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  1. Tried both color bling modes and no improvement ... Damn, and I really loved this game
  2. @RonEmpire Nah man, I wish they just reverted to the previous color or at least put that option in the color scheme or smth similar
  3. Hi Klei, are you sure you are thinking this through? I was so happy to read this post and thought the situation has been solved but seriously now... you've changed one bad thing for several bad things. Indeed, now the pipes are easier on the eye but what they transport is barely visible from afar - see attachments. Am I the only one having an issue with this??
  4. For the love of God please change back the color of the insulated pipes! I can't work with this color, it hurts my eyes and I can't distinguish if there water in the liquid pipes or oxygen/steam in the gas pipes. The game is unplayable for me now. Please Klei revert this.
  5. @EricKlei thank you for the update, I will surely test it and let you know.
  6. Hello, During save or when a new day begins and the icon with the pump appears and gets animated whatever action I am doing in that split moment gets replicated across the map. For example, if I was digging then the dig command replicates or if I was building a pipe then the pipe gets replicated diagonally across the map (see attachments). I now have to be very careful with what I do around this time and I'm always afraid I will dig up a volcano or merge liquid or gas pipes and kill my entire base (as it happened several times).