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  1. If the mod shows as "not compatible with the DLC" on the list, it is because it's author didn't provide simple file to it. Why didn't he? Well, either he didn't do anything with modding since the DLC started EA, or the DLC changed the game's code so much, that the mod breaks and crashes. For the first case, you can see how the mod_info.yaml file should work (see KLEI's post in this forum). Then you can copy the mod from Steam to Local directory and add this file configured for DLC. It is super easy and allows you to add DLC support for the most of the mods. However if it is the second case, and related code changed, there is nothing you can do except making your own mod. (ofc, there is 3rd category - mods that make no sense in the DLC, like changing buildings that are not present in the DLC, but I don't think anybody ever would need nor want to add them to the DLC games)
  2. I fear you will not get much with lower resolution. Maybe something, but not much. Most of ONI computing comes from game logic, not rendering 2d sprites. Try reducing number of calculation your game needs to make, for example: Clean your map from derbits Reduce number of critters (avoid ranching) Build tiles instead of ladders for floor Reduce number of duplicants Those are first that come to my mind, try searching the net for more suggestions. Smaller maps should also be a good idea, you will find mods for that faster than changing resolution I guess
  3. In my checkout, Pliers crashed right in the menus. Also - Rooms Expanded don't work well with seed gathering during this beta, I will fix the issue once it goes live. Blueprints don't work well with DLC at all I guess, I just saw Brothgar crashed his game with it and he played on live version I believe
  4. 462698 branch. New valves have inconsistent names: two of them are "meter"s and one is a "limiter" Can we please have all "meter"s or all "limiter"s? That will be much more clear when refering one.
  5. 462698 branch. I cannot find new valves anywhere in the tech tree. I guess this is not by design and should be fixed
  6. If somebody is interested in new valves, here are more details: They have 2 logic ports, one output and one input-reset port. You can select how much stuff you want to transport using one valve. When subsequent packets enter the valve, it counts them and after reaching set limit, it sends green signal using ouptut port. Now it will block shipment of next cargo until it receives green signal on the input-reset port. Their images below. Really nice idea, I relly like it Automated rocketry is first thing that comes to mind, but I can see applications in ranching and other areas. Good job!
  7. Yes, maximum chance is 33% at 500 Rads, so at 300 Rads you should have 19% chance. If obtaining mutated seeds would be too easy, getting one wouldn't be so happy moment. I'm fine with them being rare. Is current rarity optimal? I don't know, but I wouldn't mind if they kept it this way. Yes, that makes sense, but keep in mind the rarity - if any mutated plant would always (or even 50-50) drop mutated seed, you could easily snowball after getting first seed. Also, at some point Farms with 500 Rads would become useless as you could get more at 25 Rads. Maybe lets keep the mutation chance the same for mutated plants, but let them drop only one kind of mutated seed - their own? Nice ideas! Maybe farm tile that has liquid and solid imput? Liquid for water as hydro tile and solid for uranium for this pretty green glow? Nice feedback, let me add my input to keep everything in one place: Visuals leafy and bloomy are great, as I can quickly tell what the plant does. It seem generinc enough to make it easy to apply for other mutations as well, and that would be both pretty and usefull, and I crave it Seed representation is currently the same for both mutated and original ones. I'd like to see mutated see to somehow stand out - maybe green glow?
  8. No need, 500 seems to be max. But yeah, try to test this scenario in sandbox mode, I believe it could work - turn on 500 Rads every time your farmer is nearby and you should get 1 mutated seed every 3 generated
  9. At harvest, if you roll good random numbers to produce seed, the game checks if the seed should mutate. It sounds like you can grow your plants in 0-rad conditions and use duplicant motion sensor to turn on radiation sources and mutate seeds. Somebody might want to test it
  10. I peaked into the code: If I understand correctly, the chance of mutation is directly proportional to radiation levels, with maximum of 33% at 500 Rads. So if you expose plant to 50 Rads you will have 3,3% chance of mutated seed Yeah, I get you, I play civ6 a lot, too. However I couldn't play modded leaders due to visible difference in quality of graphics. I'd love as much content in any game I love, but I guess I prefer quality over quantity. Same goes for ONI. But mutations seem to have great modding potential, I wouldn't be surpirsed if there would appear mods that add 50 more of them to the game, so if you prefer this approach, I'm sure sooner or later there will be something to satisfy your nees I find it to be a great idea. Currently you needed radbolts only for research and space exploration - if your playstyle reduces the 2nd, after you unlocked whole tech tree you didn't need rads for anything. This requirement adds cool challenges to farm designing and decisions you need to take. I really love this decision and I hope KLEI will stay with it
  11. I love it! New plant system is great! There is so much great ideas about it! It is so super cool! To be specific, I love that: Farms can be improved in late game, not just expanded Mutations open new strategies for farming, new decisions, that fit different playstyles, with no "this is always best" option They introduce constant radiation requirement in the late game They look so cool, it is so easy to see what plant mutated into what There is this nice feeling I had when searched for pokemons, this thrill of excitement and anticipation each time plant is harvested I'd love to see this system expanded, here are my some suggestions: Kanims for each mutation to reinforce the idea of each mutation being easy to identify by the one look MORE mutations (but tbh I will never have enough of this cool stuff) Rare mutations - better, but harder to get New building - Radlamp - 2x1 building that acts like ceiling lamp with radbolt port. It consumes radbolts and produce radioactive glow so my mutants could grow Something to allow us detect mutated seeds more easy, maybe green glow around them? Hovering mouse over all of them takes so long... Thanks KLEI, this update looks so fun! Good job!
  12. I'd say it is worth it. There are limitless possibilities to make new mutations, you could even have random mutation generator that randomly creates new mutations for each plant (current GUI wouldn't support it well, but that could be changed in this scenario). Having many different mutations would be cool at first, but then could feel cheap. I mean - ony modder can add new mutations to the game with very little effort (I guess) So, what is a difference between cheap "just the more the better" and KLEI's quality? Great ONI artwork! I'd rather have 2 times less mutations that feel polished to the last pixel than 10x more random meh stuff that somebody could make in their lauch break. I just lost several hours of my life trying to see how new plants look like, I wouldn't try so hard only for a few modifiers
  13. Yay, I got easygoing Bog Bucket! However I don't see graphic changes, is that OK @Ipsquiggle ?