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  1. I'm definitely trying this build in survival. Thank you for posting it. PS: and yes, a save file would be great. I'd like to see how to actually build this efficiently in real life scenario
  2. Yeah, I'm sure ONI has nothing to be afraid of the spin-off. And those guys do say that they've got their inspiration from games like Dungeon Keeper and ONI so ...
  3. Nice base you have there @Sigma Cypher, did you plan it from the very beginning or did you adjust it along the way?
  4. All planets have a Replenishing cycle (look at the last screenshot). You can actually calculate in how many cycles you can do a full load/transport. Basically if the planet is too close then you will get full load of the cargo only in the first trips, afterwards they will come emptier.
  5. Unfortunately, yes. At least this is what also happened to me several times. And not only with water but also with other liquids like crude oil, petroleum and visco gel which I had them exposed by mistake to very high temperatures, over 1300 degrees, and they turned into sour gas.
  6. Many, if not all of you are right in your own right (if that makes sense). The point I was trying to make, where I was going to, is that the game sometimes becomes way too repetitive to be fun (again, at least for me). Yes, pliers is an enhancement which saves me the time to empty the pipe segment, deconstruct and reconstruct. I did this before the mod and the game was still fun. I can easily build liquid locks but on certain maps they are too sensitive to factors outside your controls (like dupes dropping a load of 1300 obsidian and flashing the lock to sour gas). Even the vysco-gel lock will either suffer the same faith or you separate something like vacuum from something which will condense (read steam) and the lock will slowly fade away. I'm not for an easy going escape from the difficulties of the game: I have two other threads with the difficulties I encountered on the current map. I the first thread (Catch 22 on Volcanea) I was almost about to quit the map but thanks to the great ONI community I pushed through. With the 2nd thread I realized I didn't consider a minor yet important detail with my shove vole ranching and I corrected it also with the help of the community. I like a challenge but doing the same repetitive tasks for hundreds of cycles is killing all the fun for me. For example, I'm frustrated by the fact that I have to spend way too much time using the current tools (like sweeping hundreds/thousands of tons of >1300 deg debris) instead of focusing on what I consider the actual challenges of the game. My train of thoughts with the entire thread was to understand the community's view on mods and most importantly where do the community people draw a line and say "this mod gives an unfair advantage over the intended gameplay".
  7. The title says it all and asks a potential stingy question. For me, mods are split into 4 sections: 1. Pure cosmetics - mods which have no effect on the game play, like Resculpt or any other pure UI mod 2. Functional - mods which should be integrated in vanilla, like: Pliers, Blueprints, Notepad, Airlock Door, dupes don't drop stuff etc. 3. On the brink - mods which simplify systems and mechanics or enhance functions, like: Coal synthisizer, drains, smart vents, bigger storage/reservoirs/conveyors, super capacity batteries and power wires, altering building parameters in such a way that there are only minor modifications with major impact etc. 4. Overboard - mods which go beyond the above, like: No damage mods (power load or temp), stuff working underwater etc. I don't often use #1 out of laziness. I deffo don't use #4 not because of moral principles but because they change the way the game behaves and it's intended to be played. I use #2 because I consider them helpful in the gameplay; no need to go into why one would use the Pliers or Blueprints but the Airlock Door, to me, it should be a natural progression of the technology of the game. Mind you, it is not a must but it would be a good addition to the game. The mods I have a problem with are #3. I use some of them and sometimes I feel like cheating and sometimes I feel like the game should give us more options. A reason I don't use them often is if they crash the game and get disabled then you don't have their "product" in the game; I was using bigeer batteries mod and build several times a nice battery pack which was gone every time the game was crashing so I ended up not using it. I use the Coal synthisizer (as per ONI Workshop) because I can easily remove CO2 from the base or any other area and I don't have to bother with powering and providing some initial water to a Carbon Skimmer / Water Sieve combo. This is extremely helpful on maps where water is scarce and power generation is a bit of a hassle like Badlands or Volcanea (which I am playing quite often lately). Some other mods in this section have both useful and cheating components like increasing the Auto-Sweeper range and load, increasing the conveyor load. This is especially useful (again, to me) when you dig a massive and searing boulder and you want to get rid of the debris. On my last map, I ended up with piles of >1300 degrees obsidian, abysalite and igneous rock which, let's be serious, it would take hundreds if not thousands of cycles to clean up with the current Auto-Sweepers and conveyors. Yes, there are ways. Yes, for example, one could install a transport tube from the bottom all the way to space and have strong dupes deliver 1200kg at a time in a matter of seconds. The point I am trying to make is that there is a big gap between what the buildings can do and what the game needs you to do (or what you want to do in the game). Truth be told, on this last map I got bitterly bored only because of this cleanup. I just wanted to have a clean map and to do that I had to dig up and move all of these boulders into space because I couldn't have them touch anything due to extreme temp. So, dig them up in vacuum, build ladders everywhere, build conveyor rails system, build sweepers and loaders out of thermium, power them on, wait for some tenths of cycles, deal with the overheat, deal with mistakes which ruined the vacuum, and then start all over again somewhere else. TBH at cycle 1400 (where I am now) I've spent probably only 400 cycles on actual design, and build of systems, taming volcanoes, digging, all-in-all enjoying the game and active gameplay. I think over 1000 cycles were just waiting for stuff to be cleaned out, pools of water to be drained, vacuum to be done etc. I don't like using mods which alter too much the game. I am torn between the feeling of cheating and the frustrations given by these nitty-gritty tasks whcih one has to actively follow through for hundreds of cycles. What do you guys and girls think? Do I have a problem in understanding the game or ...? Is there something I should change? I know that some will say "don't get too neat with your base" and I get it. I know that I could reach cycle 3000 and finally have everything cleaned up. But I'm bored and frustrated already. And I have yet to build "my perfect base" the one I would use like sort of a blueprint and be proud to share it with the community. And right now, a neat and fully functional base is what I would like to have. PS: sorry if this turned into a rant
  8. The main core is not that difficult. Once you supply the basics (water, food, chill/heat) then you're good to go. The rest is killing me, the endless string of "what should I do next", builds that take tenths or hundreds of cycles to build, a damn bottle emptier I forgot about, a wrong dig command which flashes your crude into sour gas, a too hot piece of obsidian ruining your base etc.
