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  1. Relatable. This behaviour of Abigail still frustrates me a lot. Killing innosent creatures (like rabbits, moleworms, wobsters) just passing through them even in soothe state is not okay at all
  2. Just now had the same issue, Unsubscribing the latest mod I added helped me launch to my save again
  3. I can confirm. I haven't visited mosaic for a default game year, not even passed by. I decided to leave some gear for next Klaus fight and all the stuff that I left here were gone. Meteors have no mercy Wow I'm gonna try that, thanks!
  4. Didn't worked for me, anything I placed was destroyed by Meteors, no matter if I'm present in the area or not... Mosaic simply became my Klaus arena and thats it
  5. I will **** my pants if I hear that LMAO! (just like with the endtable in the dark) It should be in the halloween skin pack then :"D
  6. Same issue. I put beefalo sketch and get pawn instead
  7. Hello again! I finally found the fix to my issue! In the world the bug happened, before entering and exiting caves I changed events from year of the beefalo to winter's feast and recipes stayed!
  8. I didn't suggest to carry multiple bells... I have 3 fully domesticated beefalos, each having a bell, bonded and named. It would be good to know which beefalo's bell I pick (so I suggested to be able to "examine" it so it says its name) in a hurry, not to waste time walking away just to see if the needed one follows me.
  9. It would really help with recognizing which beefalo's bell we pick in case we have more than one of them! What you guys think?
  10. I've been riding beefalo's before YOTB update and this bug happened on surface randomly... Really noticeable with Rider tendency + Glossamer Saddle. Changing to another saddle by giving it to saddled beefalo sometimes fixed that issue.
  11. So I learned all recipes for beefalo costumes, I hitched my beefalo to Grooming station, dropped bell, entered and exited caves and tried to dress it again but only parts available were already equipped costume parts.
  12. Windows 7 uses 1 GB of memory, the game uses 1 GB as well, you have only 2 GB. Of course you would run out of it *shrugs* In my case I have enough memory but the amount of mods enabled ate all of it and I got the same error. You can try disable any mods you could've used and try again. Or obviously invest for 8 GB or 16 GB to not worry about this
  13. I did all the above but in my case the message popped "you lost connection to server" when it was my turn to vote and I tried to do so