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  1. True. I just default to Airlocks and use pneumatics for specific purposes.
  2. Yep. Use an Airlock door and hook it up to the oil level sensor. Green signal opens the door, red closes it. Then have a second door (any type) set to out only so that dupes can get out if trapped inside by the automated door.
  3. I would love this. The "challenge" of an all vacuum map combined with having to ship all resources to it would be fun. Especially if you can use it as a storage/transfer facility for individual asteroid's rockets.
  4. Sounds about right. My usual 4 ranches of Stone Hatches runs 4 coal generators nearly 100% and generates excess coal once I get a natural gas geyser hooked into my grid. Ain't this the truth... They don't overlap any buildings, nor each other. Agreed, it makes sense but was a bit disappointing as we can't to 2 tall rooms for the Plugslugs with batteries in them unless we "waste" room to have space for the slugs to hang.
  5. Right now the math doesn't allow for taming via seeds. If this is intended or not, we don't know yet. I'd bet this is has already been posted in the bug tracker, but you might want to check and post it if not, if for no other reason than to make sure the devs know about it.
  6. At the moment, no DLC related changes have been passed over to the base game. At this time, they are 2 separate (but related) games launched from the same menu.
  7. Yeah, Pokeshells are definitely the best use for it in base game. But I only fed it to my Pokeshells because I didn't have any interest in cooking it or running 100 composters. Didn't need the lime from the Pokeshells due to my Pacu ranches.
  8. Having played through a good chunk of the normal ONI early access, including the time before space and rockets, I seriously doubt they will keep all asteroids meteor free nor will they keep rockets as currently implemented. We'll get more features and more "dangers" to work around.
  9. The new sublimation station is great at producing large amounts of Polluted Oxygen quickly. Sure, you loose a bit of mass (3/8s IIRC), but considering how few practical uses Polluted Dirt actually has...
  10. Regolith is still in the base non-DLC game and we can safely assume that meteor showers will return in some form on some/most/all asteroids.
  11. Ummm, igneous rock is unlimited via at least volcanoes and melting regolith. And refined metal is also unlimited via metal volcanoes and meteors (once they get turned back on). At this time, metal ores are a non-renewable, finite substance thus, at some point, you will run out of it.