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  1. thanks for the answer, guys! I checked my purchase history and I really did buy it all separetedely, but it costed so little I actually registered it as one thing only. Just clarifying my mistake in case someone reads this.
  2. What DLCs are included when you buy Dont Starve base game? (asking because when I bought it, shipwrecked came along. A friend wants to buy it now, but we are unsure if Hamlet is included, since it shows in the game banner)
  3. They are pretty close to each other, but I havent put much effort on that. How much is one tile? Is it equivalent to one rigamajig use?
  4. How can I reliably spawn a Lord of the Fruit Flies? Tried both 16+ rotten and 16+ grown crops at the same time for days, all of it on 40+ days worlds, nothing worked yet for me
  5. I wonder if we can expect another update soon enough (maybe still this month)... I hope so, this one feels like it's been planned at least since last april
  6. I would love that. Monster Lasagna would be a nice fit, and finally have its place at the sun