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  1. I just make a small area surrounded with Pig Guard Towers and I run around it if bat wave is about to happen.
  2. Ok, let me use my console, spawn boss, turn godmode on and kill him with unlimited darkswords. 5 minutes of "work" and 5$ on DLC character saved. Yeah, but Maxwell couldn't be visited by himself.
  3. Maxwell's has been caught by dementia and forgets he is supposed to finish the sentences.
  4. Could someone explain to me what is Wagstaff doing here?
  5. You say DST is superior yet Shipwrecked and Hamlet are still DS-exclusive. Curious.
  6. They use her efficiently and because Abi is strong, experienced players can use her full potential which makes Abi OP.
  7. Maybe try to write here what you edited and somebody will be able to take these things to mod script.
  8. Extended Sample Character Template (Shipwrecked compatible version) has an example item unique for character. You could download it and check how it's done.
  9. I would like to know how to make a mod which could make structures like ice box or crockpot being able to be placed on water in SW or Hamlet, but I can not figure it out. Could you help me?
  10. Aaaand here it is! The mod is completed. Now you can enjoy placing Killer Bee Hive anywhere you want!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Now you can craft Killer Bee Hive and place it anywhere you want! Compatible with base game and RoG, SW and Hamlet DLCs! Recipes: Easy killerbee 1 honeycomb 1 Normal killerbee 4 boards 2 honeycomb 1 Hard killerbee 6 boards 4 honeycomb 2 Sebakool's suggestion killerbee 4 honey 10 honeycomb 3 Special thanks to Sebakool who inspired me to make this mod! It began with simple attempt to help and I ended up with making the whole mod.
  12. It took a lot of work, but I did it! There is an icon, placer and everything needed! EDIT Now I am trying to make recipe appear in worlds with DLCs available. It seems to work in vanilla DS, but not in games where DLCs are on. EDIT 2 I fixed it. Now I will be finishing the mod.