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  1. Hmm. So how does it work in shipwrecked? That's the head umbrella i'm using. And I do see what you mean about the hair showing. But what about the "hair_hat" folder? Isn't that supposed to take care of the hair clipping through? Thanks for the help.
  2. I just copied the files from existing characters. As an update, thankfully I got the vibro-rang working. The head umbrella though still isn't. Well, kind of. It shows on my characters head, but not when I drop it on the ground. Also, when the head umbrella is on, his hair doesn't show. Thanks for your help. wg.zip
  3. I'm trying to add a custom item to my character but it's invisible. I don't know what could be wrong so I came here for help. To learn the process I am using an item from an existing character in Steam Workshop. I copied everything and changed the name. I did this with another item an it worked. I don't know why the others aren't. I tried to use the Vibro-rang from HK-47 and the Double-umbrella from the Shpwrecked Together mod. They both show in the item bar, but when I equip them, they don't show. The double-umbrella even makes my character's hair disappear but it's invisible. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. I got the game Antihero for free but never played it. I was bored and decided to give it a go. When I saw the Thug, I jumped on my browser and came here to ask if someone would be willing to do the art? I can't draw, otherwise I'd do it. I think if someone who can draw sees the characters they may want to do a series. There are a few that would fit into DS/DST. Thanks.
  5. thanks. i've never done it before so i have no idea what i'm doing. how do i get the music samples? like the flute or oboe?
  6. There are several tutorials on custom sounds. But how do I/we make them and/or from where can they be gotten? Thanks.
  7. I tried to use the extended sample character and it doesn't work. Is there a new, up to date tutorial available? Thanks.
  8. The past 2 times I played from a save there was 0 food. It doesn't seem like people are posting about it. But is it a known bug?
  9. Can someone please tell me how to get answers? I've posted several questions which I thought would get answered. They never did. When I search and try to find answers, there are questions answered that are very simple to find. So, do people only help with simple things? Also, is there another DST form?
  10. any plans on making it available for dst?
  11. I made a fun character I call Mr. Mashup. He's a combo of several characters. The bottom of his face came from Wilson so he can grow a beard. The top of his head and the hair from the back came from Wolfgang. The front and side view of his hair came from Wes. His face came from Christoph. His torso, legs and arms came from IDF Counter-Terrorist. His feet (boots) and hands (gloves) came from Wunk. The idea started when I contacted _chatnoir, the author of IDF Counter-Terrorist, and asked if I can use his character as a base for my new character. I wanted a character with built in armor (absorption). Is that cheating? I'm done putting him together. Now I need to add some code. I want him to have more ranged damage and weak melee. Animsparrow has code for stronger ranged, but I'd like to balance it with a negative to melee. Can someone help me out? Here's the code from Animsparrow: AddComponentPostInit("combat", function(Combat) local OldCalcDamage = Combat.CalcDamage Combat.CalcDamage = function(self, target, weapon, ...) local old_damage = nil if weapon and weapon.components.projectile and self.inst:HasTag("animsparrow") or weapon and weapon.components.weapon and weapon.components.weapon.projectile ~= nil and self.inst:HasTag("animsparrow")then old_damage = self.inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier self.inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 1.5 -- Will deal 51 dmg with his Gun ( 34 dmg with other chars ) end local ret = OldCalcDamage(self, target, weapon, ...) if old_damage and self.inst:HasTag("animsparrow") then self.inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = old_damage end return ret end end) I'm not a pro modder, so please forgive me if it's there. I just see the "damagemultiplier = 1.5", I don't see anything like "0.75" that would lessen melee. Thanks in advance.
  12. Can someone make an Ewok playable character?
  13. 1st: I'd like to have my character's temperature go up per kill which affects sanity which can affect health. Possible? I want something different than the typical slower walk speed, hunger increase, etc. Maybe set a min/max temp, when the temperature gets to 120 then sanity goes down and when sanity reaches a number, 30, health starts to drop? I just don't know how to exactly write the code. 2nd: How can I increase sanity per action? So, the cat catches a bird and sanity is increased. Thanks!
  14. in the ds steam workshop there's a 60 slot item bar mod. could that be made for dst? or is dst too finicky? there are several stack mods that seem to not work. they crash my game every time. so maybe the 60 slotter wouldn't work. that's why i'm asking. it's a pain in the butt trying to get things done with such a small inventory. especially after using the 60 slot with a 99 stack mod.