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Poll: Which Character's Animated Short Was The Best

Best Character Rework/Addition Animated Short?  

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  1. 1. Which Animated Short Is Your Favorite?

    • Next of Kin (Winona)
    • Possessions (Wortox)
    • From the Ashes (Willow)
    • Lunar Roots (Wormwood)
    • Taste of Home (Warly)
    • Tree's a Crowd (Woodie)
    • The Monster Marsh (Wurt)
    • Wish You Were Here (Wendy)
    • A 1st For Everything (April Fools Wes Animation)

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As of Wendy's rework, exactly half of the current cast have gotten added/reworked. We have received 9 (counting April Fools Wes) beautiful animations, some generally accepted to be better than others for one reason or another. Which one was your favorite and why?

My favorite was A Taste of Home, Warly's short (shocking, I know). I loved it because it took a character that was previously just nothing more than a generic chef in a survival game with no real character outside of "I can only stomach top notch dishes", and turned him into so much more. It added so much depth to a bland character. He's not just some chef who is too picky for his own good, he is a man who needed to master cooking in order to perfectly replicate dishes so that he could bring his mother's memory back for a few moments. Absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking animation.

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Taste of Home by a long shot.

 - The first time I watched it, I was on a PC with busted sound devices, and I was still brought into a valley of sorrow and tears due to the superb storytelling, filmography and animation.

 - The new lore showed us a totally unknown side of Warly - and a totally heartbreaking side at that.

 - They made excellent use of changing aspect ratios and color scales to emphasize just how dreary and dark a world in Alzheimer's is, and an excellent transition to and from Maman's lucid states too.

 - The next time I watched it, it was on my phone with headphones on... and the score was superb.

 - The short resonates with me on a deeply personal, relatable level. 

Wish You Were Here was admittedly also nice, and I retract my previous statements regarding it's lore, although I honestly expected more. 

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18 minutes ago, kiwikenobi said:

What about "Forbidden Knowledge?" Wilson is my favorite character, and I like his animation the most out of all of them because it's about him.

Yup, that's what got me into the story right after Ecfor's Bloodeagles.

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On 4/2/2020 at 6:58 PM, kiwikenobi said:

What about "Forbidden Knowledge?" Wilson is my favorite character, and I like his animation the most out of all of them because it's about him.

I thought of it less of it about Wilson and more a trailer for the game if you ask me.

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I think it's both. It was made to promote the game, but it also gives us Wilson's very specific origin story, which is (mostly) what the other animated shorts do for their respective characters. Shows their motivation for going to the Constant.

But I suppose if this particular poll is only including shorts that were made specifically for Don't Starve Together as opposed to the single player Don't Starve... I'd want to vote for "A New Reign." Because Wilson is in it. ^o^;>

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My favorite isn’t on this list, so I just voted for Wes cause.. Balloon Mech.

that is now my loading screen in the game too.. Balloon Mech.

Someday Balloon Mech will be real.. maybe not for DST.. but for some future DS Game for sure.

i get that it’s a joke now... but, If Klei ever decided to make an MOBA game I want and Expect Wes in a Balloon Mech.

Btw- My favorite Animated short features Charlie :) of Course! <3 

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I personally voted for Wormwood's short cuz' I loved the way they showed off how the different creatures of the Constant (Hamlet, technically) interact with one another, and I absolutely adored their way of shading the environment/characters! Everything just blended together remarkably well, and I love learning new art techniques from Klei. :wilson_love:



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This is a tough question to answer...  I feel like the emotions created in Warly's are the strongest and most pure.  Wendy is neck in neck with Warly, and the twist at the end really sells it hard.  These works are masterful, and I can't watch either of these without catching a tear.

Willow is still the one I would put above these for me as it draws on the feelings of childhood betrayal, abandonment, and the need for something stronger to carry you through when you have no hope to carry yourself.  The turn to empowerment, and brutal revenge leaves such a mixed emotion where you are simultaneously impressed, yet fearful of what she may do next...  She's the real anti-hero archetype, a Punisher in little girl's clothes  I adore this archetype.  Willow was the only reason I began playing this game years ago.  I'm the type that puts a lot of time into very few games so I was going to give this game a pass as I have so many others, but a girl and her lighter, and her visual you could just tell what type of character she was even then...  Just like Annie from League of Legends, who was also the only reason I began playing LoL.

This video hits me with an emotional impact unlike any of the others.

There is another archetype which I appreciate as much as the little girl anti-hero though - and that is the Don Quixote esque idealist.  I don't know if Klei is going to follow up and theme Wes' rework in this same way, but the way the video is crafted it told a great story of what Wes might want, and what he fears.  I love how Klei is able to capture so much emotion in these shorts without saying a word.  It was a tough call, but I voted for this one...  Its the only one that didn't make me cry T_T and sometimes that's what you really need - a laugh, even when you cry inside.  I give Wes my love <3

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I would say the monster marsh was the best because it was so childish and wurt looked so adorable in the short 

24 minutes ago, Shosuko said:

 I feel like the emotions created in Warly's are the strongest and most pure.  

For sure the warly one give off that feeling completely it was very warming

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I think Winona's short is my favourite, mostly from her conspiracy board. I really wish and hope it'll be explained in more detail. In particular, Woodie has THREE connections to Voxola and I desperately need to know what the hell went on with him. 

Speaking of Woodie, Tree's A Coward is another favourite of mine. It has a lot of energy and is beautifully animated. It kind of reminds me of old Looney Toons shorts, which gives me a lot of nostalgia for my childhood. 

I also have to agree Warly and Wortox are tied for my favourites in the feels department. I love how Wortox's is narrated like a Christmas short. It gives it a lot of character, especially with Wortox's ties to Krampus. 

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