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  1. With Klei Fest behind us I wonder what are next steps on the roadmap? Personally, I'd love to see at least one more content pack, maybe two, to fix and polish existing things before overwhelming us with bunch of new cool stuff in the next DLC
  2. yeah, I had the same feedback during the beta, it's sad it didn't make it to the final release. I'd understand if we were talking about something complex that would take too much time, but a few clothings? I don't get it...
  3. Diseases that don't have germs causing them (eg. Hypothermia) cannot be found in the Database.
  4. So yeah, it might be an unpopular opinion, but I have mixed feelings about last content pack... On the one hand its a new content, quite nice and good, and even if something isn't really my thing (not everything must be) I'm not forced to use it or to pay for it. So yeah, it's nice. I won't go into details of each new thing, but overall I like them. On the other hand it's not about what the pack is, it's what it isn't... It's what I expected, hoped for, overhyped for and in the end didn't get. That disappoints me and what's worse - I fear that if we didn't get things when it was best pack for them, we will never get them... And all of that overshadows the joy of new things... So, let me explain: In SO! Launch Announcement (link above) we got this promise: I feel like some DLC features could need some polish and get nice cherry on top. However, I perfectly understood why Klei wanted to release it before Christmass. This was fine, I thought, there will be content packs to address some of unfinished things. And I was super excited when roadmap stated that: I connected the dots and it was clear to me at the time that you want to address Plug Slug issues - we all love the idea behind the animal, but its current diet is too much for many players and some morph with appetite for refined metals would solve the issues. And that pack was perfect moment to add it. But it was missing... My disappointment is immeasureable... I understand that making new morph could be demanding task and art team needs to spend many hours to get all animations correctly. But I cannot imagine why you wanted to focus on eg. Pips and Voles - beloved critters that don't need any additions to be good - instead of the one that urgently needs some love and attention... Another thing I miss is "fresh decor and recreation buildings". We got nothing like it... I understand that getting a new and fresh idea for some creative addition in this saturated field could be difficult... But data mining thread showed that you guys had great ideas! I was so hyped when I saw new shooting animation, it would work great on some radbolt-powered shooting range rec building - another thing I believe the DLC lacks - but we got nothing like that... Decor buildings are another issue - I could imagine why we didn't got new buildings and I'm fine with that, but why did we get only 2 new artworks? Why only for lowest-tier painting? This should be something that is super easy to make - there are no animations, no big logic behind that, you just make a sprite and it's ready... So why only 2? Why nothing for sculptures? Why couldn't we get monument-like selection panel for artable items? The code is already there, it shouldn't be hard to add it to more buildings... I'm also sad about the "expand opportunities for expressive gameplay" part... We got only new clothing building, but most of the recipes don't really fit anything (at least for my preferences) and won't really be used. I mean - I'm fine with things that don't align with my taste, but at the same time I'd love to see something that appeals to it. We could also get things from the POI - there are already there, just unlock them for the players... We could get steel ladders to express more than "its either plastic or ugly"... I understand I shouldn't have unreasonable expectations, but come on, we got so little tools for expressive gameplay and we could get so much cool stuff with so little effort... So yeah, that's how I feel... Don't get me wrong, I like most of the new things, and many bugfixes and performance improvements were really needed... But at the same time I'm sad that this Content Pack didn't seize the opportunities... It could polish some areas of the DLC, it could add already existing QoL or unlock existing buildings, but none of this happened...
