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  1. this should not have made me laugh
  2. how did u get all of that from the drawings?
  3. it looks fine to me
  4. i'm on console and warly isn't available
  5. some drawings of my favorite chef! one of these pictures has a secret that is conected to mirrormind's post on maxwell memes the sequel page 319
  6. how fast would that make his hunger drain?
  7. Play HardMode with Me :)

    sure but i am relatively new so i will probably be draging u down
  8. Re-work on Wes

    i think it's a good idea but i have my own. 113 health 150 hunger 150 sanity. no longer has a faster hunger drain but remains a pathetic fighter. he can equipt baloons for 3.6 sanity per min. the baloons distract and also explode for 36 damage but cost 10 sanity to make. he also can't talk in chat. in conclusion he is still a chalenging charecter but no longer will he drag the team down. i typed this fast so sorry for mispellings.
  9. this looks familiar... sort of. forgot i had this
  10. this is why i am depressed