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  1. Update: I loaded my save and my kcal went back up to 70,000, so I don't know what the game was doing. All I can say is if you look at the picture the Ration Box states that there's 70kg of Muckroot yet Storing 0/150. It can't be both.
  2. I just dl'd the lasted patch and started a new game. For some reason the Ration Box doesn't subtract the amount of Muckroot when it turns rotten and the meter keeps the same amount. I should have taken a better picture showing it was halfway full even thought my game shows I only registers I have 6,600 kcal. The screen cap was after I emptied the Ration Box, but as you can see it still shows that there's 70.2 kg. Yes, the box for Muckroot is checked in the picture, but the Ration box should show that it's still half full (meter was clearly visible behind Meallice). The Polluted Soil sitting in front of the Ration Box is at 80k. PS - It also looks like that phantom buried object image bug is back as you can see to the left.
  3. Has anybody had the problem? The Generator gets to full and just resets. In my current game it worked once and hasn't since. I've rebuilt everything thinking the Generator couldn't see through objects to the Reflector, but when everything is even adjacent to each other nothing comes out. I've used the Generator before and have never had this problem. Thanx! PS - One thing I'm going to try is set the speed to 1x to see if that fixes the problem. I usually play 3x.
  4. Thanx! I've been playing ONI forever and I've never seen objects inside a ruin only be partially revealed like this. Klei needs to adjust the device's fog of war footprint to match it's visual footprint.
  5. I just dl'd the latest build and started a new world. I found the ruin where the send Material Transporter is suppose to be and the graphic for it is missing. I reloaded the save and it still doesn't appear.
  6. Enemies: The game needs to be more than building, Adding a threat to make it harder to survive in the game will make it more challenging and hazardous. Have an alien species colony show up out to mine and use materials before you can get to them. Also have creatures, who are aggressive instead of passive. Wild creatures should be feral before you tame them.
  7. For some reason the Dupes would run to the Oil Well to operate it and get stuck there. My only guess is that they are trying to vent it, but the Oil Well when 100% full or didn't get all the Water it needs, but not ready to vent is causing a loop. I even tried to stop Dupes from using it by turning it off, but they just run to it and stand there all day.
  8. When you are unable to deconstruct Clocks from not yet having the skill you can't build floors or doors on the tile above it.
  9. This doesn't happen all the time, but if you upgrade the material Wire is made from there is a chance the material being replaced will get trapped in the Air Flow Tile.
  10. When you destroy a ruins Light Fixture, which is made out of 50Kg of Steel, no material drops. It just vanishes. I don't know if this because I haven't put up the machine to make Steel, so the game just won't give it to me or an actual bug. I've also seen this happen when destroying Comfy Beds made out of Plastic. Is this intentional? If so, that's unfair to the player. You designed to objects and what material they are made from. If I destroy them I should get whatever it's made from no matter if I haven't unlocked Steel or Plastic.
  11. I played around with my settings after I discovered there was an option to turn off HD graphics and the game runs fine now. I didn't know ONI added this option with Spaced Out! until somebody mentioned it elsewhere. This thread can be closed.
  12. I think I figured out the source for the game freeze and slow down in game performance. It has to do with Audio. I played around with my Audio settings turning off Music and Ambient sound and the game runs smooth like it did when playing the base game. I can go back to using 3x speed without a problem. My guess is the game uses up too much processing power when it comes to keeping track of Ambient sound. I'll have to play with Music back on to confirm.
  13. I know my machine isn't the fastest, but playing with the Spaced Out DLC there's a lot of slowdown and at about 250+ days in the game will freeze just after loading a save after I press any command buttons. I know the DLC will demand more processing power, but I never had any of this happen using the base game going up to 1000 days. Everything ran very smooth without any slowdown. As of right now the only solution I have is to play Spaced Out at regular speed to not cause it to freeze.
  14. Almost very time I use the Teleporter on an asteroid to return a Dupe the game crashes. TeleporterBug.txt
  15. I'm sorry, for not getting back to you sooner. After a few days I didn't think there was going to be immediate response, since I never got a notice. I now just tried this and the game still doesn't load. There has been no difference in how it loads. It looks like keylimepie took up the slack. If you have anything other suggestions to resolve the problem, let me know. Though I'm nowhere near as computer saavy as him. Thanx!