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  1. Ok. I've set up a DST dedicated server on a desktop I have. I want to play DST from my laptop, and I'm getting a thing that says the server is running on another computer and if I launch DST, it will log out my server. What have I done wrong? Or is there a way to do this? Whoops, just needed to get up my nerve to run it. Server still there. Nevermind.
  2. I'm having trouble with the dupes doing what they should. I've had dupes starve, despite plenty of food. I've gotten a lot of "suffocation" alerts, because they don't move enough into an oxygen environment. I've even had a few die, when while there were limited pockets of O2 at the time, they were nearby them. Previously also re: starvation, the dupe that is the most hungry gets the next harvested food, which has not been happening. Frustrating since I cannot direct a particular dupe to eat. I've had them ignore their need to go to the bathroom (without having red alert or having level 9 priority items) and end up having accidents, despite being near an accessible bathroom. Finally, when assigning priority to tasks, the dupes are ignoring that. I was short on O2 and put making an algae oxygenator as priority 9, metal nearby, 6-7 tiles of wire needed added. I could not get it completed in two cycles. Some was because they were moving food between ration boxes, others were doing other things, none of which were rated above a priority of 7, and none were essential to survival. It's definitely frustrating! If I could even just tell a particular dupe to do something, but while I move them somewhere, i can't control what they do when they get there. citoil Cycle 386.sav (1).sav
  3. @Idznak If you share/want to share, I can help with the Castillian translation - I have the game It's been a while since I lived there, but I do have a degree in the damn thing and between the two of us, we should be able to function And at least my preferred slang lexicon is Spain I get such looks from central/south american spanish speakers when I use "vale" as a filler or ordenedor or "la red" for internet. *LOL* But then I just have to say something that uses el ceceo and they understand why
  4. Where's the mod for that? Also, side note, if you start a map in OI preview, when OI goes live, will you still be able to play that same map?
  5. I've had a crappy night so decided to spawn a world on easy mode - no stress, no infections. I set those things in the custom game settings, and off I went. Stress acted as I would expect - nothing can stress them out. But infections, while immunity stayed at 100%, all three of my dupes had food poisoning by cycle three. I don't have the save file unfortunately. Was not in a good place and trashed it I think. Also, if the arch offers dupes and I accidentally hit escape, and then try and go back immediately, the game crashes. I'm not sure if it will crash if I wait until the set time has gone by and a new set is offered up.
  6. Just to be clear, I'm new to all this - if I open an older map in OI, it will not have oil in it, correct, since the world is already spawned?
  7. Similar issues with animations getting frozen. See the construction by the electrolyzer and the disinfect by the outhouse. Both do not have those actions going on.
  8. I can have both issues at the same time actually. Things that are off screen will flower if I'm doing some things, but if they're on screen, I have to mouse over.
  9. My mealwood plants are not blooming unless I hover over them for a second. The moment I do, they are ready to harvest. It means I have to watch their growth very diligently to make sure I'm not missing when they hit 100%