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  1. If we go zero G then we should go swiming too. We have a whole water world already. Where are the giant clams? Shrimp? Electric eels? Kelp!
  2. Tis the jitterbug. Still having issues with rocket element loading / unloading ports not working once landed again.
  3. Yay! maybe it can eventually be rotatable and wall mountable, :P.
  4. I may have to look at the tool tips again. I thought they only ate balm lilly. I have a decent ranch, but it was at first, a balm lilly room. They are so slow, I had to put a mask station outside the room so they could be groomed properly. I wonder if they can eat while they're hanging from the ceiling. This past few hours I was playing with plastic manufacturing and everything that leads up to it, so I wasn't paying too much attention to the ranchers save for installing a mask station and removing some eggs. These flowers, I have almost a thousand flowers clippings now, is there any use to them outside of medicine? They're practically indestructible! It would be nice if we could perhaps create flower arrangement for decor with them. Perhaps they eventually wilt and turn to a rot pile in this instance...I wouldn't want to press my luck, such a transformation may trigger rebalancing them into a resource consuming plant.
  5. Dreckos are not as straight forward to ranch. They apparently need hydrogen to stimulate scale growth, but I can't find this information in the codex for some reason. My experience with them has been a quick glimpse of reed fiber, but not to the extent it is easy or early game. From a swampy start, I got a drecklet from the printing pod shortly after landing a rover on the nearest moonlet ( the metal ore planetoid ). Now I have a pile of them in a small ranch and am having trouble with scale growth - otherwise they are happy in their simulated original habitat.
  6. Some of these issues could be solved by a limited multi-module module. Battery+gas+solids where the configuration could be modular and configurable or even swappable. Rover, gas, battery Battery, Battery, gas.. Having some option to select a source and destination tabk on the rocket port input and output filters, etc.
  7. ...was just playing for three hours and didn't notice this, game crashed the drivers, and here I am reading about an update for the game and the drivers. I must have just sat down then these things happened.
  8. Mine cannot perform build tasks on the other side of a closed door without the door causing them extreme difficulties. Apparently they need to stand in the open door to build, but have been told otherwise by ( whatever ). It seems like the complaints about standing in open doors to sleep, eat, build, etc have been heard and this is whatever the result of that fix is.
  9. ..and doors. Always with the door-chore bug-outs.
  10. My second problem is regarding the materials not available icon warning showing up on construction errands despite there being plenty of that material. I'm also going to mention that I don't have duplicants on the second teleporter asteroid yet, but have sent one for general exploration and planning, so those unbuilt buildings are showing that same red lack of resource icons.
  11. Had a black hole crash, bunch of data about path finding and a null reference. Uploaded via that button. Wondering if anyone else is encountering path finding crashes.