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Which Character/Player is the most destructive?

Base Wreckers/destroyers  

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  1. 1. Who often wrecks and destroys bases?

  2. 2. More on base wrecking and destroying

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I don't really see player griefs happen that much.

Deerclops is an obvious contender for the "base wrecker" title, since he wreaks havoc on unprepared and unskilled players.

If you base at Dragonfly/Toadstool, you're a big dum dum doo doo head.

Reanimated Skeleton is so late game that most people that use it have the knowledge to not let them loose in the middle of your base.

Fire Hounds and Wildfires are also the death of underprepared/unskilled players, however fire spreads slower in DST, so a single ice flingo will deal with any fire in the base.

Bearger is arguably more destructive than Deerclops, however he doesn't have the natural incentive to destroy structures, so Deerclops is still practically more of a threat to structures.


So, Deerclops, I guess.

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You no put pengulls ? I can't have nice little decorative walls because of them, especially as I setup my worlds with the settings "most" branches and "always" loop (so I am constantly near water, making them spawn a lot. Like a lot)

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So I just took player griefing into consideration and for as much as I love playing Webber the smart griefers can give a scare.

The smart ones won’t just take out a lighter or torch and go nuts. Their methodical with what they do. The ones who don’t care will just leave a den anywhere but the ones who do will try to immediately make it a tier 3 den ASAP. Then they try to make more spider dens and repeat the process. And eventually there’s a whole chunk of your world covered in web!

But this usually doesn’t happen.

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First off, I'm not voting for any of the characters, we all KNOW the cliche, it was old three years ago, I'm a Willow main at heart, SCREW.  THAT.

Now that we've got _that_ bitterness out of the way, I voted for several things...sometimes with caveats. And sometimes they were things I've seen happen in a Let's Play rather than stuff that happened to me.


Dragonfly IN SINGLEPLAYER, or unless you're basing in The Worst Place in the World.

Bearger CAN be really destructive if you piss him off, if you've got various food-ish things in various structures, and/or both.  For example, it never occurred to me until he did it that he'd eat _the decorative cookies off my Winter's Feast Tree_!  : P  Also Bearger gets extra points from me for causing THE biggest destruction I've ever seen of one of my own personal bases, in singleplayer. 

And, weirdly enough...the Spring Giant!  If you happen to base too close to her nest, she WILL destroy stuff to make room.




...I KNEW I was right by a spawning thingie, but somehow I thought the game would spare me and put the giant at one of the many OTHER nests.  HA HA HA HA HA HA that's a good one.  It was STILL too good of a location to give up, though.  : P


Fire hounds and wildfires/lightning are AWFUL, especially if you've got a noob there and they don't understand "GET OUT OF BASE!!" or someone haunts a normal dog into a fire one, and sometimes it can take a loooong time before you find gears, so fling-o's aren't always quickly available. And lightning?  That can happen any time of the year except most of winter!

And the Antlion is awful if you have someone there who doesn't know to get out of base, or...if you're asleep. As Walani ALSO rudely found out one day (as part of the same playthrough)!




I honestly did NOT know that being asleep in the tent made you not notice the early warning-shakes.  The More You Know!(tm)


And I've had lureplants "grief" my base so often in the spring, I've started putting down flooring around the firepits where my tooth traps are.  : P


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I usually base near the edge of the world, and i sincerely dread pengulls because they wreck my attempts to place Gobbler bait by tearing down the walls of the Powdersticks enclosure.

Bearger is also a threat because i sometimes cannot get out of base quickly enough and he spawns, and promptly wrecks all my crock pots and iceboxes. Aggroing him also leads to the rest of the base falling in a few mighty smashes.

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