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Difficulty Level for each Character

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There is a lot of things I would change, but the most common problem for new players is sanity and health. Wortox would be challenging since they would always go insane, and have a hard time dealing with shadow creatures. Wormwood is hard, because they need to learn to kite first properly, otherwise they would get punished, and restoring health is quite an annoyance. Wigfrid on the other hand is simple easy. She can craft cheap helmets, and tank mobs with relative ease.

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In my opinion maxwell and warly is the hardest characters in game tbh. Warly is exception btw. I mean in solo its not hard because you dont have no one to worry about but if u re playing with other players. You should always try to help them and in my opinion thats why he is hard. You have to cook all kinds of foods when they need. For example when they injured, insane, really hungry, freezing or getting hot because of the summer. You have to make all kind of foods and plan everything. I think he is hard because he needs a lot of ingredients if you want to be able to make different kind of foods and be effective. I think he is the best support character and thats what makes him hard. Well about maxwell. We already know why he is hard. His HP biggest thing to worry about you always have to watch your HP and wear football helmet or something to protect you from damage. You also have to know how to use him effectively. If you are advanced player ofc all characters are easy because you know what to do with them and you also know everything about them.But for the new players i think this list is fair enough.

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Going off of the idea that the person playing the character is somewhat new to the game,

Easy: Wilson, Wendy, I guess Webber, Willow, Winona, WX-78

Medium: Woodie, Wickerbottom, Wigfrid, Wes, Wigfrid, Wortox

Hard: Wortox, Warly, Walter, Wurt, Wormwood, Wolfgang, Maxwell

I briefly considered putting warly in his own tier, but thats very much my bias because even I'd have an awfully hard time playing him without a wiki page open constantly to check if i'm doing the right recipes.

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I agree with you when it comes to 4-5 characters at most, but I dont wanna really elaborate on that
Wigfrid is easier than Wolfgang, Maxwell isn't hard, Wicker is easy, Wortox isnt easy, Walter isnt easy,Wormwood is most likely hard.

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Considering that the difficulty level corresponds with practical knowledge and survival skills in the game, this is not at all how I would list them. You placed many Hunger/Sanity challenged characters on the easy tier, which I don't agree with. Often playing in vanilla public servers, I so often see begginers struggle with feeding their stomachs and not getting attacked by nightmare creatures. As such, here's my list with explanations regarding changes:

Easy: Wilson, Willow, Wendy, Woodie, WX78.

(Willow: She might take more cold damage but she is almost better equipped at fighting winter than wilson, comes with insulation, lighter and fire immunity, ultimate survivalist character)

(WX-78: His only relevant weakness to wetness is mostly irrelevant until Spring, which, considering that surviving winter is amongst the biggest milestones for a beginner, will not be much of a problem on the second or third try, especially if given the Eyebrella.)

Medium: Wigfrid, Wickerbottom, Wolfgang, Winona, Webber, Wes, Wortox, Walther

(Wolfgang: His maximum strength is irrelevant to a beginner who will be trying to stay alive and a bottomless stomach makes this hard. Sure it's not that harder to feed him above starvation than Wilson and the like but Always in the wimpy form and the challenge that comes with filling stomach makes him a comparatively harder character then the first tier.)

(Winona: Ever since her rework, she's no a "female Wilson" but rather quite a hunger heavy character, at least as much as Wolfgang. Thus picking her requires much more involvement in remedying hunger and her buildings all require some knowledge of the game mechanics.)

(Webber: Puny Sanity, easily one of the characters that tend to go insane very fast and being a monster is not at all a helpful beginner experience)

(Wes: As much as he's a challenge character, his design is made to be just a Wilson with lower stats and higher hunger drain. These sure require some knowledge of the game but overall not as hard as the challenges provided by some other characters.)

(Wortox: Despite the ease of stocking souls, he suffers from his hard to satisfy Hunger and Sanity, with foods of all types being less effective)

(He appears to be beginner friendly but getting insane from just a few shots will hamper any luck of him being very easy for beginners.)

