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  1. No i cant, that is why i bought this early access game, to play the most raw and fresh out of the pot game.
  2. wow my arboria map is so outdated, it doesn't have mealwood seed in the soil, now all my tidepool biome is clean of bleach stone too! Gonna start a new map the 100th+++ time A_A
  3. I find that deconstructing a storage in with arbor tree seed will delete the seed too
  4. This also happens to arbortree, their status is not clear on the farm tile upon uprooting, only save and reload will reset the farm tile status.
  5. Seems like now i need to choose when to get a promotion, not just blindly pursuit every job in the shortest ammount of time.
  6. it is actually your dupe stuck in "starving>look for food>cancel food consuming due to working time!>starving" loop which is already fixed and packed in the next update.
  7. did you actually walk into it?? i find this situation happens in OU too