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  1. for being an endgame item only accessible after killing a boss it seems like just enough to me
  2. 300 seems like a fair amount
  3. what does that have to do with a toad 2.0 and what chair decoration??
  4. Pengulls shouldn't spawn at "rivers"

    bruh ive seen penguins come out of the ground... scares me every single time
  5. you lost me my intention was for klei to just vomit new things on us not fighting toadstool for it??
  6. love that glorious mod
  7. thats not the point tho i want new decorations new buildings that if they offer some kind of utility i wont say no to, just more new things in general i spent about 5 minutes thinking of things that could be added just off the top of my head in order to get people thinking about what they want yknow? so what would you like to be added into the game?
  8. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    some kind of giant broodmother thats so cool and exciting if possible id love a blueprint drop from a new boss tho tbh
  9. i dont understand whats the hammer for? the effigies are intended to stay up to either attract or repel the monster/creature it represents and sure the lazy forager is a thing but who is gonna sit there and waste a lazy forager on logs when you havent fed chester since um uhhh EVER this chester variant is intended for maxwell mains to harvest wood and then take a nap because their brittle old man bones are soft n sqwooshy (jk jk )
  10. Gift Drops.

    buy your friend a lottery ticket
  11. if i ever play on a public or klei run server i only play on day 1 autumn worlds and if im lucky enough to find that i can only hope that the self declared wes main leaves after they forget what a torch is...its not anti new player imo its more of a common courtesy to not ruin everyone's sanity if you've made a friend that is able and willing to revive you congrats but dont hover around for days expecting a revive from randoms
  12. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    If bone boy or any boss ends up happening i could only hope they get a lunar energy aura or something xD
  13. Music Emote

    i would love this xD i can only hope my friends dont play bass boosted ricardo music nonstop while they eat my foood and sit in base REE
  14. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    fk me that image got me spooped other than that not bad i could definitely see glommer as a boss xD
  15. LOL that sounds like where i want to be in life