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  1. Guys seriously you don't understand it's so ~complicated~ to turn off the sounds I mean look at all this code: function insanityvolume(self) if self.OnUpdate then local OnUpdate_old = self.OnUpdate self.OnUpdate = function(self, dt, ...) OnUpdate_old(self, dt, ...) self.inst.SoundEmitter:SetParameter( "SANITY", "sanity", 0 ) end end end AddComponentPostInit("ambientsound", insanityvolume) And then you have to write more for a button you can't imagine the millions of dollars and work hours that go into these things.
  2. Like this? There's already one Bloodborne reference in the game might as well go ham. (Yes Klei I read your item descriptions. I saw that line about the brooch.)
  3. Honestly I don't think whatever version of a playable Charlie that Klei would come up with could ever live up to the expectations (and wildly differing headcanons) people have for the character.
  4. What is this, a font for ants? I can't read any of that.
  5. Not everyone who missed out on some of these skins is "new". I don't have the bottomless firepit because I had no idea DST was even a thing, but I've been playing Don't Starve since before Reign of Giants. I don't see the point of keeping anything exclusive unless you're trying to sell it.
  6. You're not the one who defines "reality". Especially when you can't see it yourself.
  7. I think watching a bunch of rich people wet their pantaloons because they can't buy their 40th yacht is hilarious. As for digital currency, has anyone even carried cash since the pandemic started? Didn't needs stonks for that one.
  8. There's a reason history is taught in schools. So people can learn from past mistakes. So they can avoid repeating them in the future. Large companies have bought small ones before and, generally, that does not go well. It being perfectly fine would be the exception not the rule and preparing for the exception is how you get caught with your trousers down.
  9. Oh boy more ways to pad games with hidden gigabytes of coin miners.
  10. 15? You're optimistic. That's cheap for a season pass.
  11. Nope, don't like it. Small companies being bought by large ones doesn't tend to end well.
  12. I'm not happy about this but I can't really add anything to this thread as it would just be a rehash of what people have already said, so have a meme instead.
  13. Wolfgang's speed boost was always the most baffling part of his perks. He's supposed to be a strongman, not an olympic sprinter. A physique like Wolfgang's actually makes a person slower on average.