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  1. I guess three things can be changed/added to increase difficulty. One is like you mentioned in game settings you just put all max hunger, etc. Next would be searching through seeds that would give you less resources (metal poor) or harder to access places making things slower like boulders of obsidian. As of now in Early Access those asteroid traits view listing is not available. Last would be to play one colony while collecting all achievements.
  2. rush atmosphere suits every time and win the game In the shuttle cock pit if the atmosphere suit runs out of oxygen but there's enough oxygen in the cabin they won't expend that oxygen.. meaning you can suspend them forever in space inside the atmosphere suit (apart from food and bathroom). These suits win every time.
  3. Strange that dupes have nothing else to do that filling up critter feed continuously must be .. bugged? Also that's yet another mod they should implement into the game "Allow Manual Use" or something.. if you uncheck it dupes can't deliver. Do you have a sweeper to help top off the critter feed while dupes run other things?
  4. thank you! This worked out for me during the night cycle.
  5. But you can also argue that classic ONI has the same problem. In classic ONI there really is no need for thermium or other end game resources. It's up to each player how and what they want to progress into. As a matter of fact.. why do you need to be forced to have end game materials? Wouldn't that hinder end game progression which heavily rely on the creativity of each player? That makes sense.. since the perfect spawn mechanism of ONI would most likely create rock gas. It's not impossible but it could create very bad scenarios that might make it improbable to actually start taming the volcano.
  6. That's crazy.. once dupes land near the rover I guess you have to build a block cell around the rover so it can NEVER escape lol
  7. Grazie mille and just when I started a new map.. new patch.. new map again I guess.. new patch?
  8. Yep the more I play the asteroid the more I agree with your view. Also! Don't overlook two things which .. well I just thought of right now to be honest. Dreckos are available.. which means early plastics (cooling) and reed fiber is right there lol. The play style is VERY different here which is, to my surprise, cool. If that was intended by Klei, well done lol.
  9. OH MY GOD haha thanks man! No wonder I saw so many 3 tile neutronium in my map I was thinking.. "are they bugged geysers?" Awesome thanks for that bit of info.
  10. In classic I had builds that tile up 3 liquid pumps in cascade succession.. so all the magma that pools up on one side slowly becomes pumped out.. so yeah the way the tiles are being used in that image is the way you want to build this contraption. Magma won't push upwards.. it's just ONI physics. I can have a pool of magma building up but it won't push up because it's restricted its flow. aha yes indeed that can happen if the magma pools up too fast and is not cooled down quickly enough.. creating rock tiles instead of chunks. But since oil is constantly delivered at 10kg/s I believe is what cools down the small amounts of magma immediately once it touches the bottom mesh tile (which the temperature shift plate exchanges heat out of the magma from that corner) And well you can leave the rock pile up in the chamber if you want since new rock that gets dropped in brings in some heat again. I think it works like that lol.. at least, again Francis John has a video regarding steam turbine magma builds like that. I personally don't do these anymore.. I cool down huge pools of magma from volcanoes (collected into one pit) into rock by using hydrogen and steam turbines - which are swept away by conveyor rails (you could melt regolith this way) and then use the rail of boiling rock to produce sour gas or petroleum or steam turbine energy.
  11. Thank you @nakomaru much praise to you. I enjoy learning about the game and you are of huge help when it comes to that. At least now I can see the zigzag method will go a long way with maps having limited amounts of magma to cook oil.. or just for efficiency sake at least. Also do you play the game in degrees Kelvin? 1. There should really be a better video on youtube (Francis John has one) that explains the range of liquid pumps and how to trick the range to only pull up a certain amount without being in contact/submerged with said liquid. Magma is also very vicious or at least in this game the physics allows for it to pool up to a certain amount.. meaning it doesn't over flow into the chamber it just sits there because of the way the tiles are built blocking more of its "flow". 2. When magma falls into 2 sections of mesh tile it pools on the bottom tile and when phase change occurs the igneous rock that is created is forced out because of the 2nd mesh tile occupying the space above. This shoves the raw mineral into the only space available which has liquid lead and sits there at full temperature while the doors slowly exchange heat into the boiler. 3. That's liquid lead I believe.. which has safe temperature range from magma to solid rock and oil to petroleum.
  12. I agree with it bringing a nice dynamic to the game. It is very different now.. It's nice but we still have to see the 3,000 cycle plays out there that cheese the game to its limit. Until then .. just play normal for now lol. Well personally what I would like is plugging a power cable into the warp building and allowing it to connect to the first asteroids' power grid.. essentially sharing both maps into one grid.. this way I can go a little bit crazier with my builds instead of just being limited to each map. The warp building is the only thing I'm talking about at the moment since I haven't delivered say.. natural gas to the third asteroid for example. I don't know what that entails or how to manage it. Before you would just burn energy since it is constantly produced through big numbers.. but because of the size limitations and obviously time constraints of sending resources back and forward to other planets, you now need automation and burn only what is needed. Which is cool. But I go back to mentioning only the warp building.. having a power connecting option would be awesome.