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Volt Goat Lightning Rod Skin Concept

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1 minute ago, sokoteur said:

maybe just a perma-sitting volt goat?

ye that could be a thing, I really like the idea as there is only 1 skin for the light rod and it isnt that interesting, a volt goat rod would definitely be unique and stand out from other skins.

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I feel like this is the equivalent of putting a deer head on a plaque in a hunting cabin. Except here, you're putting a goat head on a long, sharp stick meant for getting struck by lightning.
Poor goat. I would have thought decapitation alone would have been plenty sufficient.

That being said, pretty good skin idea.


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4 hours ago, Ohan said:

i love this idea. probably would be more fitting though if it was just one big volt goat horn with some blue fur on the fixture at the bottom. 

Or several of the horns, held together by tape. It canonly exists thanks to Winona after all-

Or by gold screws. Because it would nag me so bad if there was suddenly a giant goat horn in my base. 

Where is that giant goat? Are there more? How is it surviving, with just one horn? Does that mean it's a unicorn? Was Wigfrid right all along? How much HP does it have? When do I start to run?

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