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  1. fishing, i am trying to catch every fish, it makes it so much funner with new modded fish, like tropical experience. but the worst possible thing to happen is when a skitter squid eats your bite so now you are left with take an almost impossible chance to try to catch the squid, or lose your lure/bait and float. my favorite catch ive gotten is the Moonglass Wobster.
  2. rather then wormwood being related to plants in dst, how about a wormwood skin where he looks like a haunted burnt tree totally not a spooky tree from a game that revived recently but really though, what i would really like is a fuelweaver skin for wormwood. just imagine seeing some dark, creepy plant grown to look like the Ancient Fuelweaver
  3. i relate to him so much. his backstory pretty much tells mine: the lonesome, didnt know how to fit in so he made friends with his plant friends, like me, i didnt know how to fit in so i have little friends, so ive made friends with other people that have autism like me. and wormwood is so cute i pretty much joke that i adopted him. game wise i main him, dont play anyone else in survival mode
  4. a boy can dream, but unfortunately you got me. but if klei decides to add what i mentioned to be domesticated, you better believe i am gonna try to domesticate a varg. beware the battle plant!
  5. i had this idea a long time ago, the idea is there would be a bunch of new creatures similar to beefalo that you could domesticate and mount, including vargs, ewecus, koalaphants, water beefalo and a cave exclusive animal. the cave animal would have glowing eyes that protect against charlie. but if its asleep (at night) the light stops.
  6. we see so little appreciation for our favorite walrus of the constant. i was thinking of a MacTusk that goes fishing. i bring you: the MacTusk Angler. he uses a fishing rod to fish from ponds and the ocean, and weighs each fish he catches or is given. instead of blue hounds as pets, he would have a ewecus as a pet, his son would trade fish for specific spears for spear fishing, an alternative way to fish. if you attack the son, the family will be angry at you, telling you to go away until they lose interest in you. they will be very mad at you for 2 days, neither of the MacTusks will attack you during those days, but they will command their ewecus to snot on you.
  7. a mod that turns you into an item, like an axe, or spear or hat/armor or even backpack like item, ect. i dont know anything about coding, but i would just think your "character" just follows the item you turn into. kinda like how the player possession mod but on a picked up item
  8. finally! a new wormwood skin! and it looks amazing! and finally a triumphant set for him!
  9. i starved to death... next to the icebox full of food
  10. Every time I try to launch the game, it wont launch, I check task manager, it doesnt show. Steam says Don't Starve Together is running but it isn't. Please help me.