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  1. Recreational stuff is more to add flavor and fun for me, i like them all but the arcade, mostly because i avoid using tons of power for a veeeeeery long time.
  2. Random ideias

    True i forgot botanists!
  3. Intetions, have fun with you guys and give artists, medics and researchers more constant Jobs. Mines: add a New object type that we can mine with dupe, machines specific or robô miners or even a combination of all. Mines could have a limited supply but regens each cycle some of it. New jobs: Miner/digging skill branch: can work on Mines and operate mining machines. Geologist/science branch: can measure The ammount of resources on Mines and upgrade mine regen ratio using a station. Geo-engineer/tinker branch: can construct advanced mining buildings but not work on them. Terraformatist/artístic branch: can construct natural tile, sculptures using natural elements like dirt and also exclusive arts. Psychologist/medical branch: can help dupes remove negative quirks for 10 cycles after each threatment. New psycho buildings. Professor/science branch: Can use teaching tools tô improve learning, some high tier Jobs require you tô have been into classes before you can skillup them, rocket pilot and mechatronics engineer for example. Gym leader/medical branch: trains athletics or strenght depending on The machine The dupe uses, this bônus can surpass The normal limites by 5 points and dupes need tô revisit The Gym after 20 cycles to renew The buff. Dj/artístic branch: makes Music using a station, they can propagate The sound using sound boxes and wires. DJ is required for an effect tô occur called "lá gran fiesta" which needs an DJ an artist and a recreation room with The DJ station inside it. Musician/artístic branch**: can only be learned IF The dupe is printed with The trait musician. This dupe can play a instrument, IF you have 3 instruments and an singer you can make big Music shows. Punk wheels May happen and dupes get some injuries. Giant moral boost. Veterinarian/medical branch: tends critters making them Live longer. Good for more eggs. Geneticist/medical Plus science branch: can alter critters genetically giving them some sort of desirable trait like lay more eggs, Live longer, give more decor and so on. The gene alteration station enables this researchs and The gene altering machines for each critter variant are used tô apply those traits. Note: geneticists do not know how tô handle critters só a rancher is also needed. New decor/rec buildings: The fountain Spits The input liquid into The Air making fountains of várious colours. Picture taker. Is a painted canvas with various options of colours that your dupes make pose for Pictures during rec time, these pics could be used to make The normal portraits a little more customizable. For now that what come to my mind feel feel tô add more fun and comments guys.
  4. Im avoiding rails and space only using like half of it also no jetpacks. Things are a lot more playable that way. And i actually only use space for worts or The super op stuff.
  5. hyper effecient transport system

    I also like this mod, IF you guys want get The Helium extractor too super fun tô use!
  6. Maybe conveyor rails should be perfect insulated At least till a better solution is found. Or we could have a perfect insulated rail and The normal one IF ppl want to use them for cooling
  7. I always build statues both sides of any ladder going anywhere whenever theres a slot for it but i normally have it
  8. [Game Update] - 364722

    theres a part liquid element sensor was added, it actually always existed oo, should it be conveyor element sensor maybe ? " this one is very need to make use of the conveyor shutoffs in a more convenient way if wanted for multiple materials ". All in all thanks as always to keep improving this amazing game.
  9. [Game Update] - 355043

    Omg if i wanst feeling so bad i would be playing right now ! Thanks for all and especially the last one! :).
  10. [Game Update] - 354426

    Matter creation on steam chambers and cool steam vents specially are my main concern for a time, especially now that im making turbines left and right " its a completle annihilating pain to remove all the gas from the room to avoid the matter creation bug."
  11. [Game Update] - 352881

    Lock the wort room no one enters ever thats it. I will mod the wort or play with it modded by someone anyway. Im happy with every other change so far in the game with exception of salt geyser being now 95c temp oo "just personal preference i dont think it breaks the game".
  12. [Game Update] - 352488

    Radiant pipes both gas and liquid are broken bases are unplayable now :(.
  13. [Game Update] - 352488

    This change to lights is just perfect now i want to have them instead of being forced to thanks guys once again good move. idk about the foods yet but im looking foward to test it today. The trees nerf was necessary " idk if that hard but was needed indeed ". Ill test more to say more in the general and suggestion, good work and thanks devs.
  14. [Game Update] - 351503

    Devs can we have a option to break refined metals in the rock granulator to a metal ore? Its nice to use excess refined metal from volcanos when available for the super cool looking smooth hatches.