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  1. Actually, I think that short seasons are a brilliant idea. The problem is only first three seasons are challenging, after you survive them there is nothing interesting left in them (because there is no much season-exclusive stuff) and all you have to do is get a pith hat or nettles. Also Living Artifact is not a bad item, it is just a bit useless if you get it at the end of the game, but then everything is useless because you finished the game.
  2. Devs released Hamlet only on Steam. I think they are busy with other things and that's the reason why they forgot to release it on different platforms.
  3. I am glad you're on my side, but I would prefer to not make another war in Hamlet subforum. I think we all argue too much here and we all should try to get rid of passive-agressive attitude. People already think we are the bad guys because we keep complaining about Hamlet. Let us forget about our past discords and quarrels and let's start from the beginning. We already showed in this thread we can show our negative opinion without being even slightly aggresive, let's keep it up!
  4. Awww, thank you! <3 Your works look great, immediately followed the thread!
  5. Yeah, I've been absent for a long time. I got a new computer and finally I've been able to play games that require something more than potato to run, but I think I will soon come back to Don't Starve and try it out once again.
  6. Toilet profile picture was set as a response to Sunset Skye's argument that if I have "triggered" meme as profile picture my opinion doesn't matter, or something like that.
  7. I am not satisfied with Hamlet. Devs did not prepare for the work they intended to do and now we have a DLC with a few fun and original, but (arguably) not well developed ideas. The DLC is cheap (in comparison to DLCs of different games) and can provide a lot of fun, but as a person who followed the progress and updates of Hamlet since its announcement, I am disappointed with how it turned out. It's probably because of my affection to this title and it's why I took the whole situation so personally, I just care about this game, that's why I was always salty on this subforum.
  8. It is not a glitch. It is on purpose. His voice also changes when his hp is low.
  9. Singleplayer Don't Starve and everything related to it have very low priority (if any) for Klei.
  10. I just wanted to say Thank You, Devs!
  11. You are telling me that me and 3 other guys are not the only ones who talk offtopic, but you told specifically to us to stay on topic, then you tell me that I try to defend myself. No, I am just telling you that you, instead of telling everyone to stay on topic, you've chosen few victims to blame them.
  12. Like we would be the only ones who are talking about offtopic things.