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  1. I'm not blaming Klei. I'm just pointing out that some skins are way to expensive to ever want to buy, regardless of if the drops are still available. Which really sucks if you are trying to complete a characters collection.
  2. I think the prices on Steam are outrageous regardless of weather or not it drops. Wickerbottom's Guest of Honor skin goes for 35 dollars. That's more than for paying for 2 copies of the game. Why would I spend 35 dollars on a single skin, and then another 10 dollars for the rest of the outfit?
  3. You have a point. Plus I saw someone saying that it was always the case that the beta comes out 6 days before the actual update, the beta came out yesterday I believe, and six days from yesterday is the 22nd.
  4. This post is just speculation that I made for 2 reasons, 1) I thought it was fun, and 2) I always see at least one 'When is the update' posts around this time. Klei can post the update whenever they want so there really isn't any evidence to what I'm saying, it's all just fun and games. And with that said.... I theorize that the update will be on October 29th. The 29th is a Thursday, and as far as I know Klei always updates DST on Thursdays. Another reason being is that Wigfrid's Refresh was introduced close to the end of the month last month, and if Klei updated the game again with the Hallowed Nights update, it would take focus away from the refresh, so it'd make sense that they would plan the update for the end of this month, in order to give Wigfrid her time to shine. The third and final reason I think the update is the 29th is because according to the website WhenIsTheNextSteamSale, The Steam Halloween Sale is on October 29th. This makes sense because the best time to release a Halloween update would be during a Halloween sale for discounted price. That's good advertising That's all the reasoning I've got. Again. this was all just for fun, don't take what I said to be a confirmation of the actual date!
  6. I think a pin lock would be too tedious when you are trying to unravel. I would rather there just be an option to 're-ravel' items you've unraveled. Where you get items back you've unraveled previously at the cost of the exact amount of spools you got for unraveling the item. To prevent anyone from trying to abuse the 're-ravel' option, each item should expire 24 hours after it's unraveled, where you can't re-ravel the item. This way, the only items you can re-ravel are ones you truly didn't mean to unravel.
  7. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure you have a chance of getting hollowed nights skins, or hollowed nights chests from trade inn during the event.
  8. I respectfully disagree. Ignoring how hard it may or may not be for the Devs to implement something like this, DLCs for a multiplayer game are always iffy. Most people won't purchase it, and the ones that do are limited because you can only use the multiplayer features with players who have the same DLCs. Moreover, DLCs take away from the games main purpose, something that Klei has said they don't want to do. Having a whole bunch of extra mini games distracts from the main survival goal. Klei did something like this once before, where they added quests to DST, but players focused so much on completing the quests, that they ignored the main goal. So Klei removed the quests. It's similar with any DLCs they might add. Also, and I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me (and I'm not calling anyone out, just stating my opinion), people need to stop asking for the Forge and Gorge to come back, or for another event like that. Klei has said straight up that they aren't making anymore. They've given multiple reasons for this. If you want the Forge or Gorge or something similar, get a mod if you're on Steam, accept that it's not going to happen.
  9. Got this, and a week ago I got Wickerbottom's Roseate, but didn't screenshot it.
  10. There is probably never going to be another Forge or Gorge event because devs have said they don't want to make anymore, plus we have long moved past these events with the start of RoT
  11. I actually had this problem as well. I had already started the puzzle and left it because I was confused on how to proceed. It took me months to figure out that it had saved my progress so I had to continue from stage two.
  12. I like the vargling the best, because I think the skins for it are the cutest, plus it's probably the cheapest pet to get, requiring only a monster lasagna and 4 hounds teeth.