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  1. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    This looks AWFUL! How someone could think it is a good idea to change his skin colour?!
  2. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    Warbucks' skin tone is not a problem for me (I actually think it looks pretty cool).The bigger problem for me are his hair that look so bad in the game that it makes me think he was created by novice computer graphic designer. They need to be remade, at least make them not look like they would be made in lower resolution. Also giving him back his old quotes would make him much more interesting character. Warbucks has so much potential for being an interesting character but all he has is regenerating sanity by holding coins and starting with two items which in turn give him nothing (loupe is useless and ball pein hammer is so easy to make that Warbucks does not need it as start item).
  3. If we place bird trap and place seeds on it, then go into house or other building and exit it, bird trap will almost always instantly catch a black bird, but it won't give us a bird after collecting the trap and trap will lose durability. Sometimes it will just make seeds disappear instead of "catching" a bird.
  4. Temple Music Stuck Forever

    I had the same problem, but in my game it was just playing for up to a minute after quitting the Ruins. I also had a problem where music during work at day would not play or basic (Autumn) music would play instead.
  5. Ok, so I have found few annoying and having a big impact on the game bugs. So there they are: This guy here holds torch during the day. Also if I save the game when being in the building, all Pig Guards that are nearby this house are hostile toward me when I am quitting the building. But they do not come inside. Small part of the city spawned just on the other part of the island. I find it funny though. Queen Womant after doing her attack that makes the player deaf for some time makes them deaf until they won't exit the game and start playing again.
  6. Sorry for necro'ing this post, but is there a possibility to make Soundtrack DLC buyable in Poland?I contacted Steam and they said that it is not possible because devs did not give a possibility to buy it in this country.