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  1. Maxwell's has been caught by dementia and forgets he is supposed to finish the sentences.
  2. Could someone explain to me what is Wagstaff doing here?
  3. They use her efficiently and because Abi is strong, experienced players can use her full potential which makes Abi OP.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Now you can craft Killer Bee Hive and place it anywhere you want! Compatible with base game and RoG, SW and Hamlet DLCs! Recipes: Easy killerbee 1 honeycomb 1 Normal killerbee 4 boards 2 honeycomb 1 Hard killerbee 6 boards 4 honeycomb 2 Sebakool's suggestion killerbee 4 honey 10 honeycomb 3 Special thanks to Sebakool who inspired me to make this mod! It began with simple attempt to help and I ended up with making the whole mod.
  5. I tried to find tutorial for making custom structures but I didn't find anything. If you know something that could help, I would be thankful!
  6. DLC characters are placed so low because they are paid characters. It's obvious they are not as popular as the rest of the cast. Just look at Wortox - the strongest character in the game. I bet he would be higher if not for the fact he isn't free.
  7. Somebody else probably did similar meme in the past but I couldn't care less.
  8. So Wes has not been taken to Constant by Maxwell? But Maxwell's quote on Wes is "He displeased me". EDIT Ok, it looks like Wes has been taken by Maxwell to Constant in the place of this guy and that made Maxwell angry and he trapped mime in the Adventure Mode.
  9. Wow, awesome finding! I wish Klei added all these things to their DLCs, because seeing how much of the content has not been implemented makes me feel like those DLCs are lacking something.
  10. Mod idea: Snickers bar. When eaten by player, their sanity increases. When eaten by Bearger, it falls asleep.