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  1. *throws money at the screen* My poor wallet exists just to suffer.
  2. Beefer Sutherland, Beef Chief, Bifrost, Beefaroni, Juju. Not sure what I'm gonna call the next one.
  3. Where does that information even come from? Some old stream or puzzle that I missed? People seem convinced that the torch bearer is female which is information not in the game anywhere. I'm not even a new player, I've had DST + single player for ages! It's not great storytelling to have information scattered across things most people won't ever see, even if you think it's cool at the time. I like puzzles and all but it gets frustrating after a certain point especially if it's a multi person thing and you're a solo player. (I still haven't done the Metheus puzzle for that reason and that ancient mod by "Mr Skitts" isn't playable anymore if you even can find a copy.)
  4. Made me think of this ancient maymay.
  5. Making the horns a blue tint and the muzzle and legs white would help. That way it's a completely white sheep instead of a Suffolk variant like the default. All of them are cute though I love him.
  6. I had one once where I was dropped into the Constant and got surrounded by these little shadow creatures that looked like bootleg pokemon in sombreros. It was less silly than it sounds.
  7. I find it odd people are trying to look at it through the Heaven/Hell/Purgatory lens when it's really H.P. Lovecraft Super Lite Edition (now with 0 calories!)
  8. Huh. Just seems like a way to cause pointless drama to me. Changing the system isn't going to "fix" anything.
  9. I just generated an endless world that spawned me in like it was wilderness, they're ahead of you.
  10. The original version of Billy was referred to as "she", it was an update during the Gorge event that changed it. Always did wonder why. Billy was referred to as female in multiple places from what I can remember so it's not like that was a typo.
  11. What is this, a font for ants? I can't read any of that.
  12. You're not the one who defines "reality". Especially when you can't see it yourself.