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  1. i mean that doesnt mean this person owns all skins maybe they missed the gorge(couldn't play) and were waiting for a free ice box skin
  2. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    some kind of giant broodmother thats so cool and exciting if possible id love a blueprint drop from a new boss tho tbh
  3. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    If bone boy or any boss ends up happening i could only hope they get a lunar energy aura or something xD
  4. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    fk me that image got me spooped other than that not bad i could definitely see glommer as a boss xD
  5. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    I like it tbh dont think we've had a fish based boss right? would this fight happen while on the raft or in the lunar biome? what would this fish based boss drop? would it have to be summoned from some kind of pregenerated altar placed in the middle of a setpiece that always spawns? what numbers of hp could we expect? The original chess pieces grant access to resetting the ruins or whatever, if we did another variant of a fight thats harder than that it should reward you just as much right? I'm happy that this might satisfy players looking for a hard end game objective but whats the best we can receive for defeating these? honestly a stash of Thulecite?? or maybe handful of green gems might not be enough. I would love for them to give us access to a whole new area in the caves maybe specifically caves on the lunar island that is harder than normal caves? who knows xD I've dreamed of the idea of a Tsundere spaceman but a big end game boss couldn't possibly be the size of a human xD it sounds outright silly to me as for the lunar fuel weaver variant id prefer if it was something unique something we haven't experienced, something that throws everyone's expectations into a wagon sets it on fire and rolls it into the nearest lake and plays i need a hero as it sinks this is actually insanely cool lol i kept saying what the **** over n over xD where did you get this image 0_0' •What kind of different attacks can we expect from an undead deerboi tho? something similar to the crystal spiders? •Would enlightenment affect the fight in any way? •Is there a reward for defeating this variant of Deerclops now that apparently its eye isn't available to us xD •What if you purposefully avoid killing Deerclops would this boss not spawn and thus not seek revenge? •Since a normal Deerclops has a negative sanity drain of like 400 or something would the undead version drain a lot more? i know i lost a bit ****ting myself the first time i saw this image LOL •Since this version of Deerclops is closer to death than the normal variant of Deerclops would it in turn have less hp? it'd make sense that it was only moving due to lunar influences so thanks to that its bones are hardened thus harder and supernaturally healthier than original deerboi
  6. I'm very impressed with what Klei has dished out in this first segment Turn of tides of the beta branch Return of them,but i kept thinking about whats to come. O_O It left me thinking of a Lunar biome specific arena Boss that'd hopefully drop another useful blueprint like BeeQueen drops the Bundling Wrap. However im left stuck thinking 1. What 2 species it would be made up of The idea of a Mama Saladmander mixed with Undead elements or a Huge Lunar Energy Infused Moth has crossed my mind so far but id love to hear what others can possibly come up with 2. What could it possibly drop that's useful, unique, worth the journey, but not overpowered? • Id recommend some kind of super boat upgrade but the issue of just copying ideas from SW comes to light... •People have said that bridges would be insanely useful compared to the makeshift raft bridges to make it better than the makeshift raft bridges i think these actual bridges should give a massive speed boost to incentivize using them instead of the raft bridge. Maybe the Mama Saladmander would drop some incredible moon glass pickaxe Blueprint plus 10 dragonfruits just cause xD On the other hand the Moth Boss idea would drop an enlightenment amulet that lets you Defeat Gestalts for mass Nightmare fuel drops? Or maybe its head which you can mount on a Pike that generates a "full moon" aura around a small area to make your Werepig farm a constant thing? It'd be a dream if we as a community through these little brainstorm sessions help Klei out with future content Anyways I'm really interested to see what we can come up with in terms of balance, utility, uniqueness, but also worth the journey there something that affects the end game on the "mainland" for sure TY for reading