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  1. If you read the positive and negative traits, and fully accommodate these, whatever they may be, then you have your toe in the water for some of this phenomenon Some of these include biasing the order / disorder aspects of society. Gourmet, interior decorator...uncultured, unpracticed artist, amd so on. The traits are there but not much emphasis is placed on the long term affects.
  2. We should be able to get charcoal from lumber, or use lumber in the kiln directly. Charcoal would come from the kiln. Could also be a recipe ingredient in graphite via the molecular forge ( rather than refined carbon for instance ). Wood or charcoal burning stove for heat or cooking ( limited recipes ) perhaps? Charcoal as a filtration medium might produce dirt rather than polluted dirt ( although interpretation may vary on this ). This would substitute sand in the filtration medium devices. So, a deodorizer might produce dirt instead of clay when using charcoal. A similar treatment could be given to the water sieve... although implementing this as an option would be awkward. I think charcoal oriented filtration could be a very low power or low flow passive building altogether. Maybe both, powering increases rate of filtration? This could also be a variable filtrate converter, ie. Introduce very minimal liquid to solid element chemistries. Polluted water and charcoal in water and dirt out, low power. Or brine in and charcoal in, salt water and salt out.
  3. If we go zero G then we should go swiming too. We have a whole water world already. Where are the giant clams? Shrimp? Electric eels? Kelp!
  4. This is true, I only consider it due to lack of available metal volcano on the coloby and relatively low melt temperature. I would isolate. My wells and other infrastructure then use the magma and a bit of lingering sour gas as a heat transfer medium. I would probably be better off making my way to the nearest moonlet.
  5. Tis the jitterbug. Still having issues with rocket element loading / unloading ports not working once landed again.
  6. Yay! maybe it can eventually be rotatable and wall mountable, :P.
  7. My one and only research rocket. I had some time in it pining research of the lowest order before he got stressed after cycle three, I landed and have made plans to keep the rocket off limits while the germs on everything die off.
  8. I finally got some reed fiber from a gift drecko and made my way into the oil biome. I need to rebuild my rockets, but I did all the 5pt orbital research I could with a sugar rocket and an iron gut pilot in a solo spacefarer. If I hadn't jumped off the pc, I would post a screen shot of it all. I think we could agree on explosions, for instance, a fully charged battery being damaged or deconstructed should probably explode.
  9. I may have to look at the tool tips again. I thought they only ate balm lilly. I have a decent ranch, but it was at first, a balm lilly room. They are so slow, I had to put a mask station outside the room so they could be groomed properly. I wonder if they can eat while they're hanging from the ceiling. This past few hours I was playing with plastic manufacturing and everything that leads up to it, so I wasn't paying too much attention to the ranchers save for installing a mask station and removing some eggs. These flowers, I have almost a thousand flowers clippings now, is there any use to them outside of medicine? They're practically indestructible! It would be nice if we could perhaps create flower arrangement for decor with them. Perhaps they eventually wilt and turn to a rot pile in this instance...I wouldn't want to press my luck, such a transformation may trigger rebalancing them into a resource consuming plant.
  10. I like it, seems like a reasonable workaround, you can use the dame pump basin later and everything. My whole thing was finding a non scalding area and grabbing some lead for local automation and wiring. I get drecko ranching going for suits, I just need to get the dupes in the suits and put then to work. I plan to melt the rest of the lead out since I'm not aware of any other source of lead...haven't seen Galena ore or any lead volcano. It looks like you going to make a boiler here? It can't wait to see it. It would be pretty easy to plop a steam turbine down and just feed the condensates into the oil well. The struggle is getting plastic though.
  11. I would think the abyss bug would have been a nice choice. It could convert light to rdiation.
  12. Having some sort of "task manager" within the game would be kind of nice. Something to show what sub-processes are doing and. As you mention, what might be blocking fps. It must be frustrating having a $1600 monitor and the game responding as it does. It seems artificially slow at times. I do hope that they eventually include some options to reduce animations on certain buildings. Perhaps a mod will eventually do much of this.
  13. Dreckos are not as straight forward to ranch. They apparently need hydrogen to stimulate scale growth, but I can't find this information in the codex for some reason. My experience with them has been a quick glimpse of reed fiber, but not to the extent it is easy or early game. From a swampy start, I got a drecklet from the printing pod shortly after landing a rover on the nearest moonlet ( the metal ore planetoid ). Now I have a pile of them in a small ranch and am having trouble with scale growth - otherwise they are happy in their simulated original habitat.
  14. Build your compactors out of cold ceramic if you plan on transporting ices. You can use the coldness of the polluted water and slush geysers to make ice. You would need to go to the water world and deal with it there. Take lots of ore for airflow. I would just fly from one planetoid to another with a co2 engine transport. If you need to do this like once, then you can just have the pilot survive on bare necessities.
  15. When I run into heat or water issues issues on testing branch saves, then I'll just debug build temp shift plates out of ice and go from there, .. it keeps the game playable if you have gotten distracted testing something. I find polluted water to be my number one source of O2. That and this setup with the polluted dirt produces huge amounts of 02 when it's skim flooded with brine and water. and a spom room, in progress. Not finished. And part of my central filter bank.