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  1. I was so happy i got accepted but i am stuck into this. Any solution?
  2. Volcano gives refined metal, i believe these critters feeds on normal metal.
  3. It depends if other critters can produce metals. In that case is not just viable but also op, since hydrogen can also generate power.
  4. I love the new critters. I hope i get picked for the beta.
  5. My first problems were water, oxygen and slimelungs when it was lethal. I don't remember if geyser were not a thing back then or if i just didn't dig one out but i was running out of water and alges. Then i went to dig more alges on swamp biome and they had slimelungs, whole colony died. I don't use guides on my first try i like to solve my own problems on my way but after i do i check what others do and I may copy parts of what they do to improve myself. It is what i will do when the DLC comes out.
  6. Robo miner will also overheat in around 50 cycles. You need to cool them down somehow.
  7. Well some time this year means in max 3 months but i doubt it will be ready. Some bug fix would be appreciated, like the heat exchange bug that is currently going on.
  8. Or build some rockets and put all the dupes except one inside them. It is easy to do this achievement with just 1 dupe.
  9. Saying that the base game is a mess is quite unfair imho. I almost spent 800 hours in the game and never found a game breaking bug that made me say "ok this is unplayable". Yes there are some bugs and yes I am not into complex builds so i encounter less bugs compared to those who push the game at its limits and are way more skilled but I still enjoyed and achieved every content the game offered me, so I wouldn't consider the game broken at all and the DLC is more than welcome. As for the DLC, the sole fact that it revamp the space rocket is a good addition to the end game content, hopefully it will make more sense than the current system. Another good thing is to be able to colonize more planets in 1 playtrough, something i even posted on a wish list thread some weeks ago. I agree that some ingame mechanics are controversial and is hard to call them legit or exploits, but some others aren't and they are easy to detect. Melting abyssalite with the refinery is not an exploit. It was probably unexpected from the DEVs but certnaly is not an exploit. Maybe with nuclear power we would reach those high temperature and melting abyssalite would be easier and less sofisticated. Using a timer on a liquid tepidizer to heat the liquids above 80 degrees, is an exploit.