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  1. Want Steam games, trading cards, or items from other games.
  2. My world spawned with a whole bunch of random gnomes.. May I present to you, the Gnome Circle. Each night we gather to carol at the Gnome Circle in order to complete the ritual.
  3. Thank you to all Klei devs who were amazing and gave us the weaveable Cauldron Crockpot.
  4. You're right, plus the two clock looking dials match the wheels found on the science machine.
  5. It's actually more likely to be a Alchemy Machine reskin, because of all the dials and levers that are present on it. The Science machine doesn't have that much mechanization
  6. Got this, and a week ago I got Wickerbottom's Roseate, but didn't screenshot it.
  7. Despite playing DST for 2 years I've never actually made it a full year in game.
  8. So, you know how we get Winters Feast Chests? Do we get chests for the Halloween event, and if so, can we get them via trade inn like we can the winters feast chests?
  9. You have to track all three, but I've gotten a few from facebook, so that'd be the one I keep an eye on. They also sometimes post links here in the forums, so the key is just to be active.
  10. Well, they sometimes post redeem points links on Klei social media and newsletters, so keep a look out for those because I've managed to get around 1800 points that way. They also have reward links for spools, too.
  11. I think Wurt's matches pretty well, but I agree that Wormwood's is more of a 'Decayed' or 'Corrupted' skin
  12. I got both my mom and dad into dst and my dad launched the game for the first time ever and got Woodie's treeguard hair. I got tennis shoes.