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  1. For the most part, I use the tepidizer purely to melt liquifiables and make sure my central water pool doesn't drop under 25 for any reason. Like Mathmanican, there have been the occasional situations where I've used it for warming something for an aquatuner to cool, but this is fairly rare for me to need to do.
  2. Very true. But, at the same time, bringing in ONI versions of real technology is very cool. Your methane cracker sounds fun and I must admit, I've always kinda wanted a small 1 to 4 tile hydroelectric generator that could generate maybe 100 watts per 10kg of flow that we could use early game when gravity draining pools, mid game to capture incidental flow from geysers, and end game when we already have a ton of liquids in pipes we're just dumping in storage tanks.
  3. Heh. Know the feeling. I've been struggling with balancing low liquid volume with storage containers with 1kg og oxylite then bleach stone. A gas pipe is so much simpler than even my way...
  4. Somehow I still forgot about using pipes for the gasses... Thanks for yet another reminder.
  5. I think you're now seeing why most of us don't bother trying to control it.
  6. This is a bit old but the basic premise still works. (It's set up for critter sensors to close/open the doors for both entrance and drowning purposes.) I personally don't use this type of kill room at all due to how I build my ranches, but it works.
  7. The majority of kill rooms use one of 2 methods. 1) Drop unhatched eggs in a water filled tile with a pneumatic drop above it and let the critters drown once the eggs hatch. Works for all critters but pacus, Pokeshells, and maybe slicksters (don't remember if they drown). 2) Use critter drop offs to deposit extra critters in a small room with a mesh tile floor. You then set up automation to close a few doors once per cycle under the kill room to push enough liquid into the room to drown the critters. Other methods include temperature change and Pokeshell combat, but I find these to be less useful for the critters that can be drowned. And no. Do not put your incubators in your ranch. It's more effective to have them in a separate room and eitger use critter drop offs or Pez dispensers to put the critters where you want.
  8. All I'm going to say is I hope I don't have to try to balance ONI DLC with Evil Genius 2...
  9. Not what you're asking for, but here's how I ranch hatches. It eliminates the need for incubators (though you can use them to boost Ranching skill) and guarantees that a ranch will be filled by the next available hatch.
  10. They never stop offgassing. If you use something like what Neotuck posted, the smaller bottles will be combined with new bottles and result in a few larger bottles. But yeah, if you need to get rid of bottles of polluted water in other areas, Sweep Only bottle emptiers and manually flagging them to be swept is your only option.
  11. Probably not exactly what your looking for, but here's a clock sensor based one by @Saturnusthat results in 9.99kg/sec if you build 3 in series. This is my go-to decontamination method nowadays. There's a few other good designs in this thread too.