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Asteroid Seed sharing thread

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What interesting seeds have you come across with the new world generator? If you're unaware, you can now select a seed (numbers only) to generate a world from in the options menu. I've explored only just two as of this post.

Seed: 1111

1111 generates a rather bountiful sandstone biome, with an abnormally high amount of oxylite. Shine bugs are very common, as well as exposed plants. Swamp and Caustic biomes surround the starting position.

Seed: 12345

12345 generates a somewhat ordinary starting biome, but with a few too many shine bugs. A large reservoir of water sits above them (hmm). There are two setpieces close to the spawn, detailed in the spoiler below.


There are ruins in the upper right. As far as I can tell, they don't do anything, and are indestructible. Kind of annoying, actually.


In the lower left, there is some sort of spiral of minerals, oxylite and abyssalite. The oxylite is abnormally cold, around -35 degrees C.20170824200736_1.thumb.jpg.5435ed9571668c23c000608f5b63959b.jpg

It kind of reminds me of Thulecite from Don't Starve, lol.

If anyone has a seed that generates a starting biome next to the frozen biome, please share it with me. I want one close to the printing pod because I'm lazy and also terrible at managing temperature. (But hey, maybe they fixed the Hydrofan? I've yet to test that.)

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Seed: 0110

All within a screen or so from the start. Seems to be quite rare in the current version.

Natural Gas to the east, Steam to the south east. There are several nearby Light Bugs, a Morb, at least 4 Hatches, and a Puft.

Assuming the world seed will produce the same results for anyone who uses it, enjoy.

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Found this one here on reddit: 1368400173

The steam geyser is about two screens to the left and one screen up. Haven't yet found natural gas yet. No slime in the way, plenty of chlorine below though, so not much work to get to. Not easy but not difficult either.


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Well I've found this one somewhere in the google search and tried it out:


Right next to the starting point there is a steam geyser on the left side, by now the nearest one I've found within all the tested seeds yet. There is a bit of slime around but strangely NO slimelung germs so you can take this one early on without dropping the entire immunity of your colony.

There is also a nat gas geyser on the way to the relatively near ice biome (when digging to the west) which can be reached without touching any slime biomes so I guess at least for the early game progress this map isn't bad at all.

For the starting point itself there should be enough water, coal and copper to set up a stable base so let me hear your opinions :)

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17 hours ago, Male_zvire said:

Hi, i have found amazing world with  Chlorine geyser in the right of base and steam & natural gay geyser in the left near base. No germs in the way.

How i can get world gen code for share?

If you want to find out a seed from a random generated world after you generated it .. well guess this is not possible at least I've found no way to do so.

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Seed 119111111 is really good. 

1 - 1 screen to the left is both a natural gas and a steam geyser.

2 - there is a natural carbon dioxide sink directly above the stargate - excellent for holding food boxes in a sterile atmosphere, as well as growing mushrooms.

3 - there is a LOT of copper.

4 - there is a LOT of oxylite. You can run several days before needing algae.

5 - there is a LOT of algae.

6 - about 3 screens down, and 1 to the left is a cold biome, with a wheezewort and 2 sleet wheat.

f you wish to rely solely on crops, you must grow mealwood, mushrooms, and berries.




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On 9/15/2017 at 4:11 AM, vonVile said:

That was the first seed I did. I also did this song to see what I would get:

I haven't done it yet, but I also what do the numbers from Lost.

It is actually fairly vanilla but geysers a mostly far away and quick glance suggested low-side of weezeworts.  Starting copper large and close but lowish algae although that adjacent chlorine biome has two very large algae pockets


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Someone post this seeds one day, And i share with you again.
For me best map ever :p
2 nat gas realy close, 2 steam geyser, and chlorine, all and the same side (top and right side of start biome)
3 Crystal Hydrogen things inside a big COLD biome.
A manage to find about 10 hatch, more thant 20 Wheezworts, et some Puft.
No slimelung blocking acces to steam Geyser, Nat Gas geyser and cold biome.
Lot of Algae in start biome

Peace !


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