  5. Check this: Please note, I never used this mod and I cannot say nothing about it except I am aware it exists
  6. Yes, you should be able to automate that. However, using interplanetary payload launcher is easier to automate
  7. Hey Klei! Happy Klei Fest and congrats on new Content Pack release! Remember last Content Pack for ONI? The one with pixels and automation? During "Rhymes with Developers" twitch stream, one of you said something like "You know what? I'd like to see somebody making The Game of Life using those pixel packs!". You thought nobody would be insane enough to do this? Well, here I am! And this save file is for you! Happy Klei Fest everybody! (You must have DLC to load the save. For best experience, I suggest loading the save with "Useful Tags Lite" mod by Ronivan, I used tags to make some labels. It is not required to run the game, however) So how does it work? Here is the main screen, you can see how the game develops here. To start the game, press PWR button. Use this screen to setup initial board state. The game uses Multiplexers to switch between data from initial board or calculated memory state. The multiplexers are controlled by logic counter that counts game clock signals and is cleared when the power button is turned off. This is single calculation unit. It reads value of a pixel and broadcasts it using DLC Signal Broadcaster. This is used to reduce wire mess I ended up with when I tried to do this before the DLC... Signals from 8 surrounding cells are recived by related Signal Receivers. Each of them turns ceiling light on or off, based on pixel value. Total wattage is being measured by 2 pairs of Power Sensors: 1s pair checks >19 && <21 condition (exactly 2 neighbour cells alive), 2nd pair checks >29 && <31 condition (exactly 3 cells alive). The result, along with information if the processed cell is currently alive is used to determine if the cell should be alive during next step. To run the game on 8x8 board, 64 of those units are required. This is single memory unit. It is controlled by clock signal and stores information about each cell status. Output of it is connected to the main screen. Game clock is made out of BUFFER-FILTER-NOT gates, to allow easy reset on PWR signal change. CLK signal is AND-ed with PWR, to avoid clock ticking when the PWR is off. Also, CLK is connected to Logic Counter to determine if the game should use initial, user-defined state or calculated one. Border mode defines constant value of cells that are not visible (beyond the game border). By default it is 0, but you can set it to 1 to see some patterns appearing on the screen. Duplicants are happy and alive. Spawn them more food if they will go hungry. I made an aligment error for my design, and ended up with tones of free space below. I used it to showcase some Game of Life basic patterns that move, oscilate, or remain unchanged. I still got many unused cells, so Idk, use sandbox to populate them with life? Limitations and areas for improvement: - I found no way to make playing screen in 12x12 or 16x16 size, 8x8 is max square I could do. - Signal Broadcasters and Receivers will not work if there is too many solid tiles above them. 8 layers is max. - CLK frequency cannot be too small or you will see garbage due to gate response time. 2 seconds is a safe value. If you want faster animation, increase game speed, not CLK settings. - Whole system depends on Ceiling Lights glowing when reciving signal. When they overheat, everything breaks. - Step0 board could be displayed on main screen, it would be nice. If anyone has better ideas how to make bigger board, animate steps faster or improve the design in any way, please share save files with your designs
  8. Overall, I agree with what you said: DLC is great and makes the game strictly better, with no downsides when compared to vanilla. Yet, there is much that can be even better. Just adding enemies wouldn't solve this issue - ONI is not this kind of game. Dangers - sure, but try to think about something else than enemies to kill. Exploration itself could be the source of many risks - quicksands, earthquake stunning and trapping your dupes, dangerous stress and morale swings, dry season halting plant growth, germs - about those there is already enough feedback topics... Enemies to kill would be just killed and the game would become stale again... Every one of them is dark. The issue is that lack of light does not really impact the game... That's a great idea, except I don't like zombie part... but if we had some bats who run away from the light - much better. They could be infected with rabies, so their bites would be extra dangerous Just no. good idea, but we could start with rebalance of existing diseases. Or at least severity option. THIS! It's really a shame that such a cool idea and advanced implementation to achieve it is in fact useless... Mutants should drop seeds with their mutation or there should be a machine that allows you to clone existing mutation to another seed of this kind To be fair, I'd rather see more polished DLCs. I understand why Klei had to stop SO! development and release it, but there is so many things there that could be much, much better with a little more polish...
  9. While working on a mod, I realized that RadiationSickness.cs uses component copy-pasted from ZombieSickness.cs, including unchanged DUPLICANTS.DISEASES.ZOMBIESICKNESS.NAME. My guess is that it should not be like that.
  10. yeah, but that's safe amount. unless you make your dupe stay whole cycle next to shine bug reactor, you will be OK. In my opinion, radiation and radiation sickness are perfectly balanced beween fun-challenge-danger aspects. Ofc people can have different opinions there
  11. If your colony runs smoothly today on current game version, the DLC should not change much. Currently both vanilla and DLC use the same code, so both are optimized in the same way. In fact smaller worlds in the DLC might make it even better than in vanilla. Also, you can expect Content Pack around next week and that should make things run even better
  12. It seems that the pack is in the final polish stage now. Does it mean we won't see Plugslug morph...? Nor new rec buildings potentialy suggestted in DLC announcing post? I was so hyped when I saw new animations there: Is it too late to nicely request artwork selection screen (same as Monument has) for paintings and sculptures? Pretty please, with grubfruit on top?
  13. Out of curiosity - what issues are you observing?
  14. First of all, I believe SO! DLC could use some polish here and there. Klei promised us to keep working on it and I don't want to see new DLC rushed before DLC1 reaches its full potential. And about the future? I believe they could do something with biology (medicine, etc), chemistry (fire, explosions) or different natural hazzards. They could also expand Tech Tree, add some space-age technologies requiring temporal tear analysis.