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  1. This is a placeholder post for some topical info on worldgen - since I've been doing it for a while. Thought I would poke it again. A couple of posts from a while ago. Maybe I'll dump my notes here after I update them. I haven't updated my last two worldgen mods because the issues they were created to handle either don't exist or some other factors made them irrelevant. So, who wants to explain the biome noise files and how they work?
  2. I think stress and work disruptions would be easier to handle in the frame of game-play. Having FP germs show up for no apparent reason is it's own sort of problem. Trench stench originally disrupted everyone the dupe passed by. I don't know if it had a stress response, but this is perfectly suitable.
  3. All of this could easily be solved by NOT using any metal ore at all and instead using Ceramic. This is easily made and early game available. It's an exosuit, not a ******* diving bell.
  4. I thinks it's there to bring better contrast to the ui elements vs the focal area. +1 though.
  5. They "fixed" this issue once, apparently it's back. And effecting sub categories. It's annoying.
  6. signal switch

    Wel, a long time ago I suggested using the basic research station to provide an interface for networked automation sensors. Consider it wireless control. It would display values for your sensors and let you change them. This would require named sensors..and a bunch of ui stuff.
  7. Well, I can see this being useful on the heavy stuff.
  8. [Game Update] - 309851

    I'm holding out hope for some marking progress on the bug reporting forum.
  9. I should have quoted what my comment was directed at - the post directly above my own. As I mostly follow the other threads regard the topic at hand and already know about efficiency. Just for informational purposes - germs will transfer when sublimating. Germy algae will produce germy output oxygen in distillery, terrarrium, oxidizer. Don't know about the polluted water output of terrarium. I haven't done that test.
  10. If you have an over abundance of shine bugs, you can run the solar panels somewhere in the base. Just needs a critter lure. There's around 90 bugs in this mess - both panels, full output all the time.
  11. Central cooling mk2

    I like this approach.
  12. Polluted water is the highest out-gasser/sublimator of polluted oxygen per unit of mass - though output rate steadily decreases over time for untouched bottles not being replenished. Slime is a steady rate emitter of polluted oxygen ( 30g/s though the game says otherwise, debug measurements were made to determine that ) - regardless of mass. Algae distillers are the better way to deal with unwanted slime - it's just faster processing if you're willing to put up with the side effects. The output is probably more useful than just PO2 in slime's case. Not mentioning germs here as there are many ways of dealing with that issue. Converting PO2 into O2 is a only a post processing step that some people take when needing to deal with said germs or needing to have a supply of clean clay in the instance of converting germ free polluted oxygen.
  13. Sounds like a puzzle. Most people have too much chlorine.