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  1. 1g/s of oxygen has been enough to keep 4 autosweepers and a mining laser cool in my overstock shove vole "ranch" for over 200 cycles so far.
  2. beowulf2010

    Some Newbie Questions

    To expand a bit, tempshift plates transfer thermal energy easily between all 9 tiles that it "occupies" (the one you build it in and the 8 surrounding it) in an attempt to equalize the temperature of all 9 tiles. Similar to radiant pipes, they ignore some of the normal rules of thermal transfers. They also ignore (severely reduce?) the insulation effect, so keep them a space away from insulated tiles. Most of the time, granite is "good enough" for tempshift plates, but refined metal (especially aluminum) and diamonds are amazing. If you need to melt ice fast, try building tempshift plates out of ice.
  3. Ok. So, the best "low tech" solution is to make a liquid lock, pull all gas out of the room, and once it's a vacuum, refill with chlorine and o ly chlorine. Using a normal vent and a little patience will put you at 2,000g of pressure eliminating all off gassing and not causing popped eardrums. Try to avoid allowing flatulent dupes into this room as they'll output natural gas into what ideally is a chlorine only room. If the room is 100% gasses that can't be breathed (not O2 or polluted O2), dupes won't breath out CO2.
  4. A few potential issues. 1) Are dupes going in without exosuits? If so, the little bits of CO2 can cause "drops" in pressure to allow for off gassing. 2) The deodorizer makes occasional blips of vacuum that can get filled with anything that offgasses. 3) Do you have at least 1,800g of chrloine (and only chlorine) in the room? If not, do so. Multiple gasses will allow offgassing which can screw up chlorine degermification.
  5. Contraption Maker meets ONI? I'm down.
  6. Lock a door so that dupes can't get to it to deliver/empty it?
  7. Correct. So if you put a mesh tile under the suit checkpoint, you can control where the polluted water goes. (I have a bad habit of getting my dupes stuck and not noticing until the "Had an accident" warning.)
  8. That's just a quirk of digging ladders straight up and down. Dig a zig zag pattern (hand drawn picture below, dig out the squares) and fill in the ladder later.
  9. I use polluted water as it stays liquid for 20 more degrees on either wide of normal water (-20 to 120). I only cool the oxygen that goes to my base so for the most part, it isn't worth cooling. I just build a decent sized cool of whatever water is available, run radiant pipes through the whole thing, run 2 sets of radiant gas pipes through half each, hook it up to an aquatuner/steam turbine, set the aquatuner to turn on at 30 and ignore it. Keeps my usable oxygen cool, provides the occasional bit of power, ignores everything else.
  10. Yep. The reason you're not noticing it yet is gold holds significantly less heat energy than any of the 4 types of water (polluted, normal, salt and brine). If the masses were the same (and they aren't, more later) gold would cool off by over 32 degrees for every degree the water heats up. Then, you have to realize the difference in mass between what a gold volcano puts out. The gold volcano on my current map erupts 11.5kg per second for 41 seconds. That's a whole 471.5kg per eruption. Depending on the size of the pool you flooded the volcano with, you could have upwards of 30,000kg of water sucking up all that heat. If my napkin math is correct, my volcano erupting into a 30,000kg pool of water would increase the temp of the water a whole 1.8 degrees per eruption. And this is ignoring debris in and tiles adjacent to the water.
  11. Yeah. At this time only lullabying incubators raises Ranching.
  12. beowulf2010

    Pipe Question

    No, I haven't noticed anything as all my loops have been running just fine. But, as Gurgel mentioned, I always have at a minimum of a few pipes between the pump and the loop. (Mostly because I store liquids in centralized overpressure tanks so I have to run long lengths of pipes just to get to the use areas.)
  13. The only reason for pickled meal is that it spoils significantly slower than normal foods.
  14. Yeah, they boosted the outputs of most of the low output gas vents to the usable range.
  15. Yeah. I stiil dig them out and build a condenser for them, but the water they put out just sits unused in an infinite storage space.
  16. beowulf2010

    Sweepy the heat deleter

    Liquids seem to keep their temperature. Solids are being reset to the building's temp but the liquid gold is staying in the 1,100C range.
  17. Obviously you can't store stuff that offgasses in a vacuum. For that you need to either submerge it or overpressure the gas in the room, ideally chlorine.
  18. beowulf2010

    Dreckos: Too good?

    Yeah, auto wrangle doesn't work as well as it should. I actually don't use auto wrangle in any of my ranches so I shouldn't have mentioned it since it probably doesn't work. If you connect your 2 stables with a sunken liquid filled tunnel, you can just drop the eggs for the dreckos you want to keep from the breeding stable in there and use automation and pneumatic doors to direct them into the stable you want them in. As for mealwood, that's only needed for turning normal dreckos into glossy dreckos. Glossy dreckos can also eat bristle blossom. Since water is so much more available than dirt, I switch to bristle blossoms in my breeding ranch as soon as I have 3 glossy dreckos and move the normal dreckos to the sheering stable. I also am not making judgements on which is better/easier. I'm just saying the drecko ranches don't have to be near as complex as some seem to believe. Depending on the 5yo, I light have time tonight to sandbox up one of my "usual" drecko ranches.
  19. Mini gas pumps are made from plastic.
  20. beowulf2010

    Dreckos: Too good?

    You don't need the composite atmosphere. Just keep a small stable of 4-6 dreckos in CO2 or Chlorine eating mealwood, bristle blossom, or balm lilies and don't bother sheeting them more than once (or at all). Move the eggs to a small hydrogen room to sheer and just let them starve. Auto wrangle dreckos back into the feeding room as they die every 150 cycles. Simple.
  21. Or more specifically, the water vapor is condensing into water in the gas pipes which cause "cold damage". Any time a gas or liquid changes into something else (water<=>vapor, oil=>petroleum, oxygen=>liquid oxygen, etc) and the mass is more than 10% of the maximum volume allowed for the piping, it will cause damage based on which way the phase transition happened.
  22. I love subsurface ocean. So much salt water at easily usable temperatures.
  23. Yep. You put in just the 14785 number in the field and select the Arboria asteroid.
  24. As I've never played with bottled liquid beyond their normal phase change temperatures, I just want to check my understanding. The bottles liquids will stay bottled, regardless of their current versus solidification temperature, until they are emptied by a dupe via a Bottle Emptier or the "Empty" command, yes? Which would then result in a other dupe grabbing the now <150C bottles and putting them in a Bottle Emptier causing the now solid metal/igneous rock to form in nice 200kg chunks in need of only a bit more cooling to be truly usable. This design speaks to me, especially with my last couple of catastrophic volcano failures. Thanks for sharing!