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  1. Oil pressure damage

    I agree. Considering every single full pocket of oil down at the bottom of the map is either mostly empty or over pressure leads me to believe this is an intentional decision. But Coolthulhu is also correct, the pressure dancing around anytime you force any liquid overpressure is definitely a bug. It's crazy how much the volume dances around when you get into to 30,000kg per tile range.
  2. Yeah, in my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with using debug or Sandbox to destroy the indestructible stuff.
  3. Help with storage lockers?

    6 tons isn't as much as it seems. That's only 60 ladder segments, 60 normal pipe segnebts, 30 tiles, 15 storage bins or insulated pipe segments, etc. It's amazing how quickly you can burn through basic building materials at first. Unfortunately, outside of scrolling over all your building projects and looking at each individual piece, it's impossible to know what is reserving the material.
  4. Exactly right. But I personally don't even think of steam turbines as a power source. For me, they are a cooling system that just happens to produce enough power as a by-product of the cooling to refund me a good portion of the 1200kW needed for aquatuners and metal refineries. Sure, it's quite good at turning magma into power, but I find that to be of lesser use to me. The old steam turbine I built exactly once and hated pretty much every hoop you had to jump through to get them to work. Now? I usually have 3 - 5 up and running by cycle 200 to cool petroleum coolant from my steel plant, cool a gold/copper volcano or 2, and provide <20C water to my base and drecko ranches.
  5. The best part of this (for me) is that the steam turbine covers a big part of the electricity cost of the aquatuner.
  6. Help with storage lockers?

    A couple possible reasons cross my mind. 1) Is the sandstone queued up/reserved for other jobs? 2) Can your dupes actually get to the storage bins?
  7. I haven't noticed a smaller starting biome. Main thing is that the center of the biome (the printer pod) moves a bit more. I like my printer pod to be dead center in my base, but I've gotten a couple seeds recently where I've had to build my base offset to the point that the printer pod is 6-8 squares off center, pretty much right up against my ladders. Or, even worse, needing to dig into a slime biome just to have enough room below the printer pod for my water basin and terrarium based O2 plant.
  8. auto wrangle help

    Correct. Auto-wrangle only works on adults. Probably intended behavior but might be a bug. Not sure.
  9. Overrun with clay

    Ummm... Oxygen to CO2 via Dupe, then to polluted water via Carbon Skimmers then bottled and left to offgas to polluted oxygen then turned to clay via deodorizer cooked to ceramic in a kiln and crushed in a rock crusher? Yeah, that's all I've got... Edit: Oh, oxylite and LOX as oxidizes on rocket launches for CO2.
  10. Late game FPS drop

    They have in the past, which is exactly why Kitten wanted the save files. Memory leaks are completely different issues than keeping "too many" reports. Thanks for doing some real heavy lifting @KittenIsAGeek.
  11. Have you been chatting with my wife? Don't believe everything she tells you.
  12. Before the QoL3 change to skills/jobs, I'd skip all "can't do" negative traits because it made it hard for me to keep track of who has been trained in what job. With the new system? I agree. Only no research is even mildly negative now, except for the rare cases when you're looking for one specific dupe and they just happen to be perfect for the job except for the fact that they wont do it.
  13. Overrun with clay

    I don't know about anyone else, but the only reason I mentioned feeding clay to hatches was that I'd rather do that than turn the clay into ceramic to be crushed back into sand. Obviously the best choice is to build with the ceramic.
  14. Little changes - Huge impact

    You can also invert it (you do need to make it 1 square taller) and make a hydrogen lock for CO2 and chlorine areas.
  15. Are they still babies or have they grown into adults? If they're still babies, that's the issue. Ranchers don't auto-wrangle babies. (In fact, I don't think you can manually wrangle babies). If they're adults, no clue. Auto wrangle was working fine last I played (2 days ago).