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  1. I only allow pacu to be in the gigantic base non-room (Note: I don't use doors to separate my base from the rest of the map so I have thousands of tiles of space) so I'd need hundreds of pacu/eggs in the medium reservoir/single tile crowded tank to run into trouble. (I move my pacu via eggs transfer between cycles 200-300 from my main water tank under my portal to a dedicated single water tile crowding tank). Everything else (voles, hatches, dreckos and slicksters. I don't currently ranch pufts, Pokeshells, or pips so they get confines or attacked) is in some sort of 96 or smaller room.
  2. Turns out we were both right. Yes, you are correct that I mis-remembered about cramped being triggered by only critters. But, you don't need to remove the eggs if the "room" is big enough so my initial suggestion to just remove a door to make the room the rest of the base is a much simpler solution than adding in the conveyor stuff to pick up and move the eggs, hatch the eggs somewhere else and let the fry back into the pond after hatching. 30 some Pacu with 10+ eggs. First, no door making the "room" the entire base. Not Cramped. Then, added a door to make it a 96 tile room. Cramped. Removed the door, enlarging the room again to the size of the entire base. Cramped is gone. Note: I just looked at Ketmol's original post on my computer and saw that there is no door where I thought there was one when looking at my teeny-tiny cellphone screen. Oops...
  3. I'm planning on it cause if you're right, I can make a couple changes to my water reservoir.
  4. In my experience eggs and fish count the same for both debuffs. Guess I know what I'm doing tonight instead of building a new version of a refinery plant.
  5. Because regardless of the eggs, there is a maximum amount of pacu in any "room". Yes, eggs will cause cramped sooner, but if you have 9 pacu in a 96 sized room, it will be just as cramped with 0 eggs as with 20.
  6. Yeah. I learned this the hard way too. Put in doors to keep my guys from cutting through my water reservoir and literally killed my entire population of pacu cause I didn't notice until 40 cycles later when I ran out of food.
  7. Oops. Sorry. I had to step away mid reply and forgot who/what I was replying to. I meant to use your picture as another example of room size and pond size being counted for 2 different debuffs.
  8. And if you delete the door, thud making the room bigger, cramped will go away.
  9. It's definitely cramping. Ketmol has a couple of doors making it a decent sized, but not large enough, room. @Ketmol, get rid of the open door to the right of the pond ladder. This will give the pacu the rest of the base worth of space. Pacu need 16 tiles of space (water, air, doesn't matter for cramped) per critter to avoid cramped. And the cramped debuff means no reproduction on any of them. So 20 would need a room 320+ tiles. Solution? Don't have their pond in a room.
  10. Checkpoint for supply

    Without a mod that probably doesn't exist, the only thing that you can do is build a conveyor system and lock your dupes out of the rooms.
  11. I've used something similar in the past. (I used deconstructed liquid reservoirs instead of the geyser fed overpressure) Using the airflow and mesh tiles with liquid in it with deodorizers is an amazingly simple way to filter maximum polluted oxygen with no power usage.
  12. I've done this and can vouch that it works very well. I've just always kept it open all the way around. Now I know to concentrate on just the top layer. I do still prefer bottles from either algae terrariums or deconstructed liquid reservoirs for generating PO from PH2O, but this is purely a personal preference, not a claim that it might be a better technique. @BLACKBERREST3, thanks for posting the link. I love the info we got from Mathmanican, Saturnus, and others.
  13. Yes, it is extremely unreliable. A T junction in pipes will split the packets 50/50, which is fine if all packets are guaranteed to be identical sizes. But if the packets are 2kg-8kg-2kg-8kg-2kg-8kg, you will get 6kg one way and 24kg the other way. Bridged junctions are the same, but can actually be worse due to their ability to send 100% of a flow one way if the other way is full. (Note: I never use T junctions anymore. I always bridge into/out of junctions. I can explain more if you'd like.) Valve junctions also do not work as if you set a valve to 5kg (50%) but your packets are inconsistent and average only 5kg, the vast majority of the water will be sent only one way. Saturnus found the only way to guarantee a long term average 50% split on the output water by measuring the steam volume in one chamber and diverting the excess water to the second steam chamber via shutoff valve.
  14. I would assume so as the emission rate is hard coded to be a certain chance (0.1%) to convert a certain percentage of the mass (0.1%) every tick. I just assumed that all 4 adjacent tiles were valid targets of the off gassed PO and it turns out that that assumption was a bad one. Just another reason to use bottles instead of freestanding Polluted Water if you're wanting the off gas effect to create oxygen.
  15. Well I'll be damned. Wish I had known this months ago. The majority of 2 cycles in and only offgassing up. Over 2kg has offgassed in the right hand container.