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What Would You Want Out of The Next Portal Event?

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On 9/18/2020 at 10:00 AM, Blue Moth said:

I think it would be something sanity-based, since the forge was health and the gorge was hunger.

hmmm............. maybe.............you try to survive many nightmare creatures while trying to keep a fire going?

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I don't have any gameplay mechanics in mind that I want to see the next Orge explore, I'd just like to see some progression of the plot threads that were left unresolved as of Gorge. Preferably in a way that actually moves the characters forward, not "and then they got sent back to the Constant without Mumsy, Billy, Sammy, Pipton or anyone else from the Elder Bog and they sailed boats around until the next portal opened" or, worse, the Forge and Gorge being retconned out of the timeline entirely. I don't think the latter is actually a move Klei is likely to make, but I want it to be clear that I would be unhappy if they did.

It's perfectly possible to reconcile the Forge and Gorge story developments with Return of Them as it stands; it just requires that Return of Them be a prequel to Forge, even though it's being released later.

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On 9/20/2020 at 5:56 AM, wons said:

how blue moth said, sanity based
also did you noticed that every of these events is related to ",mob fractions"? (forge to pigs because pugma, goerge to merms because when you lose you are becoming one of them)
so i wanted based on sanity AND happening in spider realm so our webby boi would be fully accepted atleast there :3 oh and also there would be some item skins related to that world :D

Pigs, merms, and bunnymen are all semi-intelligent bipedal races that construct houses, live together in villages, have (limited) speech capability, and share the base sprite with eachother. Spiders are a feral animal seemingly only driven by instinct, with its most intelligent behaviour being following leader spiders.

If the trend of different factions were kept it would likely be bunnymen for the next one. Bunnymen are also down in the caves, the only location to have a permanent sanity drain, and the only mob other than the rabbit to change based on your sanity*, so that would also fit with the potential sanity theme.

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1 hour ago, Cheggf said:


That actually make sense, if you think about the drops of the creatures. 

Pigman: meat, pigskin-can be make into hambat and football helmet, weaponary for fighting 

Merms: Fish, frog legs-can be used for food (wurt was not created when gorge was created) 

Bunnymen: bunny puffs, carrots and meat - food, carrots for farming? but the farming feature is already in gorge and bunny puffs can be use for fur roll to sleep that increase sanity, health at the cost of hunger 

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