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  1. I submitted the in-game crash report nearly every time, is it better to submit a bug report on the forum? It wasn’t just for one save, but every save. A black hole would eat my game, I started a new one, it ate that, did it again and it was eaten. Since it’s every save I figured I’d post here in-case anyone ran into this as it isn’t isolated to a single save file. Oddly enough, after frustration of wasting time starting multiple colonies I couldn’t continue instead of hitting Resume I hit Load and selected my recent file, it worked. Backed out and hit resume and it crashed. No idea what’s causing this behavior but at least I can play (for now).
  2. Just came back after taking a break from ONI shortly after Spaced Out early access started. Since I haven’t seen anything posted maybe it’s a unique issue to me but every game is eaten by a black hole. No mods enabled, I start a game and save. Come back and can’t load because of black hole. Rinse and repeat. Everything is fine until I have to stop playing. On reload every time the game crashes. Any chance anyone’s had this happen and knows how to fix it?
  3. Excellent, is there/will there be a way to remove the kaput rover or are they permanent base fixtures? Thanks and enjoy the holidays!
  4. Curious on this, just about 100 cycles on a fresh start thinking I had time until an update; take a holiday break Klei