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MF99K    2629
24 minutes ago, Lepeightl said:

Camille in a shirt.


After you've been born in a suit that basically acted like a second skin, it sure must be weird to have loose clothes rubbing on your skin with every movement. But I'm sure she'll eventually get used to it.

thos lil stub legs tho

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I_Link_I    567
On 31.3.2017 at 10:39 PM, Ninjanemo said:

Here's my contribution:


His name is "Monseiur Dupe" and his cooking skill is over 9000.

The best cheff the Asteroid has ever seen!

On 3.12.2018 at 11:36 PM, MF99K said:

I wanted to draw a dupe but I couldn't decide who to draw so heres dupe Warper again



Thanks!Warper looks good and now i have  someone to picture when reading Nikolas journal

Edited by I_Link_I
Unfortunate space in warpers name
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Xenologist    1536
53 minutes ago, ImpactedTooth said:


Buff Liam turning some heads.

Not like he has muscles on his muscles. I wonder, is he eating overcooked linguine? 

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