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  1. I'm sorry, for not getting back to you sooner. After a few days I didn't think there was going to be immediate response, since I never got a notice. I now just tried this and the game still doesn't load. There has been no difference in how it loads. It looks like keylimepie took up the slack. If you have anything other suggestions to resolve the problem, let me know. Though I'm nowhere near as computer saavy as him. Thanx!
  2. I play the base game all the time and just deleted my last save a few days ago to start a fresh one. I wanted to see if old saves caused the problem with loading the DLC, since I heard that was a problem. It's just the DLC loading that I'm having a problem with and I've been searching to find the how to fix the problem. It doesn't seem to be Avast anti-virus, since turning it off or using Exceptions doesn't work. Here's an old thread with 2 other people having the same problem: DxDiag.txt
  3. The Avast solutions don't work either. I just don't know what the solution is to get the DLC to load.
  4. That doesn't work either. I think I know the solution. Like i stated with Any Video Converter I was having problems using the installer. I downloaded another program's installer and was having the same problem and happened to check the file under Properties and there was an option I've never seen before where it states "This file is from another computer" and gave the choice to unblock it from being executed. Now i just need to know where the ONI.exe is to see. EDIT: I found the exe, but the Properties doesn't have it. I still haven't had a chance to edit Avast preferences and I'll do that next.
  5. What am I suppose to be looking for? I picked the Test Branch and verified the files and still nothing. I still haven't had a chance to change Avast's settings.
  6. One thing I think might be causing the problem is Avast blocking the DLC from loading. Just recently an old laptop died and I've been trying to install all the programs I had on that to another laptop. One program that Avast completely blocks the installer from loading is the program Any Video Converter. Older versions of the installer, which I was able to use before on the laptop I'm using now won't work. Even turning off Avast the installers won't even start to load. I had to copy the Any Video Converter program off the old laptop's HD to be able to use it again. I even did virus scans with Avast and the files come out clean, so I don't know what Avast is trying to block.
  7. With the DLC installed after clicking on the ONI icon a Steam window opens up for a split second and immediately closes. No ONI icon appears in the Task Bar or Task Manager window. Computer: - Windows: 8.1 - Processor: Pentium G2020T - RAM: 8 Gigs - 64-bit The standard game runs great even on this old computer, so I don't understand why with the DLC installed it won't even begin to start.
  8. I guess I'll have to make my own bug report, because the post reporting the bug is buried with the page not setup to move the latest updated message coming first. That post has 2 other people having the exact same problem.
  9. Klei, please, fix the bug where PC players can't even load the game. Nothing happens when double clicking the ONI icon. A Steam window opens for a second looking for ONI and then closes not finding anything. There's some bad code hidden in the start up like it was for Mac, that had the same problem which was found by a user looking through the code and reported by him.
  10. Steam is up to date and I turned off Avast and still nothing. The game just doesn't straight out start to load. I had the Task Manager window open to see if something even begins and nothing appears showing ONI is even found to start loading. A Steam window appears for a second and that's it. There's something wrong in Klei's start up code that isn't setup right for PC like it was for Mac. The Mac version of this bug got pinned and fixed by a user finding the bad code, but the PC bug hasn't been addressed.
  11. I updated all .NET and the game still won't load. Same problem. Click to start and Steam immediately kicks out unable to load.
  12. The DLC doesn't work on my PC computer. After double clicking the icon to load it instantly stops. The ONI icon doesn't even have time to appear in the task bar. This bug has been reported a while back, but hasn't been acknowledged by Klei.
  13. I updated the tile where a Wall Pot was attached from Sandstone to Gold and after the Wall Pot doesn't update to say its attached to the tile. I didn't deconstruct the Sandstone tile and just placed the Gold tile over it. I have to deconstruct the Wall Pot and rebuild it to correct the problem.
  14. I wasn't 100% sure when I first noticed it, but the second time when watching a Prince Puft he released Oxylite instead of Slime. Was there a game change where Pufts drop whatever the most they enhale?