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  1. Hi, well I dunno why but I felt the desire to alter the terminology of the game a bit so I tinkered on the translation file. Instead of printed dupes you now can have fun with warped colonists and yup to deal with lots of nasty bacteria is much cooler that those clumsy germs. And to be honest, why you’d need air deodorizers when you can have air detoxifiers? I know it might not be world changing but for those who want to experience something different here you go :o) Overall 19% of the terminology changed. strings.po
  2. Mopping Underwater

    I HOPE they don't change it, not very realistic but definitely nice to have
  3. Unfortunately I have to say that I'm not the greatest fan of the changes. So many good ideas they've implemented, such as shine bugs, liquid cooler (yay!), random ruins and even the new farming behavior isn't bad at all. But then, a clever Klei developer had the brilliant idea (while sitting on the toilet, at least I assume this had to be the case) to implement something nobody actually needs, filthy nasty germs! Okay I admit at some point the game was a bit too easy regarding the really low impact of certain diseases and yup, to care about stuff like food poisoning or catching a cold is absolutely legit. But to have things like "slimelung" in a world where nearly 90% of the environment consists of slime (okay maybe less but that's not the point) paired with a really strange auto-disinfect-behavior made the whole micromanagement a bit overwhelming. Dunno y but imho not as funny as it was intended xD
  4. Auto-disinfect removes building priority

    Ah nice I had the same issue but wasn't aware of what the cause was.
  5. Storage Compactor Texture Bug

    Yup same here but at least it doesn't seem to impair their functionality. Just looks ugly as hell.