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  1. I've done a lot of thinking about hounds and a way to alleviate the frustrations with hounds for experienced players who want to be doing other activities while keeping it balanced, as well as leaving hound mechanics alone for newer players. The Hound Giant. It doesn't appear in the world until the 3rd year (we get Bearger 2nd year, so maybe Hound Giant 3rd year.) When it spawns, it announces that it has spawned (should be a big scary woof) and does not seek any players out. Once you find it, it is neutral to the player but has hound followers (similar to Varg/Spider-Queen) who will not aggro a player unless they have a hound's tooth in their inventory. (maybe killing all of the Hound Giant's hounds begins the actual giant fight). When inspecting it, it could say something like "so this is who sends the hounds" etc. I have no clue what to do for an interesting boss fight, so I'll leave this to others. Upon killing the Hound Giant, The Hound Giant does not re-spawn for 70 days. Yes. 70 days. Because.... The major drop from killing it would be an item that allows you to stop a hound wave from spawning as soon as you hear a hound wave alert. (I guess most similar mechanic to Dripple Pipes, just reversed). It has 10 uses and can not be deconstructed. Would allow you to strategically choose if you want hounds or not. The ideal adjustment to the Hound Giant item drop would be to increase the difficulty/variety by tying the drop to each season. If you kill Hound Giant in autumn or spring, the item drop affects hound waves in both autumn and spring, but not in Winter/Summer. Meaning you'd have to kill the Hound Giant in Winter for the Ice Item to stop Winter hound waves, while killing Hound Giant in Summer drops Fire Item to stop hound waves in Summer. Requiring the player to fight the Giant multiple times and putting it behind a full year (+ an extra season for the alternate drops) helps balance the idea of completely controlling the hound waves. Any thoughts?
  2. [Game Update] - 351615

    Will the SP Bearger update be brought to non-beta DST? (Even if not now, but when Beta ends maybe?). Unsure how old worlds will work when RoT is finished/released. Super excited either way.