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  1. That seems to happen nearly every time and it's a big part of the reason I keep telling people to you know...actually play the new character/a rework before calling for adjustments/nerfs/buffs. There was so much whining that Walter was going to be "OP" when he was announced but man have people changed their tunes now that it's been a bit.
  2. There's still value and motivation in not being eaten by hounds. At the very least it's going to hurt and your natural instinct to avoid pain isn't going to go away because you get revived if you die. Personally I'd probably stay. Heck if I ended up on the islands of Shipwrecked that isn't even that different from where I'm already used to living. It's not like wildlife attacks, deadly heat, hurricanes and such don't exist in this world too.
  3. Is it set in the same universe as Don't Feel Strave? I'm not really a mobile games person and honestly I'm surprised it's even going to be playable outside of China.
  4. I rarely use anything that needs nightmare fuel so insanity doesn't benefit me much. I just find it grating and hard to see (without mods).
  5. I read the entire thread, actually. Let me ask you this: what qualifies someone as an "expert" or "veteran" in DST? Is it the ability to survive a year? With or without other people? Are we counting single player? Is it hours? Again, are we adding single player to the qualifications? The ability to solo bosses? With or without "cheese"? Hell, can the fanbase even agree on the definition of "cheese"? I've seen people call Wendy and Abigail fighting bee queen cheese, even though the mechanics of the character were used completely as intended and no structures/meat bulbs/shootius were involved. I have probably too many hours in both games and I don't constantly feel the need to remind people I'm some kind of expert just to toot my own horn.
  6. The character isn't even out yet and you're already complaining it's not hard enough. What did you expect? Things tend to be different in practice than on paper, which is why balancing games is so difficult.
  7. When your arguments are essentially "Charlie didn't reach through my monitor and punch me in the face just for existing, too OP plz nerf" it's hard to take you seriously. Yes, you're part of the playerbase, but you aren't the majority of players. Most people (myself included) aren't the type to like difficulty so hard root canals are preferable. Those that do can use mods. I believe you wrote one yourself just for that, yes?
  8. You'll get lag in Hamlet even on a good computer. The only real suggestion I have is to set purely decorative things in the world gen settings to none, such as the jungle ferns and hanging vines and to set the large clumps of grass to less. I believe there's also a setting somewhere to disable the forest canopy effect. It helps, but Hamlet unfortunately is just not very optimized.
  9. Pengulls, they're so damn loud when they jump out of the water it's like a jumpscare.
  10. I find Wickerbottom pretty boring to play. Kind of a shame given she tends to have some of the best skins in the game. I also find something incredibly off-putting about Woodie, although I can't actually articulate why. Something about his personality I guess.
  11. The only mod that was to my taste was the nightmare reskin. If it didn't exist I would stick with vanilla as the others aren't my cup of tea.
  12. I don't mind if it existed, but it's just a worse monster meat and I already have so many stacks of that from spiders alone I can never get through them before they rot.
  13. The sheer amount of work it would require to do this would not be worth it. Besides, I like running around as buff Willow.
  14. Hamlet, I could probably make it up until Aporkalypse. After that not so much.