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  1. Yes, this is pre-below sensors, but it works for me as it keeps the doors "behind" the Hatch closed to give the next door time to trap the Hatch or for it to fall when in the final chamber. I'm sure there's a better way to do it but what's an extra 100kg of refined metal, eh? Usually I set the filters to 10 as Hatches can take some time to actually fall once all the ranches are populated and I get my Drecko ranch running too.
  2. If 2 eggs hatch simultaneously *and* both adult hatches decide to move at the same time, you can get 2 dropping at the same time, but the 3 doors usually prevent this. So, 90% reliable? And honestly, with the 4 stacks of the ranches that I use, I have enough egg production that if one ranch sits at 7 for an extra cycle due to bad luck, it's fine. Note: All Sage, Smooth, and normal Hatch eggs get sent directly to the drowning room. Only Stone Hatches are kept for potential ranch refilling before dropping into the drowning room if not needed. Automation is fairly simple.
  3. Here's my Pez dispenser style stacked Stone Hatch ranch. Only thing for Dupes to do is groom the critters. Eggs hatch on their own, get dropped into the proper pen if needed, then drown if not needed. Basic layout
  4. They changed it a while back. Now a plain T split works the same as a bridged split. The old behavior was that it would take turns even when one side was full, resulting in half flow to the non-full side. This being said, I find that things work out a bit better to bridge into splits. Less chances to confuse packet flow.
  5. I agree. Luckily, out of habit, I don't put automation behind pipes when I can avoid it thus have literally zero changes I need to make due to the added vent automation. But even if I had a complete meltdown, I'd still want to keep the change as is.
  6. In short, unless you built conveyors in a certain way, you lost a ton of heat if you're doing things like using the igneous rock from solidified magma to run steam turbines or petroleum boilers. But only when you weren't looking at the build. It functioned when the player viewed it.
  7. Oh, they've always listened. There's just been some bugs that have been difficult to squash without creating other issues. This seemed to have been one.
  8. Or around 80 maps worth of Oceania salt water all drained into 1 cell.
  9. I had an early base when the preview went live and have had a couple "oopsies" to take care of so I haven't done anything but research them yet. Maybe tonight...
  10. It was causing issues in the preview update so they yanked it until it works the way it should.
  11. Awesome. I totally missed that. This will amuse my wife to no end. And for anyone that doesn't recognize my profile pic, look up the Alpha Legion in Warhammer 40k. Hehehehehe....