with 3 honey and a monster meat. I arrived at the village, hired 4 pigs and started chopping the trees I have planted nearby. I was then interrupted by four tree guards. Never had more than three at once before. No complaints. I want the southwest swamp filled with them. Maybe the game difficulty is scaling more now. Anyway I had time to move only one of them to the swamp. I had to explore it all to find the last tentacle. Next time I have to bring pine cones or bee mines to lose them. I had a nice bonus finding extra reeds in the swamp which will help me build a bird cage to give yet another destination to the monster meat surplus. Here is a look at the current world map. Update 4. Note: I now play nonstop taking pictures and let the writing for the next day so I can sleep over the events and maybe improve the diary meanwhile. But I will still write sentences in past, present and future. I just can't help it. Having now enough materials for the bird cage I laid a trap for my new partner. I was managing inventory and testing new recipes when the hounds interrupted me. This time I managed to get rid of them without taking any hits with the aid of bee mines. The ashes are probably from honey. Back to the cooking I tried combinations of monster meat, eggs and honey. I have no interest and meatballs and can make honey nuggets without turning monster meat into eggs so I will use the cage mostly for gunpowder production as I do not use it for farms anymore. I like to plant regular seeds and leave dragon fruit and pumpkin in the field for emergency winter harvesting and use any other crops as fillers. Last time I went north I left a spider den to finish and also need to restock grass and recapture some bees. I am using this trip to do some exploring too. Beefalos are in heat and I found koalefant footprints in their savannah so I got easy bonus food as well. Since the beefalos are in heat and I am not up for another shave and run night, I decided to leave the razor at the end of the savannah road which happens to be exactly in the middle of the herd. This world and its conveniences. Bees recaptured, grass collecting going great and now I will reveal the the savannah map starting by north, tracing its contour and filling up the middle afterwards. Found and destroyed another den, southwest from the beefalos and decided to call it a mission when I found a second den turning into a queen a couple screens to the east. My armor and sanity were not up to my safety standards and my inventory was loaded. Yeah, I chickened when I saw the legs coming out. First thing I did when back to camp was to cook the trunk because I do not need a second breezy vest. Next I had to produce charcoal because I have a surplus of meat and my magic number is now 8 crock pots arranged around one ice box. It is the number of meat you get from a koalefant. Something meaty was sleeping in my camp forest, I found two meat laying in the ground next morning. I then changed the recipe to prevent all the meat from spoiling. Hounds came before I could replace my armor but the bee mines helped me to deal with them without taking any damage. Got some teeth and was in need of wood. I left some wood in the ground after the guard spawn and went to the village to collect the wood and remove the tree stomps. It is also time to lead the other 3 tree guards to the swamp. They were busy in my absence. All pigs are dead. One of the tree guards is also dead. One pig spawned in the meanwhile and was sliced as well. I don't know how much health they have left so I will hit a nearby tree with an axe to grab their attention and use cones to lose them in the swamp. I have plenty of grass and not enough twigs for my crock pots. I will take this opportunity to explore the northeast forest. I enjoy missions with multiple goals. Spider hunting is not one of the goals as I am in hurry to finish my cooking facility. Found a den not so far from camp and then found a whole spider city in a rocky biome a bit north. The dens are so close together that you can trigger 4 of them by stepping in one overlapped piece of webbing. Queens started to come out as I walked around them to show part of the city on the map. I sure need some planning and material gathering before coming back here. I have enough twigs but I am short on rocks so I go south for it and to bring another pair of meat from the tallbird. My lightning rod got a charge tonight. I will check its light radius and test for heat generation later. Right now I must finish the cooking facility but not before getting some nightmare fuel from the beardlings before I fix my sanity. During the cooking I realized my honey is spoiling and running low, so lets go for another side mission: honey. Boxes had more honey already when I finished harvesting, as the bees never stop collecting pollen and nectar, some went back loaded after me. The monster meat was not in good shape as well which required a quick visit to the den. The night came and I took the time to test the lightning rod light radius. Next morning I planted some traps and went to the village for wood chopping and sanity recovery. But tree guards and hounds had something else in mind. I can call it a profitable encounter as the fire hounds did not burn my trees so I ended up with logs, monster meat, teeth and a feeling that I had enough tree guards in the swamp. After refreshing my monster meat I converted the excess into eggs for gunpowder and as winter came I could test the lightning rod heat generation which appears to be nonexistent. Winter is back and is time to finish collecting wool because I do not have enough for both hats. Also is time to place traps in the rabbit holes. There are 10 holes inside the campfire radius and another one very close. They are close to the wormhole and in the route for the beefalos so I placed the traps and collected rabbits on my way back. The morsels can be used in a honeyed ham recipe but beardlings are more useful. The next day I hired all pigs and got all wood I needed. A tree guard tried to interrupt the process but this time I did not let it kill any pigs. I hit it between swings so it targeted me most of the time. I spent dusk collecting and removing tree stomps and night planting trees inside the campfire radius. Work was nearly finished the morning after. After storing the wood I took the wormhole to the savannah to the rabbit holes but saw koalefant footprints and followed them. They headed north to the beefalos and ended close enough to the campfire for me to chase the koalefant back there. I spent the night checking the traps and filling a second chest with rabbits. After that I returned to the base and turned the meat into honeyed ham. I have now five available to carry and 8 ready in the crock pots. It is a comfortable number and allows me to forget about food for a while. The trunk was made in a second puffy vest to complete the gear in the chest near the touchstone. The hounds came when I was finishing my new gear and I took some hits. Since my sanity was low I decided to come back to the rabbits. The outcome was 11 nightmare fuel, 5 beard hair and 10 monster meat. I have enough for the shadow manipulator. I only need the gem. Time for grave digging and to wear something to stop my night sanity loss. Final update. I had an event at day 106/107 and the rest went without much to report. The world was fully explored and I decided to start over and see if I get any new stuff in the next world. This is the world when I deleted:
  25. It is a game, have fun with it. This is my way to enjoy it. To make plans and to adapt as the game throw me in unexpected situations.I am done with this world by the way. The final update is the situation when I deleted.I do not think I will stay for long in any world before the updates stop.