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  1. Not sure if someone already noticed but I am experience this weird thing, not sure if it is a bug. If i want to build like a wire, which cost 25k refined metals, or a simple ceramic insulated tile that costs 400kg, they literally needs like 6-7 dupes cause everyone of them carry 1000 micro grams, 2399 micro grams, etc. I noticed this issue is common on dupes with a lot of STR.- I have 16 dupes and 6 of them have over 20 STR due to the neuro boost of +10 STR. Does anybody else experienced this?
  2. My workaround is to put the new dupes inside a room with food, beds and toilets and some hamster wheels with battery. Find a way to deplete the energy they produce so that all they do is running on the wheels. You will eventualy earn skill points but more important it may boost their agility. The problem with new dupes is that if they use the atmo suits, they are super slow without the atmo suit skill set (which costs 3 skill points).
  3. I managed to copy it but after 100 cycles one of the pipes broke, not sure how it happened.
  4. Hello guys, on the description it says the dupes work faster by 15%. Can someone tells me if this apply on the following scenarios: 1) Bathroom speed and Shower / Sink 2) Eating in the Hall 3) Harvesting / Ranching 4) Cooking Thanks
  5. What is the temperature on the 4 thermo liquid sensor?
  6. Cooling in space

    Had not notice the conveyer, now it makes sense why mine failed.
  7. Hey guys, gotta ask again some help. This time for the steam turbine / aquatuner setup. I never had cooling problems pre launch, but wheeze were nerfed or better saying, they require phosporite and AETN is not present on Verdante maps. I never used the steam cause is really hard to gain positive power output from it but if i want to chill some geyser waters the aquatuner is the way to go and i heard is better to pair it with a steam turbine. Can anyway post screens of their setup please? Thanks
  8. Cooling in space

    I tried this but after several cycles they broke down, steel is not enough, need at least niobium.
  9. 1) Researcher with 7 Science and Fast Learning. Pacifist as bad trait is one of the best. 2) Digger with 7 Digs and Twinkletoe for mov speed 3) Suit with 3 agility and 3 construction depending on the map he might become the cook in case i can't print more dupes and i have a food problem. The other depends on what the pod gives me, i never choose any narcoleptic or fart dupe thou.
  10. Thanks this is the solution i wanted. My temporary solution was to send the extra hydrogen in space, but i had to manualy do it and sometimes after many cycles i would forget. I didn't think to link the extra hydrogen to another generator.
  11. I don't think is effective. One pump can only bring 500 g/s while the output of the electrolyzer is 1000 g/s
  12. Can you also post the vent screen?
  13. Ok thanks for the help. My atmo are 800 for hydro and 1000 for oxygen. This setup is enough to keep 6 dupes alive or more likely 5,8ish.
  14. So the hydrogen should go first to the AETN and then to the Generator? Cause if it is the opposite the generator may consume all of it before it goes to the AETN or am I wrong? This is my setup for the electrolyzer, I was trying on my own to make the AETN to work full time, but it doesn't, it works like for 5 seconds every 15 seconds.