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  1. true but i dont like that way anyway I would like to test like 10 pokeshell ranchs without food just to see how i much i can do Lime production also makes a little sand right ?
  2. radioactive aquarium for sure would be nice, any water related life would be welcome in my view water is kinda dead in oni.
  3. Idk maybe im too hyped for nuclear, i stopped playing for a while i want to play dyson sphere more till oni get more content.
  4. hey ppl anyone else thinking the updates are taking weirdly longer than the normal? something happen to klei ?
  5. Also smooth hatches have the same problem lack of ores that could be solved with eternal mining space missions that now cannot happen. Just add some space missions like the old version too and call them " far asteroides or uncolonizable ones". Or also add New building that turns refined metal into metal ore or my favorite option add mines to the game where dupes can enter to mine metal ore endlessly and it consumes some sort of resources there and also require then to use gás masks to enter?
  6. Hi guys my dupes sometimes stop working on building errands and reloading the game solves the problem, also sometimes i have dupes stopping in front of an oil well machine and keep looking at it for the entire cycle, both problems happened 4 times already so its something recurrent, thanks for the attention hugs to all and happy holydays.
  7. Featuring New oil tree that needs oil as irrigation and refined carbon as fertilizer. It can be harvested for wood ( far less than arbor trees) and if tended by sweetles itll give a seed and 5kg refined carbon. Oil lakes and propane gas atmospheres. Slicksters in the upper áreas. Lava slicksters in the lower área " a variant that eats propane and poops magma". Some leaky oil fissures open in the map. Iron ore, rust and refined carbon are abundant.
  8. New very cold asteroid with lakes of propane and methane also natural gas geysers and propane geysers. Propane slickster - eats co2 and poops liquid propane. Propane can be used as fuel for natural gas generators and gás range. New critter. Blue slime. Eats Blue Sun tree and poops out some radioactive solid of Blue light. New critter. Orange slime. Eats Orange sun tree and produces lots of co2 and starts glowing emmiting strong lights. Blue Sun tree requires liquid propane for irrigation and propane, co2 or nat gas atmosphere. Produces food for the slimes and emmits radiation. Orange Sun tree requires liquid methane irrigation and propane, co2 or nat gas atmosphere. Produces food for slimes and emmits radiation. Gass grass and gassy moos could also Live here but with more resistênce to extreme cold. These suggestions are mainly for variety and fun chains and builds not necessarilly being good or powerfull.
  9. I really like them but for now i just put them all into a room and let them there with proper wirings because of the no way to make metal ores. Same problem with smooth hatches.
  10. All the critter mods, wallpapers and buildable natural tiles.
  11. Does anyone know how much they excrete by eating seeds? Its not clear for me they even eat portions of 1 seed this seed is 1kg?