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  1. Do I have to purchase this if I already have the game?
  2. Cave Help

    Well its fair cheating i guess im going to try it
  3. Cave Help

    What about with Lua Console? can I delete my cave and spawn a new one? This world is on day 600 lol
  4. Cave Help

    Also are there still going to be updates? I haven't been following unfortunately
  5. Hello everyone, I've been away for a while and now i'm back. I don't have the option to regen my cave anymore and I want the new caves. Is there anyway to regen it or delete and respawn it?
  6. You forgot Asexual talbirds/beefalo
  7. Maybe in heat wave full moons, I think early winters we've got enough to deal with...
  8. I hope there is a hotfix today, I can't play on my save because of my lureplant farm causing a crash every time I log in :/
  9. Chester Speed

    i use chester all the time!
  10. SECRET- Hidden in the video

    That looks like krampus to me...Edit: Oh this was last year...
  11. 3 new gems

    It will be useful during the heat wave
  12. I'm going to be on vacation until 2 days after the update releases, I can't wait to play this!
  13. What about xbox one? not that i'm getting it or anything after don't starve releases on ps4, just wondering
  14. ok thanks guys, I see it might be increased a little..