Hard: Warly, Maxwell, Wurt, Wormwood

(Wormwood struggles healing ourside sleeping and healing items, which is a big detriment when he can't restore health after fights for begginers besides heling salves)

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I'd make an additional tier called beginner tier.

Someone like Wilson or Willow or Wendy would fit in that tier. You don't need to know anything about the game to use their strengths.

Someone like Wortox who requires the player know that you can punch butterflies and how to combat spiders without taking damage, or someone like wolfgang who requires the player understand crockpots and how to get stronger weapons than the spear would go in the easy tier.

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I like to think there are 2 scales of difficulty: survival and bosses combative. For example, Warly and Wolfgang have some trouble to surviving, but they can annihilated bosses with minimum preparation, meanwhile Walter's kit all based on survival aspect but his downside makes him nearly impossible to solo-kill any thing, unless cheesing or prepare a ridiculous ammount of armor, heal and sanity.( Kiting is not an option to certain bosses),

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6 hours ago, hoppin mandrake said:

I made a tier list for my friend who was getting into DST for the first time. How accurate would you say this is? What would you change?

Wendy is so easy she should have her own tier. Easy tier contains both characters with perks that aid in survival (Wendy, Wortox) and characters that simply do not make the game harder (Wilson, Webber). Medium difficulty contains characters with perks that aid in survival without making the game harder (all of them except Wormwood and kind of Wigfrid).

I agree with hard tier, but would also add Wormwood to it. He makes hunger, by far the easiest thing to manage, easier to manage at the cost of the two more difficult resources being more difficult to manage. 

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Some characters are hard to place in a difficulty tier list like this in a way that tries to be accurate for all players, because they have a high skill floor but very potent advantages for players with a good grasp on the basic workings of the game. Walter is a prime example of this, because he loses sanity every time he takes damage and whenever he isn't able to heal to full health, and sanity clothing isn't useful to him; expert players are good at avoiding damage and can treat insanity as free nightmare fuel time, newbies not so much.

I wouldn't have put Wendy among the easiest characters in DS singleplayer, but she basically doesn't have a downside anymore now that she gets a 40% damage bonus from attacking in tandem with Abigail and can immediately resummon Abigail if she's defeated, so, like, fair enough.

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Very Easy Characters:

  • Wigfrid: Wigfrid is an easy way to introduce new players how fight in DST. She automatically starts with a spear which deals 50 damage (enough to kill a spider in two hits) and a helmet which absorbs 85% of the damage for her (allowing he to tank up to 1333.33 damage with enough helmets). Her tools are made out of very basic materials which can be obtained by mining Gold Vein Boulders. New players do especially struggle with health and sanity as they don't know many ways for how to restore them, Wigfrid is able to restore both of the stats just by fighting mobs which is also a task she needs to do to obtain enough meat. Low max sanity means that she has an easy time to cure her insanity.
    The only thing Wigfrid struggles with is her hunger as she can't benefit from all the food lying around when the world is created and has 20% less hunger than the average character, but that doesn't prevent her from eating the easiest crock pot food which is made mostly out of berries or vegetables, also the penalties of cooked Monster Meat are mostly negated with her fighting abilities.
  • Wendy: Wendy allows players to avoid fighting with mobs while still obtaining their loot because Abigail will kill almost any mob ingame for them with no effort. Especially spiders don't stand a chance against Abigail, allowing players to gather tons of spider glands, monster meat and silk which will help them with health, hunger and sanity.
    The only thing she currently suffers from is killing bigger mobs as they can kill abigail with ease. But that can also be seen as a warning for the player not to fight that mob because it's too strong for them. But even if Abigail dies by fighting e.g. a Treeguard, it's still beneficial for Wendy as the Treeguard and any other non-aggressive mob will stop aggroing her.

