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Which mods you miss the most?

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I love ONI to bits and I enjoy the DLC so far. It would have been great if we could've keep some (or all) mods; I understand the reason behind it but I truly believed the devs will actually implement some of the mods in the vanilla version itself (like they do in other games). For me, the mods I miss the most are:

1. Pliers

2. Blueprints

3. Chained deconstruction

I don't think any of these change the flavor of the game and at least 1 and 2 should have been part of the game by now (imho)

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Deconstructable POI Props

System Time

Plan Buildings Without Materials

It's both funny and kinda sad, that the most missed mods are simple QoL that could be easily implemented into the main game code, solving 90% of players' needs for mod support. KLEI, please! Let us deconstruct that POI light bulb and I promise we will whine about disabled mod support a little less.

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bigger zoom is already in the game -> Left Alt + S and you can rotate the mouse wheel to change the scale

what is about geyser calculation it is very simple as it is - 

the output X how many seconds work / total time X how many cycles work / total cycles = average output

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