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[Poll] Insulated Pack Buff

[Poll] Insulated Pack Buff  

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  1. 1. Should the insulated pack be buffed?

    • Yes, it should be non-flammable and have 10 slots.
    • No, it is balanced.
    • Yes, I’ll explain how it should be buffed in a reply.

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Should the insulated pack for Reign of Giants and DST be buffed? It is currently flammable, has six slots, and costs 3 gears, 3 electrical doodads, and 1 thick fur to craft. With the addition of Warly to DST, the insulated pack would become a waste of resources, since chef’s pouches can be crafted easily and have the same function and two more slots.

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It just needs 8 slots. A direct upgrade to the backpack without putting the piggypack out of a job. It’s thought of as useless because not only does it store less than the backpack, but it isn’t an effective cooler for it’s cost either. Both of it’s main aspects need to be buffed.

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You know what's the most silly and ridiculous thing is?

All the materials of insulated pack ARE NOT FLAMMABLE, but the insulated pack itself IS.

And.. after Warly join the party, Where's the point of wasting bearger fur and 3 gears? It will become a symbol of total uselessness.

I don't think it will ever be buffed, too. It is not a DST-exclusive item. Buffing the insulated pack is more complex problem than just neglect about re-balance.

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8 minutes ago, Hell-met said:

well to be fair, fur has zero use outside of the vest, and ruins overflow with gears.

Of course those materials are abundant at some points, but I'm afraid you missed the context lil bit.. about the release of Warly.

Make beager fur and 3 gears into something flammable and inferior to chef pouch is inefficient use of resources.

But surely the insulated pack has its unique value in DST right now, at least.

At first, if there isn't any official announcement of releasing Warly into DST, This topic would be pointless.

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12 hours ago, Auth said:

It just needs 8 slots. A direct upgrade to the backpack without putting the piggypack out of a job.


1 hour ago, 4 Da LOLs said:

it should make food inside it immune to toadstools rotting abilities

inflammability, ice not melting and 8 slots would make it worth the boss items


11 hours ago, Namelessgamer said:

More slots pls, and it need to stop ice and ice cube from melting.

Yes please @ all 3 things at the same time.

Less gears to craft it as well, its currently ridiculous, one gear is enough. It should offer a decent alternative to keeping stuff for longer in a more active way, over bundling wrap. And still be slightly less efficient than an actual fridge.

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I said this once, and I'll say it again. Warly's pack is not too OP for DST, as long as he isn't going to be used as an item dispenser. Making the chef's pouch relatively expensive to craft will solve that problem, as he can't just crank them out like Wigfrid can with helmets and spears, but can still provide his team with them come late game.

As for the topic at hand, yes, yes, 100x yes. 10 slots so people who prefer space can use the krampus sack (14 slots)/piggyback (12 slots). Prevent ice from melting is a bit much I'd say, however if it gets nerfed in terms of recipes, I'd say that would be okay. In other words, you shouldn't be able to carry stacks and stacks of ice around with you and every time you kill a spider you can make meatballs, especially if Warly is going to be able to make portable crock pots. The recipe for the insulated pack is okay provided that it is a boss item, however it sucks currently. If the item is buffed as described, I'd say the recipe is fair.

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Personally, the only time I've used the insulated pack is when I'm underground and I head to the ruins away from my underground base, where I can safely take my time hammering down walls for thulecite fragments and mining statues without worrying about my food rotting because there's not a lot of natural food sources in the ruins, if any (I'm talking about the areas with the clockworks and statues not the area with the lichen and monkeys). 

But once you get the bundling wrap blueprint, that's far superior than the insulated pack in my opinion because you can carry a 20 stack of wraps with 20 rope and unpack food as necessary, but that's besides the point.

I feel like the insulated pack is pretty balanced where it is now since it is after all a portable storage that doubles your food's spoilage time and can carry non-food items too. 

If you were to expand the slots I would say it would need to be balanced maybe by restricting the slots so only food items can be placed inside, but then who would carry around more than 6 types of food for it to be useful at that point...

If I remember correctly, when the Insulated pack is lit on fire, it turns into ash pretty quickly (like how fast turf on the ground), so I think if it can't be made immune to fire, it should at least burn for longer before it gets destroyed (so it can be saved easier at least).

I think it would be broken if non-Warly players would be able to wear Warly's special chef sack, and if they could be mass-produced. I mean, isn't the chef sack supposed to be Warly's own chef hat after all? It should just be for Warly players in my opinion.

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