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  1. I will definitely try this out. If the map allows (if the geyser is closer to a magma volcano or pool) I will enlarge the steam room and combine it with a larger array of turbines.
  2. This thread is so advanced (for me) that it belongs into a completely different category entitled "How to overthink and over-engineer this game"
  3. tbh I expected more people will vote and comment on this thread given that a lot (of us) miss some of the old mods. Does anyone know if I, a regular user, can do something to keep it on top of all threads or an admin needs to do that?
  4. @Yunru and @user32167 could you please cast your votes in the poll I've created for this? Mods poll
  5. The least they (the developers) can do would be to let us repair those broken lamps and use them in the game; they could potentially have better parameters but repairing to default lightbulb parameters would work well too.
  6. That was exactly the point of the poll and I do hope the devs will care about our feedback. Aside the wacky mods which either add a very specific thing to the game or change the gameplay entirely, there are a handful of mods which make a lot of sense in the context of the game itself. These mods do not change the gameplay, they only improve the experience.
  7. @Ozolins me too but I think that mod changes the gameplay a bit. @Meltdown I've added the option to the poll
  8. @Meltdown I've collected the most used mods from my previous thread. I'm sure there are plenty of other mods out there which are massively useful for some players but listing them would have made the poll too long and too diluted.
  9. Np @Brachypelmax , I'm glad we're on the same page
  10. @Brachypelmax The poll is not to complain about the DLC nor to berate the state it is in (alpha or unfinished) but, as @melquiades astutely pointed out, it is intended to "tell" the developers what the audience finds useful and needed to implement in the base game.
  11. This poll is made based on my previous forum question and I really hope the devs take action based on most voted. I'd like to ask all voters to restrict the voting to only 4 choices so we can prioritize these mods.
  12. @TheMule I tried gas locks and they were almost always messed up by slight pressure changes. Also, as you said, they tend to be quite big