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  1. ok i cant make it because i lack the smarts in my brainhole to do it. but can someone please make this stupid idea a reality? i really just wanna see a gif of klaus without his antlers or claws and chains in his command pose. i cant get this stupid image out of my head until its real
  2. while playing with creatve mode on, i crafted a compost wrap next to Warly's blender and it spun. did wormwood just stick a bunch of compost into Warly's blender and dump it all back into a leaf wrap?
  3. i love fishing thanks to the new ocean fishing mechanic.i love catching different kind of fish and the more to catch, the better. so can someone make a mod that adds a bunch of ocean fish that you can catch?
  4. a mod that turns you into an item, like an axe, or spear or hat/armor or even backpack like item, ect. i dont know anything about coding, but i would just think your "character" just follows the item you turn into. kinda like how the player possession mod but on a picked up item
  5. finally! a new wormwood skin! and it looks amazing! and finally a triumphant set for him!
  6. Every time I try to launch the game, it wont launch, I check task manager, it doesnt show. Steam says Don't Starve Together is running but it isn't. Please help me.