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  1. I also noticed you cannot use a microchip on a generator if is not enabled.
  2. Another rule is about the distance. Be sure the seed is near the planting zone and not too far. Also be sure the pip can actually go there.
  3. Is it water or polluted water? A screen would also help to know whats wrong.
  4. I use them under my kitchen to keep the temp at around 20 degrees.
  5. Maybe this setup can help you. I always had two issues with iron or copper vulcano, they either create a lot of heat and the refined metal is always too hot to build something in your base. With this setup all that heat is turned into energy (but is not energy free and needs to be connected to a real power grid) and your refined ores can come out at max 30-40 degrees. You need steel or everything will break. You also need to analyze the vulcano so that you know when it will erupts. You cannot build while it erupts or all will break. After filling the first square high of water, use a water lock to create a vacuum. Vacumm is important or this will not work properly. Behind the vulcano there are 3 tempshift plates of diamonds, so that, in vacuum, the iron will get solid immediately. The upper valve at the left of the turbine is in vacuum too and is set on 1000 grams, to avoid the phase changes of water / steam. Typical cooling loop. You can use water too but you need to set the thermo sensor to 20 degrees to be sure, with polluted water you can go down a bit more. The conv behind the vulcano are made of steel, not sure if other material can do, but i prefered to not risk. There is a timer of 40 seconds to let drop 20kg of metals per time. The timer must be adjusted based on how much metal per second the vulcano shoots. A simple filter gate to block the aquatuner in case the temp is reached. The setup works as follow. The vulcano erupts iron at around 300-400 degres. It should take around 2 or max 3 eruptions to turns all the water into steam. The iron will go into the serpentine and already lose a lot of degrees by touching the 4 metal tiles. Then it will be cooled by going into the turbine where to cooling loop is. When the water turns into steam, the turbine will release just 1000 grams of water, so the water will slowly cooldown the metal tiles and won't break the pipes. If you want more power, leave the iron inside by adjusting the timer, but as i said before this is just to get normal temp refined metal and not to create exceeded power. The first metals may come out at around 70 degrees, but the others will go as down as 30, or even more if you use polluted water.
  6. I believe nuclear energy will be a thing cause if i am not wrong there is something that hints nuclear in the game files. In a few months we should be able to see some preview of the DLC. I have quite a long wish list for future contents and tweeks: 1) Wood decorations: there are some mods and i believe they are really nice 2) Diseases and biohazard: should have a great impact like slimelung was in the past, on my first days i quite lost a colony due to slimelung infections a) All kind of Polluted oxygen should harm your dupes and not just give them slimelung or food poisoning if they have germs on it b) Chlorine and natural / sour gas should burn the dupes or something (maybe with concentration of more than 100 g) 3) Atmo suits: they are overpowered and easy to obtain. There should be a lower tier, maybe biohazard suits or simple gas mask, that helps you get inside biomes with toxic and harmful gas where you find the materials to get atmo suits. 4) More rooms: A kitchen room, which boost maybe food productions or calories. Training Room, so that your new dupes won't stay far behind your starting dupes. 5) Wild and dangerous critters. Some biomes should be infested with critters that can hurt or kill dupes. Maybe creating some equipment to deal with them 6) Space biome has to be revisited, mainly the rocket times. Also the purpose of space is kinda useless, it would be great if you can send 3 dupes to start a new colony and switch from a menù between each colonies
  7. What is the point of cooking sour gas? I mean sour gas is a product of heated petrolium, isn't better to just use petrolium on a generator instead of turning it in to sour gas, which will turn into nat gas?
  8. Weird months ago i saw a video tutorial on how to kill germs and using the edit mode the guy put 20k of chlorine and the germs were dead in a matter of seconds, but now that i think about he could have been used 10x speed too.
  9. From the bathrooms the water goes into the water sieve. With a clock timer, the exceeded water goes into "decontamination room". After there is no germ due to the loop made by germ sensor + shutoff, the water goes back to the world, where a pump use it for coffè, electrolyzer etc. This setup holds with 20 dupes and a 1800 grams of chlorine chamber. Not sure how it would behave with more dupes, but technically you could raise the chlorine to 5000 grams and have better effect too. I didn't put any liquid bridge cause if the sieve produce more waters than i can decontaminate, a liquid bridge won't do much, as the sieve will eventualy be blocked too. Anyway i used this setup on a lot of bases some with 2000 cycles, it never failed. The only issue is to find the plastic for the germ sensor, which based on the map you might not have access till a bit, unless you deconstruct some plastic ledder from POI.
  10. It will never fill up. Thats the max per cycle and after less than one cycle all the germs are deleted.
  11. I use this setup. Might not be the best but does its job. The germy water doesn't lose germs inside the pipes, so this loop allows to kill all the germs.
  12. Every wild critter before dying release an egg. So pacu are limitless, but if you have 8 wild pacu, you always get 8 wild pacu at the end of their life cycle. If you feed and tame a critter, he release more eggs and not just one, allowing you to raise the population. This is why by feeding your pacus a bit you can increase their numbers.
  13. Did you load your file during a meteor storm? It happens occasionaly that during the loading of a save game, the grid is without power and so the scanner goes offline, opening or closing the doors without reason.