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  1. [Game Update] - 291278

    Glad they got around to fixing a plumbing issue that was always bugging me..
  2. comparator

    I see the topic is somewhat universal in nature, however, without a good, practical example, there's not really going to be a wholesome conclusion seeing as how there are many ways to arrive at a desired result. When I first read this thread, I couldn't think a of a situation in which I would need a comparator - only bits and pieces of systems where triggering mechanics would be at play. Like dwell-time in radiant systems, or what have you. Only between multiple dwelling heat exchangers would you need a comparator, and I'm guessing it would be something along the lines of choosing which one was greater or less than another.
  3. comparator

    You can use a double NOT gate - it will act like a diode. Signals only propagate in one direction across the logic gates, so you'll preserve signal state and isolation.
  4. @Zarquan, try reaching out to a moderator and maybe they can sticky a notice in the general discussion regarding the forum subsections. I noticed when they made that change, my bookmark for the forums broke and I had to reconfigure it - this was the only way I found out about the new sections. Maybe @ImDaMisterL would be someone to reach out to..
  5. My fish need to go on a synthetic diet.. or otherwise, something other than algae - they eat it up way too fast.
  6. comparator

    Are you talking greater than or less than comparisons?
  7. @Izzy248, it would help to have a screen shot. One issue with using algae from near a swamp biome is the possibility that it might be contaminated - when this goes into a dexodizer, then it puts out germs along with it. Despite the germs eventually dying off, the dupes will still breath it. As long as their immunity isn't decreasing faster than 15% per cycle, then they should eventually rebound.
  8. Yes, I made a post about this when I was doing something with pumps using xor+and ...let me see. It's basically a priority interrupt. The are other ways to go about it though.
  9. Expanding on that, ...the powered doors should be able to compress gasses,etc. Naturally it would have a harder time with liquids. Really though, some liquids are not compressable, irl. That's what I meant by critical pressure. I think doors should break or jamb when facing extreme pressures.
  10. Jobs system - what am I missing?

    @AileTheAlien, try hitting the L button shortcut will bring up the "old" tasks priority. I find this more or less overrides their priorities. I had to look in the commands list for it. I'm not liking that you need rocket scientists to actually be on the rocket - that's quite the job journey, per se.
  11. I almost wish there was another O2 building that had piped outputs rather than free air expulsion.
  12. That almost sounds like save file corruption..., but other posters may be looking at the game in debug mode, as this is the only time I've seen them, ..they're pretty far out.
  13. @goatt, the sim recognizes two things related to the OP. Weight, and volume. Where volume is a tile size. To regard this as pressure, is to take the UI references to pressure at face value. The difference is that everything has mass per tile. Simply implementing a critical pressure (mass per tile in this instance) for each element relative to this fixed tile dimension might prove useful for secondary game mechanics like partial closure of doors - blown or otherwise, explosions, etc. ..or even locomotion. I think a lot of the door related exploits are preposterous - especially the pumping. And don't even get me started on the |=| 'airlock' configuration.
  14. ...please post your save game and this log in the official bug tracker and the dev's will likely investigate. @tzionut, NullReferenceExceptions are not cause for you to change your style of gameplay - this is an error doomed to cause a crash or undefined behaviour in the Unity engine. Trying to thwart such errors via trial and error gameplay is a waste of time. @Kabrute, my logs are also missing and I've been getting the occasional dead silent crashes, ..the fact that someone has a log is pretty good news.
  15. It does sound like a bug - mingling other people's observations with your own - chlorine is a very poor thermal conductor, so this specific combination of gold amalgam and chlorine might be an accomplice. ( or not ).