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  1. @SharraShimada no, but he sees me every day and he asks me every time how am I doing and if everything is alright. It may be a far fetched example but in this scenario at least I have the feeling of connection, I know he is there and he sees me I'm there. I would just be happy with the ONI team coming out with encouragements from time to time, even if there are (slightly) bad news like delays or other problems. I may not be able to do anything about it but at least I would feel connected. Just saying "the DLC will be launched in October" and then silence doesn't make me feel confident that I/we will have a release in October. TBH I somewhat expect them coming back in a couple of weeks saying the DLC release is postponed due to unforeseen events.
  2. I virtually stopped playing a couple of months ago in expectation of the new content and bug fixing. I did check almost on daily basis if there are any news but didn't actively play. The greater the silence and push back the more estranged I become with the game.
  3. My ONI is on an M.2 SSD, 16GB RAM, i7 CPU and also a GTX970. The only option I found reliable enough is indeed to clean up the debris around the map. Every once in a while, for 5-10 cycles I just clean up the map.
  4. I have the same issue, achievement present in the game but not in Steam, and I never did Debug/Sandbox on this map.
  5. I'm usually running them through the floors, not only due to aesthetics but also for (some) radiating effect.
  6. By the time I get to space all dupes are fully trained in athletics so they are actually faster "on land" (stairs, floors, tubes) than jet suits. If the asteroid was much larger and/or if the cost of jet suits would not have been so high (materials, fuel, exhaust etc.) then I could consider them.... otherwise, no dice for me.
  7. I tried to use jet suits long time ago and I gave up. I find them massively useless and wasteful in the current meta. Probably and hopefully things will change in the DLC.
  8. Tried both color bling modes and no improvement ... Damn, and I really loved this game
  9. @RonEmpire Nah man, I wish they just reverted to the previous color or at least put that option in the color scheme or smth similar
  10. Hi Klei, are you sure you are thinking this through? I was so happy to read this post and thought the situation has been solved but seriously now... you've changed one bad thing for several bad things. Indeed, now the pipes are easier on the eye but what they transport is barely visible from afar - see attachments. Am I the only one having an issue with this??
  11. I have a love-hate relationship with all parts. The early game is interesting from the exploration point of view but the lack of research and colony stabilization chips away the joy of exploration. Mid game is when you finally stabilized the colony and you do space exploration and new materials. The boring and frustrating part is when you try to optimize whatever you designed in the early stage. Late game you expand af but still fight with optimization and the curve-balls the game is throwing at you: every once in a while (2-300 cycles) I end up with no food from millions of calories, no power from massive power plants etc. On top of it, even though I have a decently powerful machine, the game starts lagging and loading it translates to minutes. After 1500-2000 cycles I realize I should've/could've done differently so frustration kicks in and I end the game. I have yet to build the "perfect" base.
  12. For the love of God please change back the color of the insulated pipes! I can't work with this color, it hurts my eyes and I can't distinguish if there water in the liquid pipes or oxygen/steam in the gas pipes. The game is unplayable for me now. Please Klei revert this.
  13. It should not matter the reason while inside the tube. Since the time they spend in the tube is very short, the dupes (the game) should at least wait till they get out. Much like the 1kg packets of liquid which do not vaporize inside a pipe but only when they get out.
  14. I fully support this, I am still haunted by the time when a dupe dropped a bottle of magma inside a tube; I didn't catch it on time and it almost ruined my base.