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  1. I had the particle effect happen to me. I thought it was because I cancelled the build of a Cot. There was no sound repetition though. I tried to repeat it, but couldn't do it.
  2. 1. Build a 10x10 tile reservoir made out of Granite to store all my Water and do research, so I can build Kitchen with quick access to Water and Dirt for the cook. 2. Build duplicate reservoir for Polluted Water, Bathroom system, Medical Bay, and Bedroom area. Should have enough research completed by this point. 3. Find Steam Geyser. 4. The rest is up in the air.
  3. How to build underwater?

    For this situation dig into the chasms to the right and left to lower the water level. Dig at the tops, so the PW gets trapped in them and doesn't pour back into the where you want to dig.
  4. That was the first seed I did. I also did this song to see what I would get: I haven't done it yet, but I also what do the numbers from Lost.
  5. Are you using the same Water for food as you are for your bathroom system? If so, don't do that. Have two separate systems for clean and polluted Water in reservoirs. Pump the water from a PW reservoir into a Purifier for the bathroom system and have an output Spout back into the PW reservoir. With it like this you'll generate PW without having to worry about blockage from too much PW in the line. My 10x10 tile reservoir took about 400 Cycles before it started to get full with 6 Dupes. Also put Deodorizers on Mesh tiles inside the PW reservoir to remove Polluted Oxygen. I haven't had any germs in my Water doing this.
  6. I had a design that slow dripped Geyser water into a separate area to collect using Weezeworts and it worked great for the first 50 cycles until the Weezeworts began to overheat. It most likely would have worked longer, but I upped the flow of water to save the colony because I was running out of water by the time I got it built. I should go back to it because I thought up a new design that should work.
  7. Disrespectful dups

    TC, your priority levels for jobs is set too high. If everything is at to 9 the Dupes won't help when you have an emergency when you set it at 9. Never set any standard job to 9. 8 is good for Research and delivering Water and Algae. Everything else can be set to less.
  8. Mushrooms are easy to farm. Build a liquid airlock to store CO2 and have 2 Weezeworts to keep the temperature under 95F. Then place 2 Deodorizers next to them to get rid of the PO created when Dupes deliver Slime.
  9. You needs to do 2 things to avoid Food Poisoning: 1. Put Basin at exit/entrance points to Outhouses, Toilets and Musher. 2. Have a separate water systems for Water and Polluted Water. Water is used for the Musher and Polluted Water for Bathrooms. Make 2 reservoirs (I make mine 10x10). For the PW system just use a Purifier to recycle the PW and have to cycle back into the reservoir. Don't make is a closed pipe system because it'll over time cause a blockage from added PW. Having the PW exit into the reservoir with give you 300+ Cycles to not worry about PW in growth giving you enough time to store PW for Peppers. Once I got my Pepper farm started I ate through the PW 5x faster than the Dupes created it. I was surprised it was disappearing so fast. I'm actually going to have to start pumping PW in. Also put Deodorizers in the PW reservoir on mesh tiles to get rid of Polluted Oxygen.
  10. Its my base

    Placing your medial area at the top of you base is a bad position. It should be near the bottom and enclosed with Gas Permeable tiles and those screen door airlocks to contain Food Poisoned Dupes. Also the floor should be made out of Permeable tiles so the puke they make collects in a PW reservoir, so you don't have to clean their mess up. You can't do that now with this built since your energy facility is just below your living area. Your Water Airlock can be a little more stream lined. You You only need to make the pit 2 tiles high to make a seal, so the ladders aren't necessary. As long as the Water touches the bottom of the middle hanging tile the seal is solid.
  11. Slimelung in a world can be at both extremes of 0-100% contaminating Slime. You just got lucky with this world generation.
  12. If you're tapping a NG Geyser there's no need to use a Hydrogen Generator outside of burning Hydrogen to get rid of it from the Oxydizer, so the question asked is impractical in the first place. All I did was give a way to make it happen the way he requested it. My answer does work if you have Fertilizers contained in the same room with a NG Generator and an Air Pump to collect the NG, since Fertilizers can't process Polluted Water fast enough to create enough NG to create enough power to keep batteries running at a surplus. The Hydrogen Generator would be needed to help out. You would need at least 8 Fertilizers to create enough NG to have a NG Generator run at full capacity constantly, which in the long run would be a waste of power.
  13. Put an Atmo Switch where you pump your NG for the Generators and I'm guessing Fertilizers. Have it set to activate when NG is below a number to have the Air Pump to the Hydrogen Generator activate.
  14. Its best to make your Food Water and Bathroom Water 2 separate systems. What I did was make 2 reservoirs: one for Water and a second for Polluted. I pump the PW into the Purifier for the Bathroom and have it cycle back into the reservoir. Each reservoir is 10x10 tiles, so it'll take at least 400+ cycles before the PW reservoir will get full from 6 Dupes adding to it.
  15. It happened to me. I ran out of Water causing my colony to die of starvation. One change Klei made with Steam Geysers is that they are no longer exclusive to the Swamp. They will most likely spawn in the biome with Chlorine and Hydrogen, so look in those areas.