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  1. I updated the tile where a Wall Pot was attached from Sandstone to Gold and after the Wall Pot doesn't update to say its attached to the tile. I didn't deconstruct the Sandstone tile and just placed the Gold tile over it. I have to deconstruct the Wall Pot and rebuild it to correct the problem.
  2. I wasn't 100% sure when I first noticed it, but the second time when watching a Prince Puft he released Oxylite instead of Slime. Was there a game change where Pufts drop whatever the most they enhale?
  3. Prince Pufts drop Oxylite instead of Slime. I was thinking this was a game change where Pufts produce whatever the most they breathe, but I haven't tested what Pufts do on my current map.
  4. Do you have a Dupe that can build Sweepers? Does that Dupe have his Build priority set to high? If its set to neutral the Dupe will ignore building Delivery systems.
  5. I just found out this problem also happens with emptying gases from pipes, so its also logical that goes for liquids too.
  6. Did you select the Dupe and tell them to move there? There path to get there could be blocked.
  7. If an electric wire becomes damage and the tile is surrounded by other tiles; top, bottom, left, and right Dupes are unable to repair it because there is no way with the way the game is programmed for them to access it. I had this repair order set to 9 for many cycles and the only way to repair it is to either deconstruct one of the said tiles or deconstruct and rebuild the wire not having to remove a tile.
  8. Like I stated they need to re-categorize "disabled," because it really isn't, to "standby" for automation. If I set my coffee maker to make coffee at 7AM daily, the machine isn't disabled and I don't stop reloading it.
  9. To have a solid Water Airlock make sure Water is on both sides of the seal. What you should do is build two tiles to push out the CO2 and Natural Gas and then destroy them. If you have enough Water it will cover what's needed. Also that Airmesh Tile might not be a good idea, because its pushing the Water back making the seal thinner and could be causing the Puft to escape.
  10. I wanted to equalize the amounts of Polluted Dirt to 4 Storage and set the almost full one to 5000. I was expecting the Storage to force out the excess, but it still held everything. I then went to remove it's check mark and after I did it released it all, but the container still stated it held 17 tons. Only after I set it to hold Polluted Dirt that it corrected itself. If a full Storage is set lower I wouldn't know in what fashion it would dump materials. I guess it could to it alphabetically or from least to most of a material.
  11. I couldn't figure out why my Dupes wouldn't deliver Dirt and Phosphorite to the Fertilizer even when set to 9, which was connected to a Clock Sensor to only work during the last quarter of the day. After too many cycles of seeing Dupes ignore it, I decided to set the Clock to run all day and they finally did it. What seems to be happening is the Clock Sensor is setting the Fertilizer to disabled when not active, so Dupes won't attend to it. That shouldn't be the case. Even with the Clock Sensor having the Fertilizer (or any other machine) set to "off" Dupes should consider it functioning and deliver. The Clock Sensor should instead classify the inactive machine as being in "standby."
  12. I made multiple Snazzy Suits and only one Dupe will walk over to put one on. I assigned the rest to other Dupes and they ignore them. Only when I remove the Snazzy Suit from a Dupe will another Dupe put one on. I don't know if this bug is a problem with other suits.
  13. All of my rooms are now not considered rooms. The only thing I can think that happened is that Pneumatic Doors are not considered doors anymore.
  14. Pufts completely ignore horizontally placed Pneumatic Doors as if they don't exist.