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  1. Sounds like a puzzle. Most people have too much chlorine.
  2. Ah, I think the take away here from ILSpy is one of configuration parameters. That's interesting regarding the sim.dll. It has been my experience that c decompilers usually do spit out a bunch of c object code garbage. Now days you can mix mono interfaces with c object files. IMO, if there's really a need to decompile a dll, it should be looked at through multiple decompilers or at the very least - intelligent ones. Snowman might be useful for looking at machine code - look to linux-based c, c++ decompilers instead,
  3. You have sealed room? No one going in or out. The only thing that might be eating it would be squeaky puft.
  4. What time is the patch?

    My exerience has also been that I get kicked out of testing branch and onto main branch automatically. Then there are usually some housekeeping patches for fixing crashes that occur as a result of removing debugging code. I was hoping to see a prelaunch patch in testing branch today, but I digress.
  5. I use ILSpy portable when I feel the need to know. I meant no disrespect. Snooze != useless.
  6. I have a tendency to agree - the exposition in that linked thread opening is a bit of a snooze.
  7. Lovely, I may translate to python, easier to prototype. Still looking for a good UX library for it though.
  8. Can't submit bioscan

    Also, one of the two doors in a frozen biome poi has an issue. It's a double door to the fog of war covered area, you need to use the one to the left to get in. This poi only spawns in frozen biomes.
  9. Simple Pepper Bread Plantation.

    Sleet wheat is hard enough to grow if you don't have nearly freezing water. I don't see running both on the same line as being feasible - you would need two aqua tuners to even meet the proper thermal delta. This particular design is eventually going to completely fail if it continues to circulate the polluted water like that....even with fresh input. On top of that, almost no natural sources of water are hot or cold enough to feed these things directly. When passing water through a sieve for purifying or so on the output almost always favor heat over cold.
  10. All this stuff in the duplicant tooltip could be explained a bit better with a codex entry. The page could include various links to each underlying topic ( barring any unusual data like underwater movement that is ). Also, duplicant base traits aren't explained from the outset - this tooltip is not present anywhere at the start of a game or on the printables selection screen. Though many of the traits are explained alone, 'duplicant' itself is not. A duplicant has traits, skills, etc. but no explanation of what a "duplicant" statistically is to begin with, what we see on the initial selection screen is only what sets a particular duplicant apart from another and not what a duplicant's base stats are - duplicant basics simply aren't shown. For example, the initial selection screen is shown below - it makes it look like the duplicant is going to die shortly after arrival because it doesn't tell you anywhere that the base regeneration rate is 15%. They'll really only be regenerating 11% per cycle which isn't shown here. Germ resistant is equally mysterious. The resultant calculated information isn't shown for any of the traits on the selection screen, one has to guess if they don't already know what duplicant base stats are. In game, it tells you all the base stats, but it's hiding in a tool tip as shown in the first image. So, a possible solution when starting a new game is have a 'wireframe dupe panel' - a reactive dummy panel, and the base statistics to exemplify what a dupe is to begin with without any other traits. This could be off to the right or left of the three starters. If this were a reactive panel - when you mouse over or activate a duplicant selection panel, the wireframe duplicant would show the various calculated stats for that particular selection and give more insightful information about how positive and negative skills and traits affect the duplicant as a whole. This would be a panel reflecting the calculated results of the duplicant's skills and traits as you mouse over them.
  11. I realize that duplicants can tolerate a wide variety of temperatures due to the thermal conductivity of elements, but we have no baseline for understanding what the duplicant homeostasis temperature is in say, gaseous oxygen. So if this had a non zero value, could it be correlated to Oxygen? - as in temperature preference in Gaseous Oxygen. This would help further the understanding of duplicant thermal tolerance ( if we take the time to dig and do the math ). I have a gut feeling it's meant to be 293.2 K based on the temperature of debug-constructed building materials.
  12. You almost mince emotions. You're furthering their cause by divesting interest in their cause explicitly. Do you realize this? I think we agree, it's like an itch begging to be scratched. But don't scratch that itch. We know it's not reality, I think we would rather it divest from reality entirely so long as it remains relatable. For everyone's sake, it would bring a lot less confusion to the table. Mixing science and funsics, and genetic ooze, and so on. There's bound to be some science nerds and the savvy around here. If Klei doesn't divest from science based reality entirely, then those people are going to be the first to notice, and to heck with actual game balance... The real issue those folks have is not factoring sim time vs real time - that simulation time is not the same time that scince knows, and the two cannot be compared easily. It's just not meant to be. DTU = some measure of joules for science folks. They should just drop the equivalence entirely.
  13. I hate to say it. But boo hooo. If we don't discuss these things, then there is no feedback mechanism. If there's no way to relate to it, then there's no liking it, and very little understanding it.
  14. Long title, the codex doesn't seem to permit adding custom folders or entries therein. This makes it difficult for modding to begin with. Help us help you. Custom folders or entries would allow player created tutorials, in game documentation of mods, and other player created information. If this is already a thing, someone point me in the right direction. edit: I remember when I was beta test eve-online, they had an ingame browser that supported HTML 1.0 - it was very basic, but it was super useful and easy to make pages for. Now, I know that was something entirely different, however YAML is not that hard to understand in the context of what's already available to be viewed in the existing codex YAML files.