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  1. You're (all) right, it was my mistake. I had a blueprint of a cooler "pasted" somewhere on the map to use it as a model and indeed it required steel. Once I canceled/deleted the construction the steel became available. Thanks for making me see that
  2. @Zarquan I am aware of this mechanic and it's not the case. I have several thousands of kilos and still nothing is reported @whodunit I have steel in several containers and also moved them around and same result
  3. The location is accessible to dupes and I can even sweep the steel and store it in a container. I have no construction queued, the game simply "says" I have no steel.
  4. Hi, Did anyone encounter the following situation: I've deconstructed several buildings and even manufactured steel but the game still reports that I have no steel (see screenshot). Is there any way to get out of this or do I have to restart the game? Best,