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  1. Technically a console is a computer, although it’s weaker than most computers.
  2. James Bucket’s least favorite idle animation.
  3. Re-work on Wes

    If James Bucket ever sees a Wes do this, someone will lose 113 health.
  4. If barbecue sauce is great with anything, that means we can finally enjoy the antibacterial phlegm. How disgus... I mean delicious!
  5. Texture Refresh?

    James Bucket is furious.
  6. I see the tiny Wes at the bottom right of the page, lol.
  7. Odin discusses the tesseract (Thor, 2011). MCU crossover when?
  8. I bought every skin in the game. What did it cost?
  9. Cool bug

    I went back to my base on the overworld.
  10. I was exploring the caves as Wolfgang in Pocket Edition, although I died to Charlie just as I was about to reach a mini forest in the cave. I quit the game right as I died, I came back, and Wolfgang had respawned in the cave depths, and the cave depths had changed entirely. I went back to my base and discovered that Wolfgang has amnesia. I guess this is karma for trying to glitch the game, lol.
  11. James Bucket is proud of you.
  12. When you’ve been saving money to upgrade your computer and finally get your paycheck
  13. What if rain had the opposite effect of WX-78 on Wormwood, it would heal him slightly every few seconds?
  14. Should the insulated pack for Reign of Giants and DST be buffed? It is currently flammable, has six slots, and costs 3 gears, 3 electrical doodads, and 1 thick fur to craft. With the addition of Warly to DST, the insulated pack would become a waste of resources, since chef’s pouches can be crafted easily and have the same function and two more slots.