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  1. Alright. I'l send a trade offer to mentlegen to receive the 3 ref back. Next time, I'l try to let you know that I'm entering beforehand.
  2. I didn't receive the hat for pyro, but I feel that should go to DwerBomb anyways, due to the possibility of winning. As well, I wish to give a ref to 23rd, for the reason being that the fight should have been with Dwer, or patch, and in that case, he might have won. I guess that means that Patch should get something as well? I don't know :/
  3. So yeah Dwer, I'm so sorry for not realizing that your win wasn't counted. I was honestly confused when my name went up for the finals matches, but I went along with it. I hope you can forgive me for that.
  4. Oh dear. Didn't realize this mix-up happened. It looks like I did lose then. I'm so sorry Dwer. I already activated the game, but I can give you the 3 ref.
  5. I'm reading through this thread currently, and have joined the group. Looking forward to participating with fellow forumers.
  6. Seems like a good idea. The timer would encourage people to play together, as it is in the name of the expansion, so that they can revive each other. IMO, if the people someone is playing with don't think they are worthy of coming back or using a revival product, it's their choice, and a bit of a game of deciding whether ensuring their personal safety or that of the whole. Alternatively as a downside, both players involved in the reviving get a permanent -% of hp. I like your idea more.
  7. I haven't read the whole thread yet, so I don't know if the idea has came up, but I had an idea on how deaths could be implemented, and how players could rejoin. Key components: Meat effigies and touch stones are bound to the player who activates them, with exceptions listed below. Essentially the idea is that when a player dies, with no effigy/stone to revive, he/she drops a skull with their name on it, and cannot join the game until something happens. That something will be that living players could take the skull, and place it on an effigy, to allow the player to rejoin, which uses said meat statue. Of course, there needs to be a downside. Perhaps a cooldown? And maybe when an effigy has a player skull placed on it, the person who placed the skull must make a sort of self-sacrifice, to refill the statue with the life needed to revive the dead player. But hey, it's a magical statue made of meat and wood.
  8. I actually like this idea. It would be an interesting mechanic, with limits of course.
  9. I.... I ..... Don't know what to think.... This, THIS was not what I would have ever expected, or what anyone would have expected. I..... will see how this turns out. I hope well.
  10. The hotfix for twitch streaming still isn't quite working for me. It still crashes, as stated in the bug report.
  11. Bravo to the Don't Starve team for another glorious update for this glorious DLC! I do have one question to ask the fellow forumgoers, though. Is anyone else having the game crash upon attempting to start a livestream via the broadcast system?
  12. Wes. The stories spoken by his invisible bicycle are ones that can be cherished by rich and poor alike!
  13. Yeah. In the end, a wave of depth worms can be handled, with preparation. But if you dare to run and escape a cave, or go to ruins, what will be waiting? More depth worms, and more depth worms, and next time, more depth worms. It seems if one wants to consistently visit caves you must have much preparation due to depth worm buildup, or bring rock lobsters into the overworld...... Which leads to infestation if uncontrolled. And remember to clear out any depth worms before leaving... (Personal experiences.) But hey, I'm sure some people can handle that. I'm for the spawn rate nerf train.
  14. Slightly off topic but somewhat relevant: I'd have to say that Wilson doesn't look NEARLY as happy in that .gif as he does in the picture for the final stretch goal being achieved on the kickstarter. Look at him! And woo papercrafts!