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  1. I requested that around automation pack, since it would fit into automation theme, but then I realized that it would be too powerfull, and everybody would use it everytime, making ribbons and wires obsolete
  2. @Emeal, what part of my post made you think of me as 'impatient'?
  3. @blash365, I'm not sure if you understood my post... Judging by your answer - probably not. This is not a rant... I praised how previous pack was handled and I hope the DLC will experience the same amount of love. And I'm pretty much sure KLEI will handle this as well as previously - and that is why I do not expect the DLC in 2020 What I want to say is that I understand how covid could affected KLEI and because of that I understand that development may need some more time to release product they want to deliver. The only thing I fear is that community pressure could make them rush the DLC so they could not include all great things they wanted to. I always say that I'm 100% fine with the DLC released in 2021 as long it is good. I see some people on the forum expecting announcements any time soon - yesterday, week before, next week max. I understand their hype, I share their excitement for the DLC, but I think that patience and reason are quite a virtues too - and the reason tells me that 2021 is more likely to host the DLC release. If this is the case, rushing it to make it 2020 would not be a good idea. However, I trust KLEI and, as said above, I love how they handle their product. If they said they are ready for 2020 - cool! I will buy it 1st day after release. If they don't - 2021 is 100% fine too, because of the reasons I listed before.
  4. I'd rather see more dangerous germs as a part of game configuration. Currently I can easily skip health management in my colonies, I'd like to make it harder
  5. I look at sweepy as it was dupes' first step into robotics - they attached some brushes to the wheels to see if this could work. It isn't the result of highest robotics research - only one small step for dupe-humanity. Offgame - I feel the sweepy is only a teaser for future, more advanced robots. In both cases, sweepy shouldn't be advanced, nor efficient. I'm fine if auto sweepers are better at its work. However, I hope that in the future we will see more numbers of more advanced robots. But there again, sweepy should remain as basic as possible and all upgrades should be incorporated into bigger robots
  6. I thought of something similar - the Tear could work as wormhole between worlds, If you reached it, you could trade with different players. For each trade, you should launch rocket to the Tear with the resources somebody requested and the rocket could return with something they offered. This was my idea how to make ONI multiplayer without breaking the core game. However I'm not sure how fun or balanced could it be... And the quest system - this could work also. I thought ealier about some quest system when our dupes gave us quest to enforce some strange plays from the player (rushing the oil, focusing on farming/ranching, building some room that would break our usual base layout, etc). I wanted to create story for each dupe and break rutine and habits that we can fell into after several games. Quests from aliens to trade resources could fit this as well. Nice idea, I like it
  7. Yup, early access and gathering feedback could start in 2020. But I think official release should take place in 2021
  8. So, hot topic, ONI DLC. I can't wait to suffocate my dupes on several asteroids at once after some Not Great, Not Terrible accident happened in the main reactor. I know all of you guys want to play it as soon as possible as much as I do - we check the forum every day and we get super hyped each time steam database is updated. However, I really hope the DLC will not be released in 2020 and knowing how polished product KLEI likes to deliver, I don't expect they will do this. Here is why: Last update for the game included the Automation Pack. I really liked it. Not because logic ribbon and sweepy (of crouse they were nice too). I liked the pack because KLEI showed that they listen to our feedback, included changes requested on the forum and implemented the most reasonable mods that would fit the automation theme. This was super great feeling for me - not because my beloved game was expanded, but because I saw the devs care about me and the community. This feedback loop took 3 weeks. 3 weeks to polish several sensors and one robot to perfection. KLEI had this pack ready when they showed it to us, but it took 3 weeks to improve it to our desires. I'd really hope to see the same feedback loop before the DLC will be released. However, I'm pretty sure that radioactive system and new space layout is much bigger scope than few sensors (indeed, that is why it is DLC, not free pack). Similar feedback loop could take more than 3 weeks. 4, maybe 5, I wouldn't mind 6 or more if this made the DLC even more perfect. I assume KLEI are people too and that they wished to spend Christmas holidays with family at home, not coding DLC for us. They must also be prepared for potential bugfixes for urgent issues introduced with the DLC. It is really bad idea to release something 5 minutes before you take vacation. So, if the game was about to be released in 2020, if we wanted to take into account the Christmas and some time for the feedback loop, the DLC should be introduced to us within days. This scares me, because I'd feel it was rushed only to make it in 2020. I don't want rushed game. I want perfect one. And I'm pretty sure that both you and KLEI want the DLC to be good as well. Rushing it will not make it any better. So, that is why I hope the DLC will be released in early 2021. I fear that there is not enough time to make it both 2020 and good quality and include community feedback. Of course I may be wrong - maybe KLEI has something ready, polished, somehow gathered feedback already and only wait to push the RELEASE button. There is possibility that DLC released in 2020 could be really good. But we must be reasonable, and that is we should aim at 2021 Sorry to all of you who wanted to play during October. I feel you, I am one of those guys as well. But we must be patient and reasonable. And to the KLEI devs - thanks for all the great ideas you included in ONI we love you guys, keep as much time as you need
  9. Hi guys. I must buy new device for gaming (including ofc ONI). Because of reasons, I cannot go full PC-master-race, and I must settle with laptop. What I must pay attention to if I want to have smooth ONI games? I assume the processor is the bottleneck here. What would be recommended for ONI and where overpriced overkill would start? How about RAM and Graphics? Thanks
  10. For me it could be delayed to the december 2021, as long as devs would be sure the DLC will be amazing! And based on their work so far I have faith in them @JoeW, thanks for the update Good to hear you guys are Still Alive, it's hard to overstate my satisfaction Send our love to the team
  11. yes, there is 16 combinations, but if you want to turn on/off several modes, you can support 4 of them. if there was a device that can work in one of several modes, then yes, ribbon could help switching between 16 of them. But how should you treat input value 7 (0111) to the grill?
  12. The only way to "fix" the liquid locks (assuming they need "fixing", I'm not so sure about that) would be to introduce pressure mechanics that would cause 1000kg of gas break locks made of two drops of water. I'm 100% fine with current state of this part of the game, however.
  13. And I was mad that my tree won't grow all 9 parts... thanks! I assume that if I block 2 of those 9, I can be 100% sure that all other 7 will grow?
  14. They just said there is nothing new to inform us. I don't expect any information until november, and I'm not sure if we get the DLC this year - and I'm 100% fine with that.