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  1. No Drecko/reed fiber until the 3rd asteroid. You'll have to fly over to get them.
  2. I have a minor feature request if it wouldn't be too much trouble. Would it be possible to have the seed gen output a local text file with a list of the seeds it generated? It doesn't have to list any of the features of the seed, just the seed numbers would be great.
  3. I'm getting dupes going invisible intermittently, but then reappear after a few seconds.
  4. Worlds with sandbox enabled, even if the tools are turned off, have an issue if you mouse over the areas the tools occupy. With tools turned off and invisible, trying to change the use direction on a sink for example, the tooltip will flicker between the tip for changing direction and the tooltip for whichever sandbox tool would be where the cursor is. This only happens when interacting with a window, with nothing selected, it doesn't have the issue.