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  1. It's time to update the HUD

    Minimap is MUST, no reason to not have it, is so better playing with mini map without constantly having to hit tab, especially in shipwrecked where i cant use minimap at all or the game becomes a crawl even day 1.
  2. Im pretty sure if they do not change it, the launch will backfire hard by like week 2 when i guess most new ppl will be reaching late game, the backfire can be selling destroyer even.
  3. Well i simply stopped playing till preview, the silence from devs just made me sad. Im having a lot of fun in dont starve vanilla and paladins while waiting for my beloved oni! . The devs are full of things to do in all of their games at the same time, i just wanted some community manager to keep things " rolling " in the forums to keep the hype.
  4. I totally agree even commented this a long time ago in may
  5. Gas canisters

    True dat but i can only see the canisters being usefull in late game and that way, maybe having a dupe tyding only?
  6. Double layer insulate more yes. As for how the heat works, gases and liquids exchange temperature with each other at the spd of the faster one conducting the heat, the lower the number in the heat conductivity faster it will move heat to the other element, heat capacity is how much heat a element can store " inside " of itself, hope you understood it.
  7. Hi everyone, so, i think the game would benefity of gas canister fillers dropping the bottled gas in the ground after it has been bottled, that would help a lot into manual moving gases if wanted as it is now the dupes will only go there to remove it if you have a gas canister emptier somewhere and even then they take a long while before going there to do it. Note that this also would enable players to store all gases outside the base in bottles instead of dumping it all to space because of lag. What do you guys think?
  8. Mushrooms are hands down the best food ever till very late game where barbeque is super strong especially if you have a pincha pepper farm using fertilizer " uses less polluted water and need like 4 of them to feed 16 dupes that way". I made that calc using the already mentioned above food calculator. Edit: and mushrooms is for its high kcall and easy setup for early game.
  9. Lol guys i really liked your ways to cool it! Im using a way with petrol that i invented but yours are way better with only 1 resalve if you need petrol and make a little waterfall using petrol and a tank under or just another pump now that you will have unlimited sight for solar panels i can see me making huge setups using this now :).
  10. Athletics and learning here. If looking for easier time managing oxygen and hydrogen divers lungs. If looking to use low level foods i search for simple tastes or uncultured.
  11. Buuuut polluted water boils easily its far safer to use petroleum to really hot areas.
  12. Yeap i do it too but normally i take ages to melt it, will try this way now :). I normally use 16 dupes i save like 1 ice biome and melt the rest.

    Liquid oxy can be made using a thermo regulator with hydrogen in a loop trying to reach very low temperatures then radiate this pipe into a fully isolated room them let in oxygen in that room and have a water pump in the bottom. This process can be really hard so expect some sensors to control the situation.
  14. After reading it all making lone bedrooms for each dupe may solve the problem of internal reinfections. As for external spam buddy buds next to exosuit docks. And more internal protection more buddy buds next to mushroom farms. I will test what i can in this regards.