Few others in short:

  • Woodie: Has almost no penalties and provides the player with infinite logs which can be used for structures or armors. His beard also allows him to survive winter bit more easily. The resulting Treeguards might become a problem, but they can also be helpful against Hounds or bigger bosses.
  • WX-78: Has no penalties until spring arrives and allows players to maintain food more easily. Lower max sanity means that they start with less sanity than the other characters but it also allows players to get out of insanity more easily.
  • Wickerbottom: Very high max sanity means a hard time once you become insane since you'll need to restore more sanity than the average character and sleeping is not a way for Wickerbottom for restoring her sanity. To use her books she needs to obtain reeds which can be a death trap for new players as tentacles are able to deal up to 68 damage with a successful attack.
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wurt and wormwood are certainly only medium. if you don't know anything about how to use their advantages and try to treat them like a wendy or a wigfried you will be stomped but as it stands wormwood can plant his own food and gain sanity while doing it if you can find manure/rot and some seeds while his downside of no health from food can be negated by sleeping. wurt gets sanity from holding a fish and while holding that fish she doesn't suffer wetness penalties so she has a sanity gain and a slot-free rain hat and her cost is she cannot be around pigs. those aren't unreasonable trades at all and for a low-medium player they are very viable options when the meta is not taken into account(the meta trashes everything)


going to be frank here, if you want a more honest tier list you should sort them into four categories; the player struggles with health, the player struggles with hunger, the player struggles with sanity and the player struggles with all of them about the same since the way the player interacts with the game means a lot more than the raw numbers in most cases, heck, in my own playstyle wormwood is as easy as wendy to play as and wendy is pretty much the character you would pick if you had to help a beginner play the game since abigail does most of the work which says a lot about how i play the game but not a lot about how wormwood would rank in skill

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For a beginner I'd go with:

  • Very Easy: Wigfrid, Wendy, Willow
  • Easy: WX-78, Webber, Wilson, Wickerbottom
  • Medium: Woodie, Wortox
  • Hard: Wormwood, Wolfgang, Winona
  • Very Hard: Warly, Maxwell, Wes, Wurt, Walter


I don't understand why so many people placed Wolfgang as easy, and WX as hard. It's quite the opposite for beginners. Beginners have problems with keeping up with food and sanity, two things Wolfgang has increased penalty for, and not only that, when low on hunger he becomes weaker and slower than most characters.

Wx on the contrary will not get water damage for a long time in the early game (and if it rains in the first autumn, its usually for a very short time) making him an alternative Wilson for most of your first playthroughs. He has average stats on DST, so you don't need gears to accomplish anything, and you certainly don't need to know how to ruins rush to play as him.

The true beginner friendly/recommended chracters should be Willow and Wendy (and maybe Wigfrid): Willow has an easier time cooking food, restoring sanity, dealing with the night and shadow creatures. Wendy has an easier time with everything, except shadow creatures.

Walter is the biggest new player deathtrap released yet. New players will get hit, a lot, and Walter goes from full sanity to 0 instantly. It doesnt matter if he didn't lose sanity at dusk for the first few days, when the average new player faces his/her first enemies, even with the slingshot, Walter will instantly go insane, and then get killed by shadow creatures.

Woodie is another new player death trap (not as bad as Walter though). All I see them do is either starve after the first full moon, get killed by shadows after the first full moon, or once they learn to prepare for the transformation, they get constantly haunted and killed by treeguards. It's not hard to deal with his penalties, but certainly not as easy as a Wilson.

Wortox is somewhere between easy and medium. I see new players (like, among their first playthroughs) struggle with food as him, so they end up eating only souls, getting insane and then dying. New players survive with Wortox very well once they know how to use a crock pot, at least for meatballs (they just outheal everything)

Wickerbottom is very new player friendly, most new players I've seen on publics will take advantage of her knowledge of crafting a spear, a backpack and a log suit early on, and they will most likely never (or very rarely) use a book. Most also stay sane by picking flowers, wearing garlands and eating cooked green mushrooms.



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I feel like for new players the hardest characters would be Walter and Warly if you come into dst completely blind you won't know any crock dishes and we all know what will happen next, but on the Walter side of things it requires you to know how to heal and punishes you for getting hit more than normal doing so no matter how casually you play your going to get hit at some point while he does have the portable it requires the player to know it's there and pay the hunger cost.


As for wurt I'd put her at medium as most of her difficulties for a new player are going to come from winter and other players

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