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Steam Ham Sandwich in DST

klei should add the Steam Ham Sandwich to Dst in Warlys update.  

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  1. 1. Vegetable stinger and Asparagus soup is going to come in the update anyways, Plus the recipe is all vanilla ingredients, only using 1 foliage, 1 meat(expt monster meat), 1 vegetable, and one filler.

    • Yes i want it in the game, plus memes always make things better.
    • No i do not want it in the game, foliage isn't renewable except the forest stalker and tumble weeds.

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5 hours ago, reverentsatyr said:

what's so memey about this specific sandwich?

There was this Simpson meme that was going around where skinner makes a roast for the super attendant but it backfires, so he buys hamburgers from krusty burger and calls them steam hams, and say that they are a old family recipe.

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