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  1. They changed it a while back. Now a plain T split works the same as a bridged split. The old behavior was that it would take turns even when one side was full, resulting in half flow to the non-full side. This being said, I find that things work out a bit better to bridge into splits. Less chances to confuse packet flow.
  2. Yes, they are type of memory, but they are dedicated to very specific tasks and usually built into or next to the parts that use them. When Gurgel was talking about the I/O memory bottleneck, he was speaking of the general purpose RAM (Random Access Memory) and it's associated virtual memory via paging and/or segmentation which, compared to the specialized caches/buffers, are significantly slower.
  3. All I'm going to say is I hope I don't have to try to balance ONI DLC with Evil Genius 2...
  4. I agree. Luckily, out of habit, I don't put automation behind pipes when I can avoid it thus have literally zero changes I need to make due to the added vent automation. But even if I had a complete meltdown, I'd still want to keep the change as is.
  5. In short, unless you built conveyors in a certain way, you lost a ton of heat if you're doing things like using the igneous rock from solidified magma to run steam turbines or petroleum boilers. But only when you weren't looking at the build. It functioned when the player viewed it.
  6. Oh, they've always listened. There's just been some bugs that have been difficult to squash without creating other issues. This seemed to have been one.
  7. Or around 80 maps worth of Oceania salt water all drained into 1 cell.
  8. I had an early base when the preview went live and have had a couple "oopsies" to take care of so I haven't done anything but research them yet. Maybe tonight...
  9. It was causing issues in the preview update so they yanked it until it works the way it should.
  10. Sadly, I'm headed to work, plus my base is fairly new. But I'm sure others will post files for you like Merkury already did. Either way, let me thank you yet again for continuing to support this regardless of whether you are currently playing the game. Thus has been invaluable to me by letting me eliminate narcoleptic from otherwise perfect dupes. Aside/rhetorical: (Seriously, why is it always narcoleptic? It'd be a nice change to see perfect dupes ruined by something else like allergies or flatulence for a change.)