  9. Planning is pretty much out the window depending on the map you're on. I've started a Volcanea map and ended up wasting hundreds of cycles just focusing on isolating the base, steam power (nice setup though), digging 1300 degrees + boulders, cleaning the subsequent debris, rockets, fighting hunger, transporting regolith and vacuuming chambers. As @Tobruk said, you can't really plan for everything unless you know very well what to do and you are dealt a good map.
  10. @mathmanican I get what you're saying but it's not applicable to me. As you can see, the room is already dug out and the bleach is lying on the floor. I'll go with the petroleum option just to contain it in a corner and I'll deal with it later.
  11. @Baer I have no problem using the bleach stone, my current problem is getting it out of that pocket without compromising the vacuum chambers I created. As per the others' advise, I will go with drowning it in a pool of petroleum for the time being. I will have to be careful though because in some places the temperature is over 540 degrees.
  12. Has anyone found a way to destroy bleach in place? As in where you dig it. I'm digging some big, hot and mean boulders on my map and I'm also sweeping them to space through a vacuum shaft. I bumped on a salt water geyser pocket which of course also has a ton of bleach stone. While I can (easily) deal with the steam by either venting it into space and/or using a row of STs I don't want to wait for the bleach stone to off-gas completely. The thing is if I load it up on a conveyor rail it will off gas and ruin my vacuum and I need the vacuum while digging in >1300 degrees obsidian/abysalite. I'm thinking of 2-3 options but I thought of asking first - perhaps there is a better solution: 1. "drown" the bleach into a pool of petroleum, dig everything else, transport it when it's safe (cool enough so I can let gases in) 2. bury the bleach stone in an enclosed 1 tile space, dig everything else, transport it when it's safe (cool enough so I can let gases in) 3. transport it from within the steam pocket through a rail built inside a solid tile Any (other) suggestion for how I could get rid of it safely? PS: I also have a slime pocket in the vicinity and the same situation would also apply though I can wait with the slime
  13. @suxkar as I said, I'm sure there are plenty of others, the ones you mentioned, also Wintermute, Lifegrow and so on. The game is way too complex for a top 10 because there are so many play styles. I for one play for fun and flattening the spikes of searing heat, leakages, waves of no food, scarce water, burning volcanoes, broken boilers while dealing with my dupes' tantrums and so on. When I'll be able able to manager these things properly then I will say I know how to play the game. And btw, I play the game from when mealwood needed water, when you started the game and you could immediately build a high-pressure vent, when you could build insulated tiles with abyssalite ... basically for a long time
  14. Brothgar, Francis, Tony to say the least. I'm sure there are pleeeeenty of other very good players.
  15. My setup looks like this and I didn't bother with a kill room. As previously said, it will take some time for them to "produce" meat but in time it will build up nicely. I've built multiple incubators because I missed the comb rooms on the right where you deliver whatever is on top of the initial ranch - if you already have 20 critters in the ranch then no more will be delivered. The incubators inside the ranch ignore that and release the voles in the ranch as soon as they reach maturity.
  16. Jeez, I'll probably have to play the game at least another thousand of hours to get into something like this. Nice complexity though
  17. @nakomaru, @psusi I probably misunderstood the whole thing but in the end it's still a habit
  18. @Sigma Cypher If I remember correctly since there is no energy buffer between the transformer and the consumers then when you exceed the load on the wire you immediately start damaging it. If you have a battery in between then it can sustain the overload for a while. I think this dates back to the early days of ONI and I just made it a habit. PS: I also use a smart battery on the load side when I have coal generators and control them through the automation wire so they burn coal as much as they need to load up the batteries and then they stop.
  19. I use a battery on the load side for several reasons: 1. It happens that I push the super conductive wire over the 2k limit and a battery helps for avoiding overload for a limited time. This is not a usual norm but it happens at least until I optimize the circuits 2. Heat generation - a large power transformer has a 1k DTU/s heat generation while a smart battery only 500. In plenty of scenarios this makes quite a difference 3. Connected to #2 - I have plenty of devices which to not consume power 24/7 so it really makes no sense to power them all the time. I'd rather live with the power leak than with setting up a cooling solution for 24/7 transformers I don't use the battery on the load side only in the late game when I have plenty of man-power, resources, power generation etc. that I can afford big power boxes with dedicated cooling.
  20. Damn, you're right. I forgot to build some empty spare rooms, 1 tile width, with just a dropper for the surplus. Thanks!
  21. Who is supposed to remove the hatched eggs from the incubators? Wasn't it supposed to be the ranchers? For some reason, in the below setup the eggs hatch and the vole pups stay in there until they are adults. Afterwards, of course, I have to manually wrangle them and release them in the main ranch. That's why I actually built 3 incubators in the ranch itself so they can stay there by default. I have 8 dupes with full ranching capabilities and full prio on ranching. Any ideas? I'm going nuts with this, I'm well over 1100 cycles and barely managing food in my base. I was banking on this setup which worked perfectly on another map but not so well on this one.
  22. It should not matter the reason while inside the tube. Since the time they spend in the tube is very short, the dupes (the game) should at least wait till they get out. Much like the 1kg packets of liquid which do not vaporize inside a pipe but only when they get out.