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  1. Well its fair cheating i guess im going to try it
  2. What about with Lua Console? can I delete my cave and spawn a new one? This world is on day 600 lol
  3. Also are there still going to be updates? I haven't been following unfortunately
  4. Hello everyone, I've been away for a while and now i'm back. I don't have the option to regen my cave anymore and I want the new caves. Is there anyway to regen it or delete and respawn it?
  5. That looks like krampus to me...Edit: Oh this was last year...
  6. I am currently doing this but not streaming
  7. Welcome to my fortress... This is the heart of my camp. My hounds trap is up north These are my farms, fruit/veg/honey/wood. This is my grass/twig/berry farm and my empty koalafant pen. And this is my drying rack room, I am still adding drying racks.
  8. I am about to post a good one, finishing touches atm
  9. i Have past day 500 but comitted suicide for chester update, before save slots
  10. You can make effigies with every character now, there are new strange ways to get beard hairs...
  11. Fixes are great! thanks Kevin!
  12. Let's bring this back, Klei I would love to see this after launch! the boomerang is good for hunting smaller creatures (rabbits, birds, etc.) but I want a bow to hunt the koalefant or mac tusk if I can't make blow darts or something.... please???