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  1. The capitalization is very interesting. The capitalization of a pronoun is typically only used in reference to a deity or deities. I don’t know much of the lore, but thought this is an important piece. Also wonder if the use of Them isn’t a royal reference, kinda like the royal We.
  2. Isn’t that just a bee bomb? Opening a bundling wrap of bees would result in tragedy.
  3. seriously?!? I need to check this, I have never noticed this before. Great guide! You have inspired me to try wormwood on my next run. Been playing early for a while now and just really getting comfortable. Looking for a new challenge with normal damage modifiers.
  4. The recipes do feel a bit expensive. In general I like the idea of being able to change abilities with gears rather than simple stat upgrades, but not sure if I want it to be like Woody's transformations.
  5. Sadly nothing you can do most likely. If you are the host of the server you could try rolling back, but your base may have burned down too many days before the earliest rollback.
  6. It is especially confusing if you have a lot of time in DS as armor did stack there. I learned the hard way that it didn't stack!
  7. Perhaps there is a mod that might accomplish what you want, but the in game world gen settings won’t do that.
  8. Not sure why the image you posted didn't load in the forum, but I opened in a new tab and was blown away! Terrifying and incredible!
  9. Sadly there is no cross play between pc and console. Not sure about the account question you have, but can you just simply look for someone to join you and complete it? I worked with someone via discord to get my metheus puzzle done.
  10. I didn't realize that this was part of the spawn criteria. I incorrectly assumed that the Lord would spawn upon nearing the fully grown crops, not that I had to physically be near the crops as they complete their growth.
  11. Don't most multi-button mice allow you to assign a key command to the button? As such, just assign the keys 1, 2 and/or 3 to those buttons.
  12. I noticed this the last few days too. Just can't seem to get one where I want it.
  13. I’m guessing they had to resubmit for cert after fixing bugs on Friday. Not sure how long that takes, but might mean tomorrow it will hit.