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  1. On console, when generating a Shipwrecked world, some of the pictures are missing in the WORLD settings (for setting things to more or less). I also tested to see if RoG and regular DS (not linked with shipwrecked compatibility for either) would have missing picture boxes but it seems it is only the shipwrecked dlc is affected.
  2. Thank you Klei. New title screen music... no more of the classic song, for a bit at least.
  3. Is it live for ps4 yet? Not seeing anything new in-game and no available updates. Super eager! Edit: just checked and the update came in a minute ago! Cheers
  4. On PS4 when I play as Wormwood and try to eat a raw seed, the animation freezes right before Wormwood eats the seed, therefore preventing him from eating them. However once cooked you can eat them without the animation freezing.
  5. [around 6:30pm PST] Well today, Monday, August 27th, I see my Don't Starve Together app updating so I check the update history (Btw, it was update Version 1.29) and realize that "The Gorge" is out for ps4. I go into my curio cabinet and start poking around looking at all the Victorian skins, play a game solo, open 2 Victorian Chests, and when I go back into the curio cabinet my game crashed. I re-booted the game and there were no issues. I turned off my ps4 and when I came back an hour later it crashed again (in the curio cabinet like last time), only this time re-booting the game i get a message saying all my saved data is corrupted. No problem, that's why I have my data saved in a usb drive attached to the ps4 every week. But instead of manually doing that through "Application Saved Data" in the Ps4 Settings Menu, on the titled screen where it had the message about my damaged save data, was the option "Restore Backup", which I tried, and surprisingly, that restored it to the exact place it left off (which was better because my usb storage was further back than where it restored through this option). Anyway, I go into my game and my character is invisible. I can still see my circular shadow, but I can't see my own character. I can still get hit (tried with Cave Dweller spiders), so now I am stuck (after re-loading the world a couple of times) with an invisible character. I hope this wasn't too confusing. EDIT: [6:55pm PST] I restarted my app and my character is now visible again (I still have a saved 3min20sec video on my PS4 showing the moment my data was corrupted, "restoring the backup", and going into the world where my character was invisible). Still, I haven't played more than 2 hours of this new update and already have crashed twice in the same area (the Curio Cabinet), with one of those crashes leading to corrupted data, so I think there is still an issue here... EDIT #2: [6:58pm PST] Well I was in my Curio Cabinet AGAIN (swapping default outfits on my characters) and the screen went black for about 5 seconds before crashing with the common crashing-error code (CE-34878-0). At this point I don't want to try going into my Curio Cabinet and switching around outfits again...
  6. What will the vouchers do for players that already own Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together digitally but just wanted to buy the disc to have a physical copy for collection's sake? We will still be able to exchange the bad disc at GameStop when those at Klei get it sorted, but does the voucher do anything for people like me?
  7. I just finished my third year in-game, meaning that the third Dry Season just finished, around day 210. I stockpiled a bunch of gunpowder and some coconades to go to the volcano and gather obsidian. On the 2nd or 3rd day of Mild Season I head off and climb the volcano. First I use a coconade to destroy an obsidian boulder and then I hear the indication from my player (WX78) that the volcano is going to erupt. I thought I might have caused this due to using a coconade and so I switched to gunpowder. Once day hit (it was night when I entered the Volcano) I started overheating inside the volcano. I was so confused so I decided to leave the volcano halfway through the day. When I left, the volcano started erupting and luckily I didn't get hit kiting circles around the volcano. I come to find out that it's no longer Mild Season but in fact Dry Season. I waited to see if it would go back to Mild Season the next day, and it didn't. So I'm currently stuck facing 2 back-to-back Dry Seasons.