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  1. My guess is he leaves eggs to replace dead hatches in the stable to hatch, instead of hatching hatches elsewhere and transporting them to the stable either manually or via a dropping mechanism.
  2. Modular Reservoir

    A lot of the time there are tiles of abyssalite at the bottom of the oil biome over 500C. If crude oil hits that, it will quickly take the heat through the flaking mechanism and go pretty much straight to sour gas and a bit of petroleum before cooling to under 300C.
  3. The best option is probably a carefully calculated water timer. There's a couple old threads I can't find about no dupe farming. There was some good information in those about timers and calculating resource usage. Maybe someone else will have those threads bookmarked. I couldn't find it in a quick Google search.
  4. I dunno. I literally couldn't put enough heat into the shaft I dug to the bottom of the -135C frozen core to keep carbon dioxide liquid, let alone water liquid so that aquatuners would work. We're talking about millions of kg of ice at -135C. (My computer is dead and is in maintenance so I'm guesstimating based on a typical 256 wide map and my memory of about 5 levels of height at the "short" section I dug into.)
  5. I ultimately had to drop a tepidizer in my main water tank and cycle water piping through it and metal tiles under planter boxes. I used the metal refinery output to try to melt a nearby glacier...
  6. I've also played a couple of Rime maps with both Frozen Core and Glaciers. I still can't believe how much heat I had to generate to even begin to get to the water in those icy areas. (I also can't bring myself to digging ice when I can melt it for full mass). Definitely a unique challenge.
  7. Automating Wheezeworts

    Off the top of my head, dupe sensors->filter set to 10-60 seconds (however long you want them to run)->airlock door would work.
  8. Automating Wheezeworts

    Even my 5 year old got that one.
  9. Has to be test. Started a normal branch game 2 days ago and the seed is accurate.
  10. No, though that's not a bad idea. I build a box around where I'm going to build a large/complex thing and vacuum it out before I start building/digging so that I don't have to waste time vacuuming and refilling individual chambers later on.
  11. Considering most of us build stuff like this in a vacuum before introducing liquids and the rare hydrogen filled chamber, it's quite useful... It's rare one needs the full 100% capacity of a steam turbine. Most applications will run fine on 60 or 80%.
  12. Yep. I like anything I can just build and forget.
  13. Wow. Saturnus strikes again! Nice find.
  14. Ah, OK. Thanks for the clarification. I'm glad I wasn't imagining things. @psusi, I actually don't mind the water to feed bristle blossoms. I've just been concentrating on pacu filets and hatch meat in recent bases and I've been able to skip straight from mealwood to that.
  15. Hmmm... Now I'm second guessing myself. I know they can cause allergies, but I honestly don't remember if they do spores. Though I can't think if another way to give allergies without spores... It's been a while since I grew bristle blossoms.