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  1. I'm actually pretty neutral towards them. No strong feelings about them at all.
  2. It's a common thing to see in cartoons. A transition to underground typically will show a dinosaur skeleton or something's bones.
  3. As far as I know it's only the Hallowed Nights items (you can also get them at the Trade Inn) and only for the duration of the event.
  4. Personally I don't see the point in having the skins divided up between Heirloom and Elegant at all. (Or Timeless and Loyal, as with the Tragic Torch.) I don't think Heirlooms need something to make them "special", though. They're just cosmetics.
  5. What does the More/Lots setting for Dfly even do in DST? Just make her respawn faster?
  6. Stay off of twitter man, that place is bad for your mental health. But really, I see this conversation (in other places) every year. I've seen it on Twitter too. Including replies to threads like this from native Chinese giving people blanket permission to enjoy lunar new year. There will always be someone who takes offense, but then again there are people that will be offended by you just existing, so you have to learn to ignore folks with awful attitudes sometimes. The appropriation argument is just segregation with a progressive hat. We should have done away with that garbage in the 50s or so.
  7. Man I feel you. I've seen more pleated shirts than a clothing store.
  8. I know I'm essentially poking a bear with a stick by addressing this but it isn't appropriation if the culture something comes from WANTS you to join their celebrations/learn about their culture/wear the clothes/eat the food. Chinese new year is one of those things. Celebrate it, it's fine. While your at it drink tequila on Cinco De Mayo (if you're old enough), wear a damn sombrero, wear a kimono, it's fine. Learn another language. That, in fact, helps keep many languages from dying! More harm comes out of worrying over offending someone than just having a good time.
  9. I think it's interesting. It feels like stuff is actually happening instead of just running through something to have it reset on a new game year.
  10. Given Warbucks' Jumanji Van Pelt vibes I don't think he would fit in too well. He was designed around Hamlet and it shows. I would much rather have just had his perks and whatnot revised there instead of axing him because he was boring. He won't fit into DST though, his character design is too specific.