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  1. theres a part liquid element sensor was added, it actually always existed oo, should it be conveyor element sensor maybe ? " this one is very need to make use of the conveyor shutoffs in a more convenient way if wanted for multiple materials ". All in all thanks as always to keep improving this amazing game.
  2. Omg if i wanst feeling so bad i would be playing right now ! Thanks for all and especially the last one! :).
  3. Matter creation on steam chambers and cool steam vents specially are my main concern for a time, especially now that im making turbines left and right " its a completle annihilating pain to remove all the gas from the room to avoid the matter creation bug."
  4. Lock the wort room no one enters ever thats it. I will mod the wort or play with it modded by someone anyway. Im happy with every other change so far in the game with exception of salt geyser being now 95c temp oo "just personal preference i dont think it breaks the game".
  5. Radiant pipes both gas and liquid are broken bases are unplayable now :(.
  6. This change to lights is just perfect now i want to have them instead of being forced to thanks guys once again good move. idk about the foods yet but im looking foward to test it today. The trees nerf was necessary " idk if that hard but was needed indeed ". Ill test more to say more in the general and suggestion, good work and thanks devs.
  7. Devs can we have a option to break refined metals in the rock granulator to a metal ore? Its nice to use excess refined metal from volcanos when available for the super cool looking smooth hatches.
  8. The guaranteed geyser is a must good job guys :).
  9. True ahahah but it would still be a massage clinic me seeing it or not! hahah
  10. Yeah after a lot of time playing various maps and testing things especially ice makers, ice fan, worts and pips i came to a conclusion. - worts dead and buried just not worth my time " a shame they where hands down one of my favorite things in the game together with slicksters and hatch variants". - ice makers only useful to keep a centralizee mealwood farm alive outside of that they failed and in some point generate more problems than solved. - ice fan - same as above good for making a cebtralized meal wood farm not die but thats it, i tried to make a mealwood for dreckos in a hotter area just a little to the left in oasis, spent 40 cycles with 4 of them and my mealwoods there stayed dead so... - turbines - the only true option now at least theyre good in what they do i ended up having to make a turbine for every block of things 1 for base and electros and 1 for power plant " this one still under construction" my petrol gens just broke from heat and they where feeding power to 8 ethanol distiller and a oilwell +air and water pump" they broke in like 10 cycles. - pips - totally fine by me and even fun to use which is important :). - Waterweed - still need to test its renewability but salt water geysers would need to br a staple for them or a way to make salt water. - salt vines - consuming too much chlorine and producing to little salt. - rust biome - needs a critter outside dreckos. - rust - needs renewability of some sort even space would suffice but would be better via critters. - geysers - need balancing for the weaker ones co2, hydrogen and po2. - a harvester arm to combo with a sweeper arm would be a cool adition for crops now to help give use more dupe time just make it not nake extra seeds just 1 for the same slot to keep it working. Beans - now with tofu are better and good to have them growing wild. Lights- if my kitchen lamp breaks it stops being a kitchen? For me what defines a room is its big components that said im using lights in every room that requires any dupe labor because im in need of it being faster even 2% being bad i need it. World traits - liked all of them now with the latest patch! :).
  11. Just having the rooms works as they worked before but giving them like +10% spd boost on work etc would make them desirable and the player would want to put them on every room always " especially when you got to atmos and still dont have tube systems your dupes will take very long to go back to eat and lavatorys, then i always put lights " even with the 2%" to help that and give more downtime.
  12. totally agree on pufts they need to be buffed urgently for ages now, yeap co2 geyser too weak and coolslush too strong, ice machines weaker than necessary too. but the more urgent is definetly the puft co2 geyser balance wise. true for thimble reeds could be the only real use now and a cool one a swamp park hahaha.
  13. I disagree, i even think thats the best outcome possible! oO now they're even more useful and avoid planting things to close anyways so seems really fine too me also i tried to abuse wild planting and just wanst able too, i could in late game but at that point i would just not die anyway so its even more pointless nerfing it more.
  14. Masterfully executed have a good rest and guys lets have some fun!