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  1. Swap them to Smart Batteries and that's exactly what I do in normal games since space really isn't an issue on non-DLC asteroids. Once I get into the alpha or beta (I skip coming to the forums for a few days and look what I missed), I might change my mind given the smaller asteroids where doubling capacity for the same space usage might be worth it. But for now, I'd rather have less run off and heat generation even if I'm doubling the space requirements and using (usually free due to metal volcanoes) refined metals.
  2. Or just use Smart Batteries for storage since they have less energy run off and heat creation than Jumbo. Sure, refined metal can be troublesome at first, but is worth it in the end.
  3. Yep. Klei noted in the Alpha DLC announcement that that is something on their list but hasn't been implemented yet.
  4. Agreed. But make it part of a high level skill (Archeology maybe?) so that you need to deal with them the "real" way at first, but can deconstruct them in mid/late game.
  5. I use Mafic in place of Igneous (which I feed to hatches) when Ceramic isn't needed for insulated tiles.
  6. Neither. Per the DLC Alpha announcement: Rare Resources and Global Sustainability: We have plans for how we want to distribute geysers, resources, and other sustainable solutions in the late game, but are holding off on expanding on these ideas until we feel comfortable with the early and mid game content.
  7. Already known but easily forgotten and not documented anywhere so the reminder is very useful to veterans and new players alike.
  8. To expand on JRup's answer a bit, as Tempshift Plates do not directly interact with each other, the only reason to have a connected line of them would be to add another 800kg per tile of thermal buffer which would result in a slightly slower heat transfer rate.
  9. Ouch. The "waste" of power makes my soul hurt. Swap the coolant out for at least Naphtha (25% better heat capacity and capable for going 10C cooler) or sacrifice 20 degrees and go with polluted water for a near 200% power efficiency improvement...
  10. Yes, they are type of memory, but they are dedicated to very specific tasks and usually built into or next to the parts that use them. When Gurgel was talking about the I/O memory bottleneck, he was speaking of the general purpose RAM (Random Access Memory) and it's associated virtual memory via paging and/or segmentation which, compared to the specialized caches/buffers, are significantly slower.
  11. Yeah. I'm going to start using jet suits in my rocket silos this map just to avoid the whole ladder column thing when (re) building rockets.
  12. All I'm going to say is I hope I don't have to try to balance ONI DLC with Evil Genius 2...