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  1. Another idea about Helium - especially Helium 3 Sorry for joke, i can't help myself
  2. That's mean, here is only one translation file for vanilla and SO! game with all strings?
  3. Hi, now, in late-game; best food is burger. When base is stable, is easy to produce meat, wheat & salad and produce one type of food for all dupes. It's a little bit boring... My idea for update: every duplicant can have special food requirements; for example: vegetarian - morale bonus from foods without meat; morale buff & stress gain from eating meat. mushrooms lover - morale bonus from foods with mushrooms & halucinations meat lover - morale bonus from foods with meat; celiac - morale buff, stress gain from foods with wheat + sikness eats only wheat foods for long time sugar addicted - morale bonus from sweet foods Result: one type of food can have different morale bonus for every dupe and base must be able to produce more types of food...
  4. @2tallyGr8: it is obvious that players with debug or sanbox mode will not have access to the Station. Same - revert some changes with load older save. This must be blocked. Saves can works only between Station operations - for example: cycle 123: i sell something in Station. From now - i cannot reload older save than cycle 124. @babba: Yup, IMHM can be nice part of this
  5. Hi, just a small idea: in deep space can be automated space Station. Here can be storage for (for example) 100tons of solids, 100tons of liquids, 100tons of gasses and 100animals. Station can trade elements supplied by rockets for Space Credits. For those credits players can buy different materials from Station. Prices can be variable - when lot of players around world sell element to the Station, price of this element can get down. When lot of players around world buy element, price can rise, in some point Station show message "out of Element, sorry". When player is offline, Station show "Closed" message and didnt recieve any rocket with materials. Storage size can be upgraded for credits. Just some kind of limited multiplayer
  6. See steps to reproduce... Game saved while notifier was active. After load this save - Notifier doesn't work.
  7. Im using volcano like energy generator. Aftger magma cool down to igneous rock, robominer makes space for fresh magma. After few cycles, im here: Upper row have mass over 20 000kgs, but normal lava title can have only about 1800kg. And game reload after two cycles: Mined igneous rock (with temperature under melting point) was changed to new row of material - this causes damage of my robot miner & his cooling Game build: AP 420700-D
  8. Hi, at first - sorry for non-english screenshots. Problem: I have pressure plate in my "cooling room" for my glass forge. When liquid glass falls into cooling water, change state from liquid to solid, but pressure plate doesn't not register this weight. In screenshot.72.jpg - you can see pressure plate what shows only 10kg, but here is 175kg of solid glass (SKLO = glass)... Tested with iron volcano - same problem. When liquid material change state on pressure plate, this plate ignore this weight. After save & reload, this weight is registered normally (screenshot.73.png). Game version: AP-399948-D
  9. Thanks for nice update But... In my opinion - advanced logic gates like Multiplexer (Signal Selector) or Demultiplexer (Signal Distributor) are not good for game. In this case, I want to repen one old, but great idea: Advanced automation chip - small automation block (eg 3x3, 4x4) what can be inside assembled with standard AND, OR, NOT and all other gates. Advanced automation users can create multiplexers and all other functions inside, begginers can use standard gates.
  10. @pether, @Saturnus: We have adage: its like scratch with your left hand behind your right ear. It works, but,...
  11. Please, add something like diode for automation signals - green signal can get only in one direction. Right now im using two NOT gates, but it takes lot of space (4x4 tiles) & materials (70 of reffined metal). Thank you so much!
  12. All string starting with "The selected object has a mass..." are already translated, but in game is still english string. My .PO file si already updated from latest .POT file
  13. Hi, in latest version (RP-383949) is lot of untranslatable strings. In translation file, those texts are correctly translated, but in game, they are still in english. Some examples: Mass of object in infobox Temp. sensor in automation overlay: ... and more in automation overlay: Memory gate, all building inputs,... Smart battery onmouseover-box: Wire onmouseover-box: ... and lot of more
  14. Font used in lastest build (Q2-306320) for titles & headlines doesn't contain some language-specific characters; here for example: ě; ř; č; š,... So, those characters looks different from all other characters.