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Which one looks better?  

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  1. 1. Which one looks better?

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5 minutes ago, Mrklli said:

Thank you! I really wanted to see the different forms before buying/weaving it :D

I'm very glad that KLEI didn't forget to add the snow and shadow skin variations!
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4 hours ago, .lemonti said:

Maybe it will change your mind:

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While I have to concede that that is pretty cute, my main personal turn off is I don't want Chester to lose their identity and iconic-ness.

Still cute though.

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2 hours ago, penguin0616 said:

I feel like the difference between snow and normal colors is almost nonexistant. I would have liked a slight blue tint or something else to help distinguish it.

Making the horns a blue tint and the muzzle and legs white would help. That way it's a completely white sheep instead of a Suffolk variant like the default.

All of them are cute though I love him.

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