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  1. Font problems

    Font used in lastest build (Q2-306320) for titles & headlines doesn't contain some language-specific characters; here for example: ě; ř; č; š,... So, those characters looks different from all other characters.
  2. Game version Q1-302293. Open whichever recipes list - list is sorted. Close this list and reopen - recipes are in different order. PS: Sorry for non-english screen
  3. Translation files can be good source for mining info about (possible) new features. Small example: This is in translation files about month or two...
  4. This is in translation files for very, very long time... My first backup file is from outbreak update: I think - rejected or abandoned feature.
  5. Good, but alittle late:
  6. Hmm... Futurama update is here! Nice
  7. In some cases, storage compactors can contain more materials than their capacity. EDIT: english screenshot
  8. Hi, i have problems with translations. Some translated strings are in game still in english. Where can be problem? In game or in my translation?I have same problem like okax (here) with new custom game window and with many in-game tooltips. Four examples attached. Thanks for any help