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  1. I am still waiting the day when they implement the training buildings, such as gym for Strenght and Atlethic, Library for science etc.
  2. It happened the same to me. In the part of the asteroid where the uranium is, the co2 there has packs of 50kg per tiles. I freed that zone and so it spreaded all around.
  3. Bleach stones are the same consumable as coal. When i didn't know i wasted precious bleach cause it off gassed.
  4. I researched almost everything and unless i am missing something I do not see another module bigger than this. The description says it can store 10 dupes, but the space is so little that you cannot even put 10 beds inside. Even for 1 dupe the space is too little. I saw some old videos and the space was gigantic but i am not sure if they used exploits, mods, or an earlier build. So is there a way to raise the space. And anybody can show me their rocket setup?
  5. Ok i don't know why it didn't work but reloading the save made it work. I suppose is a bug, touching the threshold without somehow loading the game glitch the automation.
  6. I am having a bit of trouble understanding the automation of Reservoir. I want that when the Gas filled 90% of the storage, the gas shutoff opens and deliver hydrogen to the generator that is attached to my main base, till the reservoir is at 85%. I even used a not gate because it was doing the exact opposite but it doesn't work. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Vacuum should be gone. There should be 3 fridges ingame. One for 60w with 50 or 100 kg of storage for early game. One for 120w with 100 or 200 kg for mid game. And the last for 500w with 500kg for late game. All fridges should prevent spoilage if they have power. This makes fridges viable.
  8. Classic Terra is the best. I like to build my base in an ordered way and on the smaller Asteroid sometimes you just have buildings or geyser in your way. If Classic Forest is added, I would always choose this one, i love to have pips right away.
  9. I bought it on day one with the hope it would get better on the long run. So far the trust was repaid. I believe the recent patches made the game much better. There is still a long way imo but you won't waste your money if you buy the dlc today.